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How not to pick up women: A story in two screenshots

Correct way to pickup women

Courtesy of the Not How Girls Work subreddit, I present to you the least successful pickup lines in human history:

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Men need their own houses where they can be free from women’s “effeminate indoctrination,” Red Pill fitness guru contends

Man having a private moment with his masculine consciousness.

Attention men! Sure, you’re already stretched thin and squeezed out by your rent or mortgage payments. But if you want to be a real man, you’re going to need a second house in which you can be your masculine selt without any interruptions from naggy women trying to make you all girly.

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Gladiator game dev adds a strange Red Pill anti-mask rant to the game’s patch notes

Wait, is he … wearing a mask?

So you get home from work late, feeling more than a little fried, and you know that the only thing that will cheer you up is some imaginary gladiator managing. So you get ready to fire up Domina, your favorite gladiator management simulation. But first you take a look at the patch notes for the beta version’s most recent update.

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Roosh V: Protect yourself from the sexy, satanic temptations of the gym

Still in thrall to the gym’s seductive powers

Ex-pickup artist Roosh Valizadeh used to make a living selling dubious and at times straight-up rapey pickup advice to men desperate to get laid. Now that he’s found God he seems to make his living by loudly and publicly renouncing the weirdly driven hedonism of his old lifestyle.

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“I hate women, will you be mine,” have a Men’s Rights Valentine

MRAs: The scary clowns of Valentine’s Day

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Men’s Rights activists and other manosphere misogynists may not have sweeties to send Valentine’s Day cards to. but no worries! Here’s a selection of cards they can send to each other.

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Incels and PUAs agree: “Feminists are just self-hating women who want to be men”

Typical feminist

You might think that incels and pickup artists would be the deadliest of enemies, hating each other and agreeing on nothing.

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Pickup artists blame Newsweek for the death of one of their own

Tom Torero

Late last week, word spread in the pickup artist community that one of their own, British “daygame” coach Tom Torero, had taken his own life.

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I’m back, for real this time, and I’ve brought Roosh with me

How I feel setting up a new computer

Ok, so I’m really back this time. I just needed to have a few more days to clear my head of manosphere nonsense. Also, did I mention that my computer had become basically unusable for anything involving the middle of the keyboard, like typing and doing searches and those sorts of things.

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Not sure that “my dick is like a windshield wiper, but for sperm” is the best pickup line, Chief

Found this on Reddit, sent to a woman by a “new age male” whose election, apparently, is quite hard.

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Misogyny can be the first step down the slippery slope towards fascism, new report confirms

A Men’s Rights activist, an incel, and an antisemite walk into a restaurant. The restaurant owner says, “hey Larry, do you want your usual table for one?”

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