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Red Piller: Forget sexually exploiting Ukrainian refugees. Wait until pure Russian peasant girls come on the market

Not actually what Russian girls look like today

The other day we looked at a popular post on the Red Pill subreddit suggesting that men in search of sexy, subservient women turn their attention to Ukrainian refugees in desperate need of food and housing.

But I don’t want to give the impression that all Red Pillers are up for exploiting Ukrainian women. Some of the commenters in the thread thought the whole thing sounded skeezy as hell. “[I]f one has to resort to exploiting female refugees to get laid,” wrote a commenter called Kenchikka00, “one would be a pathetic piece of scum.”

And then there was a commenter called zino193, with a somewhat more, well, expansive take on the subject.

As he sees it, exploiting Ukrainian refugees is a fine strategy, as far as it goes.

it’s easy pickings if you are a cold hearted bastard, especially if you are ok with a mother-in-law and kid live in situation. Life is good. And this is RIGHT – this is what humans are made for. Guys die for what they believe in, their kids get to survive due to the flexibility of female nature.

But he thinks his fellow Red Pillers could do better if they hold back on the exploitation for now. Because Russia itself could be in danger of collapsing under the weight of Putin’s folly. And, he suggested, the poor showing of Russian troops in the war on Ukraine has revealed that Russian machismo “ain’t worth shit in the real world.”

“[J]ust wait until Russia opens up :)” zino193 wrote happily.

[W]hen the empire crumbles, a new era of russian brides will open up. And I am talking 100% pure, russian village prime puss.

It’ll be like the Stepford Wives, but with Russian peasants rather than suburban housewives.

That’s when you invest gentleman. You take a stroll through the wilderness and take your blushing bride directly from her sycophantic alcoholic father, if you give him a good schotish wiskey, he might even trow in a shag with the mum – russian love being cucked – literally.

You have to admit he’s got a vivid imagination.

As for your new nubile bride she will praise the lord and your cock from releasing them from their russian p3do patriarchs. ANd these are girls that have prepared themselves their whole childhood to be as beutiful as possible to either find a husband, or a talent agent. Ain’t nothing better than prime 80 lbs russian virgins.

Hail Zelensky for opening up all those nubile wombs to our western degeneracy. Thank you comrade Putin for ending the cold war and making all this race mixing possible, you will go down in history as the architect that ended Siberian inbreeding.

Well, that’s one way of looking at it. But zino193’s argument proved a less than compelling to the Red Pill regulars, many of them in the tank for Putin, and they voted his comment down to zero. More “Russian village prime puss” for him, I guess.

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1 month ago

I’m old enough to remember when the right wing sold us that all Russian women were fat ugly peasants wearing burlap sacks (or whatever those Reagen era anti soviet ads were) under communism, but now under capitalism they are all subservient male fantasy 10s. These guys all sound like the old Penthouse letters level of sexual fantasy, where it was all derived from porn and a lack of actual experiences with real women, but a hundred-fold worse now.

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