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Men’s Rights Redditors fooled again by screenshot-bearing troll, paternity fraud edition

Feminists celebrating another successful case of paternity fraud.
Feminists celebrating paternity fraud.

The fellas in the Men’s Rights subreddit are getting worked up over imaginary feminists again!

Yesterday, in a discussion of paternity fraud, a brand-new Redditor who had never posted a comment before posted a completely unsourced screenshot of what quite a few of the regulars took to be some sort of official feminist statement on paternity fraud.


A few of the more discerning commenters suggested that the screenshot might just be satire, but others were convinced not only that it was real, but that it was the completely serious opinion of a representative feminist. As one put it, referring to the Reddit watchdogs in Shit Reddit Says,

BallsOfSorrow 28 points 7 hours ago (40|12)  This is the foundation of the hate group known as SRS. It's insane, but they're deadly serious.

Another chimed in with this:

ILoveHate 19 points 9 hours ago (21|2)  Feminism, we're all about the free shit "owed" to us now.
I took a few moments to Google some of the text in the screenshot to find out where it originated and discovered that it came from a now-defunct Tumblr blog called feminismrising.

While the blog is gone, it has left little traces of itself all over the internet, and from these traces it’s easy enough to figure out that it was a satirical/troll blog meant to parody feminism. My guess, for what it’s worth, is that that it was written by a feminist out to parody the absurd visions of evil feminism that are prevalent amongst Men’s Rightsers and other antifeminists. But who knows. The only thing that’s really clear is that it was a joke.

Proof? Well, here’s one “Q-and-A” that evidently once ran on the site:

Q: My boyfriend recently asked me if we could have sex. I tried to explain to him that asking me to have sex with him counts as sexual assault, but he couldn’t understand it that piv sex is ONLY okay if I am the one who asks for it. Can you help me try to explain why what he’s doing when he asks for sex is misogynistic?

A: It seems he doesn’t understand sexual harassment to such a degree for all intents and purposes is basically sexual assault.

This is normal; men in general don’t understand even the most basic tactful ways to approach women.

A rule of thumb is that if you can see him, hear him and feel him it’s most definitely sexual assault. Now does that mean that just because you can’t feel him it isn’t sexual assault? No. That’s just something rape culture says. Going by that line of reasoning it wouldn’t be sexual assault if you simply couldn’t feel him as you’d been administered some sort of anesthesia.

So through absurdity reduction we rule out that it’s necessary to feel him. If you can hear him, see him and you feel sexually assaulted then you have been sexually assaulted.

He’s being misogynistic for saying he doesn’t understand.

I think only a complete Men’s Rights dunderhead could fail to detect the satire here.

You can see more examples from the blog here.

Elsewhere in the same Men’s Rights subreddit discussion, helping MRAs live up to another unfortunate stereotype, this fella gets a few upvotes for his I’m-just-sayin’ semi-advocacy of vigilante justice — specifically, murdering judges:

pocketknifeMT 2 points 16 hours ago (4|3)  Well, in theory all that is needed to make it a better system is accountability. Since the legal system refuses to seriously tackle legal accountability, the shortfall can be made up by vigilante justice.  Its not ideal, but one was to kill a judge because they demonstrably fucked your life up, other judges would think twice about doing the same thing. Also, sadly, it would have to become a trend before you actually see any real movement of the needle.

Oh, Men’s Rights Redditors. You’re just awful, aren’t you?


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I don’t know if this is a coping strategy that will work at all, katz – all I can say from experience is knowing they’ll be well in Spirit when they cross makes it easier afterward. It didn’t make it easier to bear their illnesses, but it did ease the grief a lot once they’d passed.

I don’t get why men are hung up on paternity testing, regardless of the result in every case where I’ve seen it being used, there’s the possibility of cheating,a relationship that’s practically broken and a child that needs to be taken care of.

Are you the father? I don’t know, you tell me.

Update on Robbie: There may be a chance. One of the other volunteers cured a cat with experimental antiviral drugs. We are starting Robbie on them ($50 a pop: See, our $120 adoption fee is nominal!). The chance of him recovering is not low so much as it’s completely unknown.

I do not need donations as KR is supplying his meds. And you are already KR’s best friend because you found a home for one of our kitties!

While I find the Q&A satire kind of meh (played out rather than funny or not), I have to point out that the answer part of the ‘satire’ Q&A is completely correct, not a joke.

Sexual assault (or assault of any kind, see does NOT require that the person touch you- once they do it’s battery. Assault is the intimidation factor beforehand, and it is a crime.

PS I know I’m late to the party on this one but people mixing up assault and battery is a pet peeve of mine.

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