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Vox Day thinks lying is great “persuasion.” Unless people are lying about him.

Vox cries moar

By David Futrelle

The last time we checked in on the execrable racist fantasy author Theodore “Vox Day” Beale, he was urging his followers to smear leftists by posting fake memes, ostensibly from AntiFa activists, advocating domestic violence against women and children. This kind of dishonesty, he proclaimed, was a particularly “effective” form of “persuasion” that only “spergs” could possibly oppose.

But it turns out that Mr. Day doesn’t admire lying quite so much when people are lying about him.

In recent days, Vox has launched an all-out war on Gab, the “free speech” Twitter alternative that’s become something of a haven for shitlords and Nazis. Vox is angry, you see, that Gab’s admins won’t take down a handful of comments smearing him as a pedophile, apparently posted by several Daily Stormer fans who don’t think Vox is enough of a Nazi to hang with the alt-right.

Gab’s refusal to delete these comments, Vox declared in a post a couple of days ago, makes the site “knowingly complicit in publishing these false, malicious, and defamatory statements.” And so he threatened to unleash his “flying monkey” squad to dox the offending Gab commenters and to task his “Legal Legion of Evil” (no, that’s really what he calls them) with, well, whatever Legal Legions of Evil do.

“[T]he Legal Legion and I,” Vox announced in a followup post,

will be pursuing this matter until the defamation is removed and the @dantheman10, @GTKRWN, and @Fabian_Nazism are forced to answer for their defamatory actions.

In yet another post yesterday, Vox assures his readers that “I am not seeking to harm Gab” before going on to declare that, since “Gab has elected to act as an obstacle to [my] objectives … that obstacle will be removed.”

Vox, as you may have gathered by now, loves to monologue like a cartoon villain.

He’s also been enthusiastically accusing the “Daily Stormpoopers,” as he calls them, of an assortment of things that he is also guilty of. The “stormpoopers,” he rails,

cannot be trusted, ever, since deceit is literally the core of their instruction manual. Lying, exaggerating their influence, and shitting on the carpet of every online abode that welcomes them is the full extent of their accomplishments.

Projection ain’t just a river in Egypt.

Naturally, Vox’s many enemies on Gab have responded with some highly sophisticated arguments of their own. Like calling him “Vox Gay.”

Nixon · @NixonSlartlak 2 days After a long talk with my good pal, @voxday about how he's completely addicted to n---er and jewish semen... I've convinced him to change his name to Vox Gay.

卐 Hitler Did Nothing Wrong 卐 GAS the (((??))) · @gerbils 13 hours I never even heard of VOX GAY until all of this drama, he's the laughingstock of Gab.

And of course others have been doubling down on the pedophile accusations.

Tom · @h4rdm0us 13 hours Vox Day's wife is a c-nt, his mother is a whore, and he's a pedophile. Oh no don't sue!

GorillionJazz · @GorillionJazz ? Politics · 44 minutes Vox Gay doesnt care about those things, just shekels and hide the fact that he is a child rapist

Rufus RIchards · @RufusRichards 16 hours Vox Day might not be a pedophile but his wife has the body of a 17 year old boy CREEPY

And then of course there are the memes, like this one, comparing Vox with the Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin.

Click for larger version

And this one, with Vox in a sort of time-out:

I’m sure it gets worse than this, but I really don’t want to spend any more time poking around on Gab to find out.

Today, Vox Day and Andrew Anglin took their ongoing slap fight to YouTube, ostensibly debating the merits of National Socialism for an hour on something called Reality Calls. I’m sure it was quite, er, informative, but I’m not going to watch it to find out.

This is one of those fights in which you hope all sides lose, big league.

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Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
4 years ago

Yep, avoiding this. Except to say that, last I heard, Leo is a she. Pronouns used for her here are a bit all over the place. Don’t look like she much minds, but it’s making my eye twitch…

*salutes smartly, runs away, escapes to some other thread, any other thread*

4 years ago

Oh God they all deserve each other it’s marvelous

Gussie Jives
Gussie Jives
4 years ago

Okay, somebody had to actually sit down and draw that goofy meme of the beefy Anglin. I’ve drawn my fair share of beefy guys, but never in service of petty internet spats drizzled in white supremacy. What kind of infantile mind would actually minutes out of their life to create that eyesore? Does that mind ever stop for a second and think “wait, am I doing something stupid that speaks of a life ill-used?” I’m thinkin’ not.

Scildfreja Unnyðnes
Scildfreja Unnyðnes
4 years ago

@Gussie Jives, that meme is a template, not specific to Anglin. It’s a chan trope juxtaposing “dork:cool dood” and is used all over the place. The dorks’ negative attributes are always exaggerated to be incredibly nitpicky, and the cool dood’s positive attributes are always equally silly. It’s meant to mock both groups, denigrating the positive traits of the latter and emphasizing the negative traits of the latter. In other words, it’s just more nonsense from 4chan about how everything is garbage, and how they’re the wisest for saying so. Centrist BS.

(That said, it’s always the conservative, authoritarian, right-wing side that’s the cool dood, and while they mock with their statements about him, they still f’n believe it. Because that’s how brains work. So yeah, they’re pretty much revealing their biases right out in the open, too.)

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