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Devious women use makeup to “hide their true level of attractiveness” and gain “immense privilege” over men

Woman getting ready to trick some dudes

To hear some incels and incel-adjacent Red Pillers explain it, the gravest human rights issue today is protecting the sacred right of all men: to date women exactly as good-looking as they are, no more no less.

But what if one’s seeming “looksmatch” isn’t really one’s looksmatch at all, but a sneaky uggo who uses artificial means to inflate her Sexual Market Value (SMV) to gain access to men who should be out of her league? What if women could buy magical elixirs that can turn a 2 into a 6 or a 6 into a 9 at every drugstore in the land?

Yes, we’re talking about makeup again, or at least the denizens of the Purple Pill Debate subreddit are. In a recent post, one indignant Reddish-Black Piller called Hoosker-Doos declares that “[w]omen claim they wear makeup ‘for themselves’ but they clearly do it to increase their SMV, which affords them immense privilege and attention they would not otherwise receive.”

As Mr. Doos sees it,

This is quite possibly the most overlooked and unfair advantage women are given a pass on. They are basically allowed to completely disguise their appearance, hiding their true level of attractiveness. I have seen pics of girls without makeup where they were unrecognizable from their main social media or dating profile pics.

Just wait until this guy finds out about Instagram filters.

Even in person I’ve seen girls I thought were cute but after seeing those pics or seeing them without makeup I was shocked at how unremarkable and even homely they were.

How dare these women commit the unforgivable sin of cleaning up nice.

I think we can all agree that despite the endless hoards of desperate men out there, these women would have a significantly different experience if it weren’t socially acceptable to wear a mask.

I think we can all agree that who fucking cares?

This allows them to play a solid 3-4 points above their already overreaching standards, and it’s not even real.

Neither is your 10-point system for rating people.

Can you imagine the outrage if a man were caught lying about any aspect of the laundry list of dating criteria women hold men to, let alone the primary metric of attraction?

You, you actually think that guys don’t lie about shit like this?

The claim that women wear makeup for themselves is quite easily disproven by the above phenomenon alone, women assume massive leverage in the dating world with their ability to dramatically modify their appearance.

What an outrage, having to date women who … know how to use makeup to look their best.

Additionally, if they were truly wearing it “for themselves” they would be wearing it all of the time and not just when they go out.

I ask again: so fucking what?

The only time this oft touted claim is accurate is within the small fringe demographic of cosmetologists and career makeup artists who do it for a career/hobby. This does not represent the majority of women making this claim, and these professional makeup artists are almost always very pronounced and flamboyant in their application, with even the untrained eye of any man being able to clearly tell that is not how anyone’s face looks naturally.

And men can’t discern when women are wearing makeup otherwise? They actually think that women’s eyelids are naturally blue? That women’s eyebrows are perfectly shaped on their own? That women’s lips naturally glisten?

Women (and men) have been painting their faces (and bodies) since prehistoric times. If men haven’t figured this out yet, that’s on them. Any man outraged that his date might be wearing lipstick and mascara is probably someone who shouldn’t be dating at all.

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Battering Lamb
Battering Lamb
1 month ago

Next they’ll realise women (people, really, but we all know these jackasses don’t see women as people) also use clothing that looks flattering. Ye gods, the outrage.

Last edited 1 month ago by Battering Lamb
Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
1 month ago

They whine about women who don’t wear makeup being “ugly” then whine about women who do wear makeup being “deceitful” or talk about how it makes her look like a clown (or a “slut”). And while plenty of men can and do wear makeup too, these morons will just throw out homophobic slurs at them rather than see it as leveling the gender playing field. In other words, they will never be satisfied, and no one should ever give a fuck what they think.

Personally, I can’t stand makeup and stopped trying altogether when the little bit of foundation and concealer I tried to use to cover up my bad skin just got all flaked/smudged at the end of the day and made things look worse. Probably didn’t help my skin problems either. I’m also really sensitive to smell/taste and find 95% of perfume/body spray/aftershave revolting, especially since people like to put it on in such large amounts (that goes for guys as well as girls). I use lipgloss because my lips get really dry all the time and I hate chapstick, but I’d give that up too if I could, because I don’t enjoy constantly dealing with the taste even though it’s flavors I like.

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