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Canada: Land of Danger for Men and Boys?

Canadian feminist trying to eat a man’s butt

I’ve seen some strange and paranoid comments on Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men, but this recent comment may be the strangest and paranoidest I’ve ever seen. In the comments to a post outing one of the protesters at the Warren Farrell talk at the University of Toronto, a commenter called Redfield is worried that Canada has now become some sort of death trap for men. Because of all the feminism.


That’s right: Because a couple of feminist college students in Toronto made jokey remarks on Twitter about killing all men, this man is afraid that his 18-year-old son will be in actual physical danger from evil feminists if he sets foot in Canada.

In a later comment, he reports that he and his sons will be going to Canada after all:


But he wonders if there are any “travel advisories” that can, I guess, warn him where feminists tend to congregate:


In the comments here at Man Boobz, Cloudiah imagines how his conversation with the consulate staffer might have gone:

Mid-day at the Consulate General of Canada in Sydney.


Pierre: Hello, you’ve reached the Consulate General of Canada. My name is Pierre. How may I help you?

MRA: I am planning a trip to Canada with my sons next year, and I wanted to know what the feminist threat level will be?

Pierre: Excuse me?

MRA: Yellow? Orange? RED???

Pierre: I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

MRA: I need to know what steps I need to take to protect myself and my boys from being killed by feminists. Do we need to get any shots?

Pierre: Did you say ‘feminists?’

MRA: How many men would you estimate are killed by feminists in Canada in January? February? Or do feminists only thaw out in the Spring?

Pierre: You think we freeze feminists?

MRA: I need to make travel plans!

Pierre: Sir, I think you might have been misinformed.

MRA: I assure you that my information is accurate. It cannot be denied that feminists have been engaged in a campaign to kill all men in Canada.

Pierre: Sir, I believe I would have heard about that.

MRA: I SAW A VIDEO! A pack of rabid feminists tore Warren Farrell apart, limb from limb, and feasted on his spleen!

Pierre: Warren who?

MRA: Then an angry mob of feminist zombies attacked John the Otter with flamethrowers. Or maybe one of them had a cigarette lighter, but it was definitely menacing.

Pierre: John the what?

MRA: They might have accidentally singed his sleeve! Or murdered him with fire!

Pierre: Sir, I’m not sure how to say this but… It might be best if you stayed home.

MRA: It’s because they’re SPERMJACKING us now, right? You’re saying that for my own protection. I get you.

Pierre: Um, sure. Right. Please do not come to Canada. Ever.


Pierre: [Holds phone in front of his face for a moment. Slowly places it back in the cradle.]

MRA: [Hears dial tone.] Oh my god, they’ve killed him. I must alert A Voice for Men!

I think this is literally how these guys see the world.

This may be why Men’s Rights movement is so much less popular these days (as a search term at least) than one up-and-coming rival for the world’s attention: Smelly discharge. Google Trends doesn’t lie!


Thanks to Cloudiah for coming up with this as well. She is winning so many internets she may need to move into a bigger place.

To see more things the Men’s Rights movement is less popular than, click here.

NOTE: I am aware that “paranoidest” is not a real word. The correct term is “paranoidallyest.”

268 replies on “Canada: Land of Danger for Men and Boys?”

It just occurred to me that the Gor novels may be where MRAs like Fidelbogen acquired their, um, fascinating rhetorical style.

I had a bit of a thing for Victorian England for years too. Mostly because I got interested in Prince Albert, and it expanded from there. (I love the Victoria and Albert cartoons in Hark, A Vagrant. Actually I love all Kate Beaton’s cartoons!)

Seventeenth-century France was my real focus for twenty-odd years – Louis XIII’s reign. I’ve shelves of books about it, which in pre-Internet days weren’t exactly easy to get here.

OMG love that ultimate cat armour! Especially the gauntlet with fangs. 😀 😀 😀

Wish I could wear that on the train.

Um…. I have focused interest in several aspects of history. Military, in general (with an in depth on the tactical aspects of gunpowder in the period from 1570-1865- as well as the more modern period of 1903- to present).

I have particular interest in Tudor England, Regency England/Napoleonic France and Japan from the time of the Nation at War to the middle Tokugowa.

But my interest is general, and wide (I am particularly fond of haiku as well as the ways in which the Post Marian Legions were used at the edges of empire in the way of spreading the vivum Romanum in parallel to the Pax.

The ways in which Rome’s decentralisation led to the new cultures which arose in Europe/N. Africa (and didn’t in England) is also of some interest (which goes along with the aforementioned interest in the vivum Romanum).

It’s probably because I find people fascinating.

Pecunium — oh is that why you know later Latin? Mine’s all classical, which probably explains every time we’ve had a “wait, how do you say that?” moment!

Glad you’re feeling well enough to give us a history lesson though. Ironically, I had a discussion about Greensleeves earlier and randomly decided the Tudor period was a century later than it was — I am dumb sometimes >.<

Also, mouse armor!!

Ahh — mine is more class Latin, Pliny and Cicero and the rest of that lot. “Omnia Gallia in tres partes divisa est…” — I had to memorize the first paragraph of that for an exam once 🙂

Kim, I love that mouse armour! It’s so shiny.

My Latin is limited to Romanesi Eunt Ite Domusm.

Haiku … urgh, I’m on a writing site that is run by a bloke who seems to think haiku means 5/7/5 syllables, and not much more. Oh, the time and effort the members who know about the form (as in, know it in Japanese and teach it in English) have spent trying to undo that impression in newcomers to the form!

Yeah, esp. because some schools (say Danrin) were fond of extra syllables,and the languages aren’t parallel that way, and some of the auditory effects can’t translate; because the ontomotopaiea aren’t the same, and the echoic sylabification doesn’t happen and english has far fewer “turning” words and…

I really like haiku.


I’m not that into poetry in general; mostly I read what friends on the site have done. I’ve had phases of writing a lot myself, but it’s all free verse. Pretty basic free verse at that, because I don’t use metaphor or anything much beyond the odd bit of alliteration. I tended to use it for things that were a bit too elusive (not allusive!) to put into prose, or if I wanted to record something erotic.

Heh. I know a tiny amount of Latin – just enough to chuckle when I noticed that the end of the Catholic Latin Mass is “Ite, Missa est. Deo gratias,” which I naturally translated as “The mass is ended. Thank God.” This has… subtly different implications to the actual wording in the English version. 😉

[…] Huh. So feminists are maiming Canadians now? Weird. I mean, given that MRAs bring about sixty gazillion cameras to every protest they attend (“Always Be Recording”) it seems strange that we haven’t seen any photographic evidence of these maimings or even of the injuries themselves. But, what the heck, I ‘ll totally take the word of some random AVFM commenter who can’t spell the word “lunatics.” I guess Canada truly is a land of danger for men and boys. […]

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