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Liberal pundits promoted a lurid account of alleged abuses at a gender clinic. Now the whistleblower’s case seems to be falling apart

Last month, ex-New York Times columnist Bari Weiss published a melodramatic account of alleged abuses at a gender clinic in her online publication, the Free Press. The account, written by “whistleblower” Jamie Reed, a former case manager at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, charged doctors and administrators at the center of pushing children into premature or unwarranted gender transitions and bullying parents and staffers who objected into silence or acquiescence to the allegedly abusive treatment.

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Mammoths Gone Bad

So I’ve been using DALL-E, the AI art software, to create pictures of mammoths to use as graphics. The only problem is that DALL-E can’t always remember what a mammoth is supposed to look like and has terrible problems with both trunks and tusks, rendering most of the art it produces unusable.

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Vox Day loses $1 million in crowdsourced money for a right-wing superhero film to a crypto con man, allegedly

Like money in the bank (or not so much)

Well, it looks like our dear old friend fiend Vox Day won’t be able to make his racist superhero flick after all. Because he’s apparently lost all the money he raised for it — a cool million bucks — to a cryptocurrency con artist who was supposed to be safeguarding the funds, the Daily Beast reports.

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Paranoid MRA mistakes a masters thesis for an FBI report and concludes the FBI is investigating the Men’s Rights subreddit

So yesterday someone sent a link to what he said was an FBI report on the manosphere to an excitable Men’s Rights Redditor, who quickly posted it to the Men’s Rights subreddit with the title “‘The manosphere’ is currently being investigated by the FBI, including r/Mensrights!” It got more than 100 upvotes.

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Clueless Gender Critical transphobe loses it over an entirely imaginary trans male baby boom

People throwing fits over nothing? Never gets old.

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