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Men’s Rights Activists can’t decide if they’re up against Hitler or Mao

The Chinese cultural Revolution: Not quite this cheery in real life

Today in exceedingly inapt historical comparisons we have a rather incredible comment on the Men’s Rights subreddits suggesting a parallel between so-called “woke culture” and … the Chinese Cultural revolution, which you might remember as a terrifying cultural crusade in the name of Marxist purity that tore apart countless families and left perhaps as many as twenty million people dead.

Anyway, here’s Mens Rights Redditor Emfuser elaborating on this nonsense.

We currently are in a cultural revolution that is basically modeled off of Mao’s cultural revolution in China. The woke control the great bulk of academia, the news media, entertainment. They’ve gained strong footholds in government, but particularly the federal and blue or purple state governments.

Really? Because right now it’s the right that’s trying to push its people into the election machinery on a local and national level so that they can basically rig the next election for Trump in what would be effectively a coup.

They’ve gained footholds at most large corporations (look for any diversity, inclusion, and equity ANYTHING at your company) and their flag flies everywhere.

“Their flag.” Nice homophobia, dude.

The longer people agree that it’s not a big deal, the worse it will get.

Meanwhile a social credit system is being installed right under our noses in the guise of health and safety controls.

There’s no “social credit” system being foisted onto anyone; it’s just that the more people refuse to get vaccinated based on lies and misunderstanding the longer it will take to get rid of COVID. We got rid of polio with widespread, basically mandatory injections and it didn’t turn into some “social credit” thing. We may end up dealing with COVID for pretty much forever.

That social credit system will look just like China’s system because that’s what it is modeled on. Your social status is going to depend on the moral whims of the people who succeed in controlling the system and Social Justice / Wokeness was DESIGNED to infiltrate and take over such systems. How do you think that’s going to turn out for anyone that won’t bow to their new moral social edicts?

The cultural revolution is right now and anyone who isn’t in the SJ/Woke camp is on the side that is currently being revolted against.

Really? One of the most terrifying aspects of the actual Cultural Revolution was the emergence of the “Red Guards” — an armed paramilitary force loyal to Mao. Right now the only paramilitary groups that are forming in American are on the right — and like the fanatical “rebels” of the Cultural Revolution they’re the ones showing up at demonstrations with guns and other weapons. And they’ve already started killing people.

So yeah, as always the biggest complaints of the right are based on little more than crude projection.

Speaking of which, here’s another rather, well, presumptuous historical comparison I ran across on the Men’s Rights subreddit about a month ago from someone called Ok-Efficiency1842:

A man in 2021 is a victim. That’s it. A man in the west in 2021 is no different from a Jew in Poland in 1940 or a Native American in Oklahoma in 1835.

How dare you compare your own pathetic self to the victims of genocide.

The Nazi comparison is especially rich, as it’s once again the right that is sometimes openly, sometimes not-so-openly adopting fascism in their thoughts and in their behavior. So yeah, fuck you.

Society hates you and it’s going to punish you for being born.

Well, it’s true that I hate you, dude, but it’s because you say shit like this. Otherwise I couldn’t care less if you were dead or alive.

You’re seen as a violent criminal and you’re treated like one no matter what good you do in the world.

That’s it. Being a man is just being a victim.

MRAs really need to develop a modicul of self-awareness — and a sense of proportion — when they start saying shit like this. These comparisons are an insult to Jews who died in the Holocaust, to those who died in the Cultural Revolution (as well as to the Native Americans who died on the Trail of Tears). You’re pissing on their graves to score a really cheap political point. That’s just one of the many reasons that people see MRAs as a hate group.

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4 months ago

Assuming the librarian knew what was in there; it didn’t used to be nearly as well known. I read all kinds of wildly inappropriate stuff when I was wee, mostly because none of the adults in my life knew what was in the stuff I was reading. (Also dad just didn’t care, he figured if it was a problem for me I’d stop reading it or ask awkward questions or something)

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