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Links of Great Interest

Unknown high school drama club, from Things More Numerous
Unknown high school drama club, from Things More Numerous Than People At MRA Rallies

Today, some  links to awesome stuff of great interest to Man Boobzers.

6 Ways to Fight Trolls Instead of Starving Them

In The Daily Airship, former Man Boobzer Erica Stratton reflects on her experiences fighting trolls in the Man Boobz comments section.

Things More Numerous Than People At MRA Rallies

Inspired by the recent very tiny MRA rally in Toronto, this new Tumblr blog posts pictures of groups of people — and horses, and bees, and other things — that are larger than the group of people that the MRAs managed to attract to their little shindig.

Thunderf00t has decided to talk about rape

Mike Booth, friend of Man Boobz and the guy behind mostly immobile internet cartoon sensation SomeGreyBloke and faux-MRA Dan Cardamon, presents an effective takedown of a recent video by infamous atheist asshole Thunderf00t.

Sex Toy Recycling Dot Com

Ok, this isn’t directly relevant to Man Boobzers, but this Wretched Refuse post on Sex Toy recycling is pretty hilarious.

And finally, I think I have found where Julian, the creepy PUA coach from Real Social Dynamics we looked at yesterday, got most of his ideas about women:

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9 years ago

Yes please, send ’em through the mail!

Hmm, three miles equals ten paces … you could almost safely wear Seven League Boots.

9 years ago

My fucking joints. When they work, they are fine. When they don’t… I’m a cripple. And by joints I mean anyplace where tendons and ligaments come into contact.

My legs are ok, mostly, but my feet are odd. My hands are why I don’t knit anymore, and merely (for some value of “merely”) spin.

Argenti Aertheri
Argenti Aertheri
9 years ago

On that note, you may not see much of me upstairs, depending the weather and the internet out back, I may hang out out there. My knee is right pissed lately. Hope your joints are up for joining me since I do still want to be social (and really need to explain last night’s horribly fucked up dream, but I refuse to think about it until actual comforting gestures can be had [yes, that bad])

9 years ago

RE: Howard Bannister

I can even stop judging people who don’t like Firefly*!

*No I can’t, you heartless bastards!

I liked it okay. I’d’ve liked it better if this world where Chinese was a thing actually had fucking Chinese people in it with speaking roles.

RE: feet and shoes

*resists urge to wave little ‘pedorthics rule!’ flag*

9 years ago

*is unable to resist waving the ‘yay pedorthodics!’ flag*

They’re why my husband can walk for any length of time, so definitely yay! Also yay for socialized healthcare that pays for them! All the yays!


9 years ago

My knee is doing fine right now, but I’ve pulled some kind of lateral muscle in my left side, so it generally hurts to move, but I have babies, so I have to power through rather than curl up with a nice heating pad. I have taken painkillers, so we’ll see.

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