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6 myths about boobs that will scramble your brain because they are, like, so incredibly stupid

We’re all interested in boobs

So the other day we looked at some, well let’s charitably call them myths, about the human vagina. Today we’re going to look a matched pair of other cis female body parts that are the source of a lot of curiosity and confusion. I am referring, of course, to the boobies.

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The Vaginal Misinformation Squad is out in full force

This is an actual stock photo, listed under “vagina.” I didn’t add the, er, sauce.

Vaginas can be a bit confusing, for those who don’t have them and even for some who do. That doesn’t stop some of the most confused men from confidently offering up their dubious wisdom on the subject, often in online conversations with actual vagina-havers. Call it Vaginasplaining.

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Andy Ngo and the Big Lie of the “antifa-involved mass shooting” in Portland

Just say Ngo

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In the wake of the mass shooting in Portland last Saturday night, when reliable information was still scarce, some of those on the right took advantage of the confusion to spread a little more confusion of their own.

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Reddit bans a subreddit known for its industrial-strength COVID misinformation. But it wasn’t banned for that.

Wednesday, Reddit banned a subreddit — r/NoNewNormal — infamous for spreading COVID misinformation.

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Meet the Joe Biden Golf Truthers

Dead Man Golfing?

During the 2016 campaign, you may recall, the right-wing disinfo squad was trying its best to convince the electorate that Hillary Clinton was not a well woman — indeed, that she was in such ill-health she could keel over at any moment.

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