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A Handmaid’s Tale, but for dudes, courtesy of Funny or Die

By David Futrelle

Funny or Die pretty much nails it with this video, which is even better if you’ve been watching the real Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.

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That $20,000 Donald Trump painting: Found?

The Timeless Art of Trumpduction
The Timeless Art of Trumpduction

A We Hunted the Mammoth EXCLUSIVE!!!! I have crudely photoshopped found a fake version of the mysterious and surprisingly sexy painting that Trump had his “charity” buy him for $20,000!

Alas, it is not quite as sexy as this actual real painting of Trump on display at Mar-a-Lago.

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Dilbert + Scott Adams’ Insufferable Mansplainations = MRA Dilbert. Perfect!

Note: Scott Adams actually believes this

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Today’s amazing thing on the Internet: MRA Dilbert, a new Tumblr blog that mixes the art of Scott Adams’ Dilbert comic strips with Adams’ ludicrous, insufferable, and actually completely serious opinions on such subjects as women, women, and women.

It’s pretty awesome. I’m just jealous that I did’t think of it first.

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Links of Great Interest

Unknown high school drama club, from Things More Numerous
Unknown high school drama club, from Things More Numerous Than People At MRA Rallies

Today, some  links to awesome stuff of great interest to Man Boobzers.

6 Ways to Fight Trolls Instead of Starving Them

In The Daily Airship, former Man Boobzer Erica Stratton reflects on her experiences fighting trolls in the Man Boobz comments section.

Things More Numerous Than People At MRA Rallies

Inspired by the recent very tiny MRA rally in Toronto, this new Tumblr blog posts pictures of groups of people — and horses, and bees, and other things — that are larger than the group of people that the MRAs managed to attract to their little shindig.

Thunderf00t has decided to talk about rape

Mike Booth, friend of Man Boobz and the guy behind mostly immobile internet cartoon sensation SomeGreyBloke and faux-MRA Dan Cardamon, presents an effective takedown of a recent video by infamous atheist asshole Thunderf00t.

Sex Toy Recycling Dot Com

Ok, this isn’t directly relevant to Man Boobzers, but this Wretched Refuse post on Sex Toy recycling is pretty hilarious.

And finally, I think I have found where Julian, the creepy PUA coach from Real Social Dynamics we looked at yesterday, got most of his ideas about women:

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Men’s Rights Redditors fooled again by screenshot-bearing troll, paternity fraud edition

Feminists celebrating another successful case of paternity fraud.
Feminists celebrating paternity fraud.

The fellas in the Men’s Rights subreddit are getting worked up over imaginary feminists again!

Yesterday, in a discussion of paternity fraud, a brand-new Redditor who had never posted a comment before posted a completely unsourced screenshot of what quite a few of the regulars took to be some sort of official feminist statement on paternity fraud.

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Is the “Bang Some Chicks” blog any better than the Pickup Artists it parodies?


I’ve been reading through the archives of Bang Some Chicks, a PUA parody blog featuring the imaginary exploits of the incredibly stupid chick-bangers F-Close Frank and DTF Dave and a couple of other faux PUAs.

What drew me to it was a post with the worrisome title “how to bang a native american chick” which I spotted via the Manosphere agglomerater blog Vive la Manosphere.

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Shampoo away the grey with Just for Men’s Rights Activists


MRAs can now shampoo away the grey in their neckbeards in just five minutes with Just For Men’s Rights Activists special neckbeard formula gel! Now with a new, angrier formula!

I found this faux trading card on Reddit’s AgainstMensRights subreddit, which is devoted to skewering the MensRights subreddit. The OP says his girlfriend got it at an art show, but alas I do not know where that show was or from whom she got it.

Click on the pic for a bigger version, in which you can see that this formula comes in Fedora Brown, and was “voted best for neckbeards by a panel of elder misogynists.”

Ironically, the beards depicted on real Just for Men boxes aren’t much more believable than the one on the parody box.

Also ironically, I am sporting a bit of a neckbeard today. No bulging veins in my forehead, though.

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Canada: Land of Danger for Men and Boys?

Canadian feminist trying to eat a man’s butt

I’ve seen some strange and paranoid comments on Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men, but this recent comment may be the strangest and paranoidest I’ve ever seen. In the comments to a post outing one of the protesters at the Warren Farrell talk at the University of Toronto, a commenter called Redfield is worried that Canada has now become some sort of death trap for men. Because of all the feminism.

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MRAbot2000: The future of the Men’s Rights movement?

Reddit novelty accounts are usually bad, bad news, an excuse for horrendous racist or misogynist or otherwise appallingly Redditish “humor.” But a reader has pointed me to one new novelty account that’s actually pretty hilarious: the 3-day old account of MRAbot2000, which posts perfect distillations of MRA-think at every opportunity. (These are all from different discussions; the different widths of the various images are due to my laziness and incompetence.)


Despite Reddit being something of a cesspool of misogyny, MRAbot2000 mostly gets upvotes. (The comment above with the negative votes is in ShitRedditSays, where the mods have rigged it so downvotes equal upvotes.) Then again, MRAbot2000 hasn’t yet posted in the Men’s Rights subreddit, where somehow I suspect the reception would be a bit more chilly.

You can find many more nuggets of MRA “wisdom” in MRAbot2000’s comment history.