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Right-wingers lose it over Celine Dion’s clothing line for kids — and its alleged Luciferian, pro-trans, anti-male, antifa agenda

Maybe the kid’s just really into New Order

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By David Futrelle

Last week Celine Dion launched a new clothing line for children with a slick but exceedingly strange little video in which the oddball Canadian chanteuse, playing the part of some action movie heroine, slipped into the maternity ward of a hospital and magically replaced the pink and blue outfits of a roomful of newborns with gender-neutral, black-and-white onesies from her collection — before being wrestled to the ground by a security guard.

The creepy ad, and the minimalist unisex outfits themselves — some sporting stars and triangles, others featuring the phrase “New Order” — seem almost calculated to cause conspiracy theorists and right-wing religionists alike to lose it. And so they have, with an assortment of unhinged YouTubers posting countless videos denouncing Celine’s “ILLUMINATI GENDERLESS CLOTHING LINE FOR CHILDREN,” and one Catholic priest — literally an exorcist — telling the National Catholic Reporter that the clothing line was “definitely satanic,” possibly stemming from a demonic dimension. “The devil is going after children by confusing gender,” he explained.

On Twitter, conspiracy enthusiasts and religious fanatics alike are spelling out their objection in countless furious and sometimes all-caps tweets. Some, like the aforementioned exorcist, see evidence of the work of … could it be? … SATAN?

The Angry Tourist ‏ @Marcusw240571 Follow Follow @Marcusw240571 More Celine Dion has shown who she truly worships with her New Clothes line for kids... IT'S the most SATANIC LUCIFERIAN ILLUMINATI IDEOLOGY THAT'S RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN.... FOR KIDS NO LESS?? HOW EVIL AND TWISTED DO YOU HAVE BE... ENJOY THE RICHES OF YOUR TREACHERY.. HE'LL AWAITS

Abby ‏ @Abby93494805 Follow Follow @Abby93494805 More Abby Retweeted MAGAPILL ✖️ #Qanon #QArmy This is one of the most important videos you can watch. BE AWAKE and AWARE! Celine Dion is not selling clothes, she is selling SATAN! Stay away from these evil, famous people! "They thought you would follow the stars." Q

@Lee_1950 ‏ @LEH_1950 Follow Follow @LEH_1950 More Celine, you have gone dark. Your video is hideous - ominous, has nothing to do with kids clothing. All of the kids in your catalog look depressed; not happy like kids should be. We see demonic symbolism throughout. We are destroying our CDs and you have lost us forever now.

More than a few of the comments have a rather threatening tone to them.

SweetTea#GQDsISthePLAN#Qrew ‏ @Incorrigible110 Follow Follow @Incorrigible110 More @celinedion The main problem with the witch trials is that they did not get all of you. YOU ARE ALREADY BURNING #BWITCH GET AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN YOU DEMON. YOU HAVE FUCKED WITH THE WRONG ANGEL.

One commenter even goes so far as to suggest that Celine’s famous song from Titanic is somewhat overrated.

T ‏ @rapture_t49 Follow Follow @rapture_t49 More @celinedion Oh one more thing. Can you stop lying about your music? You were popular for one song and that's it and the ONLY reason it was popular is because it was featured in the movie Titanic. You're not talented and you never will be as long as you keep working for Satan.

While some of Celine’s fashion critics focus on the supposed occult symbolism — with some seeing the plus signs on some of the clothes as inverted crosses — others are more distressed by the fact that the boy babies and the girl babies are wearing the same clothes, seeing the unisex outfits as evidence that Celine is attacking the gender binary itself, conspiring to make children genderless and destroy the family to boot.

V ‏ @BoldAnalysis Follow Follow @BoldAnalysis More V Retweeted Bill Hutchison ? #CelineDion #Vampire #GreatAwakening #Pedowood #D5 @eyethespy Her children's clothing line. Inverted Crosses, Faceless families, Genderless babies, Colourless world, Parentless children dressed as Satan. The future they have planned for you. @seanhannity @joerogan @StefanMolyneux

❌Heather W. ❌ ?? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ❤ ‏ @justaddgod Follow Follow @justaddgod More Replying to @vigilantfeed @celinedion you sold your soul to Satan for fame. This ad shows the evil plans of the NWO to try to destroy our children and brainwash parents to allow sterilization and sex changes to children. Its absolute evil. They are NOT YOUR CHILDREN CELINE!! THEY ARE GOD'S!STOP THE NWO!

Paul Myhre ‏ @Paul59Myhre Follow Follow @Paul59Myhre More Replying to @yeshua_porvida @celinedion Satan is gender neutral, not G-d.

While some worry about the world being taken over by the Prince of Darkness himself, this Wall-loving Trump fan thinks the real endgame of Celine’s gender-neutral clothing line is … tighter gun laws!

Build The Wall ⭐️ ⌛️ ‏ @INFPforTrump Follow Follow @INFPforTrump More Replying to @TheJordanRachel I think "deep state" has been emasculating boys for generations w/ estrogen-laced plastics--& other means. What can we do to stop this? Look at Celine Dion's clothing line ad, where she makes all the babies unisex. No masculine means gun control, no conservative, CONTROL. #QAnon

Some of Celine’s critics are convinced that one of the outfits in the collection is intended to turn small children into budding antifa activists.

Tania Groth ‏ @TaniaGroth Follow Follow @TaniaGroth More @celinedion Celine Dion has started binary childrens clothing. This new line shows a dark and twisted mind. New world order and skulls for babies. Black and white. Stark and joyless. Notice the Antifa starter suit! How sick are the progressives? Very.


JohnQSmithIII ‏ @JohnQSmithIII1 Follow Follow @JohnQSmithIII1 More Replying to @celinedion Let the children grow up in happy loving families...not forced into antifa hate outfits by celine and the #Pizzagate crew

KerryActivism ‏ @Kerryactivism Follow Follow @Kerryactivism More Bitch, go doorknob yourself, but stay the F away from CHILDREN with your satanic GARBAGE and creepy antifa-pedo-sexual clothing crap! @celinedion

A few think the real point of Celine’s gender-neutral stance is to undermine fathers and men in general.

T ‏ @rapture_t49 Follow Follow @rapture_t49 More @celinedion Non-Binary = Anti-Male. We know you hate Males Celine We know you want to destroy the family by first destroying the FATHER. I'll just let you know a little secret. You're evil team is going to lose and you're all going to ask why you starting in the first place Satan

Yeshua's Soldier ‏ @BanksyArtist Follow Follow @BanksyArtist More @celinedion 66They want this normal way of living. They want mothers on welfare. Fathers out of the family scene and they want OUR children vulnerable. They slowly brainwash the kids. Who would even let their child take pictures like this. #QAnon #Trump

These people have convinced themselves that unisex onesies with stars on them are part of a vast evil plot, possibly orchestrated by Satan himself, to destroy families and possibly the world itself.

How do they manage to make it through Halloween every year without their heads exploding?

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occasional reader
occasional reader
4 years ago


Wow, that must be powerful magik clothes ! There are more than a few persons who would be happy that it exists clothes that can make you a different gender just by wearing them (according to what i read here, transitionning is quite expensive, yes ?).
But i wonder, if clothes make your gender (or non-gender), what happens when you are nude ?

4 years ago

Ok, how come the same people who want to go back to “the good old days” (TM) now have a hate boner for gender-neutral clothes… when in “the good old days” (TM) it was usual for little kids to wear linen dresses.
comment image

4 years ago

Putting not-yet-potty trained boys in smocks is sensible, in my opinion. It was common for centuries. When the boy grew old enough for pants, his family had a little celebration in his honor. In old portraits, one of the only ways to tell boys apart from girls is what kind of toys the boy has (one of the kids in this article has a little tiny sword).

We had a very old photo of a toddler in a little dress on our living room wall for years, thinking it was a great-aunt. One of our elderly relatives came to visit and said nope, the kid in the dress was Great-Grandpa.

Tosca, Chaos made Flesh, Servant of the Purring Jew
Tosca, Chaos made Flesh, Servant of the Purring Jew
4 years ago

Colour-code your infant so that strangers will know what their genitals look like” is a weird and creepy concept.

Children don’t begin to develop a sense of gender until they’re around two, and it’s firmly established that a person’s gender is NOT influenced by external factors like how they dress.

Aggressively gendering infants is for people who feel threatened by challenges to their idea of gender. They’re usually homo-and trans phobic, and cling to the most sexist and toxic ideas of gendered behaviours. I wouldn’t expect such people to be fans of Celine Dion anyway.

I don’t care for the clothes she’s hawking, but I’m all for gender-neutral clothing for infants.

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