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Vox Day loses $1 million in crowdsourced money for a right-wing superhero film to a crypto con man, allegedly

Like money in the bank (or not so much)

Well, it looks like our dear old friend fiend Vox Day won’t be able to make his racist superhero flick after all. Because he’s apparently lost all the money he raised for it — a cool million bucks — to a cryptocurrency con artist who was supposed to be safeguarding the funds, the Daily Beast reports.

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Roosh V: The moon landing was fake and science is a big gay plot to create transgender children, or something

There’s something a little fishy about this photo

By David Futrelle

Roosh V is over the moon. So over it.

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Can you find all the Nazi buzzwords in Vox Day’s recent denunciation of Jewish humor?

Vox Day performing at the Giggle Bunker in Berlin

By David Futrelle

Here’s a fun little challenge! See how many antisemitic buzzwords used by the literal Nazis you can find in this denunciation of Jewish humor from our old pal, racist, woman-hating fantasy author Theodore “Vox Day” Beale!

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The best thing about Milo’s financial meltdown? The terrible, terrible people he’s stiffing

Milo didn’t take his own advice

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By David Futrelle

So the loathsome Milo Yiannopoulos — the self-promoting alt-right enabler and serial harasser who’s been kicked off so many platforms I’ve lost track — has apparently gone bust, in a big way, landing himself more than $2 million in debt, according to documents examined by the Guardian Australia.

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Vox Day thinks lying is great “persuasion.” Unless people are lying about him.

Vox cries moar

By David Futrelle

The last time we checked in on the execrable racist fantasy author Theodore “Vox Day” Beale, he was urging his followers to smear leftists by posting fake memes, ostensibly from AntiFa activists, advocating domestic violence against women and children. This kind of dishonesty, he proclaimed, was a particularly “effective” form of “persuasion” that only “spergs” could possibly oppose.

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Vox Day hails fake meme smear campaign against AntiFas, touts lying as “effective rhetoric”

Vox Day, broadcasting live from the eighth circle of hell

By David Futrelle

That /pol/ campaign to smear the anti-fascist left with fake memes suggesting AntiFas support domestic violence against women, children, and the elderly? The one that I and others exposed yesterday as nothing more than a political dirty trick?

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Turns out there’s a Yahoo! manifesto, too

By David Futrelle

By now, you’ve probably heard about the so-called “Google Manifesto,” one anonymous Google dude’s ten-page anti-diversity rant that suggests, among other things, that women are somehow biologically unsuited to  work in tech.

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Vox Day calls for expulsion of Muslims, hails far-right terrorist Anders Breivik as a “saint”

Vox Day: “Saint Breivik, pray for us!”

Nazoid fantasy author Theodore “Vox Day” Beale has had some, well, interesting, if contradictory, responses to the carnage in Manchester. The one thing they all have in common? Utter moral bankruptcy.

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For Mother’s Day, give the gift of Mike Cernovich’s stupid face!

Mom will love it! (Snoop Dog not included.)

Looking for last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? Look no further!

As we all know, there’s nothing that moms love better than t-shirts featuring the disembodied heads of horrendous dudes they’ve probably never heard of, so why not get them this ACTUAL T-SHIRT YOU CAN REALLY BUY NO REALLY featuring the grim visage of ALPHA JUICE GORILLA MAN and famous “journalist” Mike Cernovich!

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Vox Day: I won’t feel bad if leftists are killed

The future of civilization?

Terrible fantasy author and worse human being Theodore “Vox Day” Beale expects leftist “blood to be shed” at the hands of his alt-right pals at some point in the near future. And he’s ok with that. Hell, he seems positively giddy at the prospect.

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