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Women are Deadly to Hire: The Spearhead’s Many Misogynists Weigh in on Adria Richards

The tech sector fighting off feminism (artist's conception).
The tech sector fighting off feminism (artist’s conception).

So we’ve been talking a lot about the MRA response to the Adria Richards firing over the past few days, but (like a lot of the regulars here, I suspect) I’ve had one lingering question in my mind: what does eminent MRA philosopher Cooter Bee think about all of this? Well I am pleased to report that Mr. Bee has finally weighed in on the subject in a comment over on The Spearhead.

Always a model of thoughtfulness and restraint, Mr. Bee suggests that the best way to deal with the problem of women in technology – rightfully a man’s place – is for men in tech to go on a giant man strike until civilization starts to crumble:

Tech makes female jobs possible. Feminism couldn’t manage without tech. Would it be possible to attack tech and bring it down?

Not talking attack as in military operation but perhaps key males within the industry could be recruited and persuaded not to produce. After all, does anybody really think that any of the current fruits of civilization come from the female mind? Agitate against HB1 visa’s to further weaken it. Eventually, government and other powder puff industries won’t able to replace their dilapidated equipment. Where will the make-work female jobs go when there are no computers? The police state? How effective can it be with pencil, paper and shoe leather alone?

Other Spearheaders have equally enlightened and enlightening thoughts on the matter. Richard attacks women for both getting jobs in technology and for (allegedly) preferring doctors and lawyers over tech geeks.

Women are deadly to hire. Women really have no place in tech. Harsh? Perhaps.

But imagine if all the man-hours (perhaps billions worth) that has gone into soothing (the ultimately un-soothable) grrrrls’ feelings rather than genuine productivity.

And for all the women who hate the sexist men in tech, what about the sexist discrimination by women against tech men vs. say lawyers or doctors?

I’m not quite sure how not liking sexist men in tech counts as sexist discrimination, but I have to admit that I am baffled by some of the more sophisticated forms of MRA logic.

Another commenter who goes by the name David F – and whom I should point out is NOT ME NO WHY DOES HE CALL HIMSELF THAT UGH UGH IT MAKES ME EMBARRASSED FOR ALL DAVIDS WHOSE LAST NAMES START WITH AN F WAIT WHAT WAS I TALKING ABOUT SORRY THIS SENTENCE HAS GOTTEN AWAY FROM ME. Anyway, David F Who is Not Me repeats and elaborates upon an argument first made by Daflory over on A Voice for Men, which makes me think that they are in fact the same person and that David F’s last name is Flory (not Futrelle I repeat NOT Futrelle):

No one ever told Adria Richards that she was at best only an tolerated guest in the world of tech, and she could either play by male rules and contribute, or get lost. Hopefully other feminists in tech will get a similar message.

This and the Anita Sarkeesian affair suggests that hatred for feminism runs very deep in the tech world, and that a great many men and boys are willing and able to protect their domain against hostile intruders. The white-knight tech articles have made themselves ridiculous from the flood of hostile comments they generate. I think it is only a matter of time before some tech sites throw feminism under the bus. It’s not as if they really need women for anything, and if tech writers come to accept that they won’t get sex by pandering to women, what else do they have to lose?

Opus – who I am pretty sure is not actually the penguin from Bloom County – wonders why useless women go to conferences in the first place, and comes up with this explanation:

I can only conclude that women attend conferences for the purpose of being outraged and to shame any unsuspecting male. Is it any wonder men seek to work in female-free environments if at all possible.

Former Man Boobz Troll of the Year NWOslave steps up with some observations that may bring back fond memories of his many contributions to the discourse here at Man Boobz:

Western women, at least in the social media circles, seem to be hell bent on proving women have the mental and emotional fortitude of a four year old girl. Adria Richards and the media backlash is clear proof that women are incapable of functioning more than an arms length from the safety of the nest.

Joeb, meanwhile, offers these cogent thoughts:

The 800 LBs feminist beast in the room is; This women (Adria Richards) is not there to conform to Company norms and a real life work scenario .

She wants to work on her own terms . Off course those terms are the void of all physical and mentally tiring duty’s like actual work .

Its like this , Iv seen Feminist tech write blogs about tech Jobs not because they where technicians , They write blogs because they failed out of the technician Jobs . ( there opinion is useless )

Women want the administration duty’s of the Job but , The power structure changes when you have well trained men doing the work .

You can’t have a women with a BA from POO dunk business college telling a male scientist from MTI how to do his JOB .

Its another feminist leach on the privet sector . Get to many of these leaches and it sucks the life from the Corp.

After reading all these very thoughtful comments from the Spearhead men — and I didn’t even include the openly racist ones or the ones that used the c-word —  I’m not sure how anyone could doubt male superiority, in tech and in everything else.

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Dang! You just reminded me I think Hulu was having some films free this weekend, and I was planning on seeing the seven samurai but I forgot! *tears*. Oh well, that one I have on tape, but there were a couple others I didn’t.


also random:
Wow, someone DID find the kitties of the apocalypse. Mine are grown up.

Marie: Wow. Argenti Aertheri and Pencunium are both cleaning. That sounds like a necessary evil

Mine is ritual cleaning: think Spring Cleaning, on steroids; with a Divine Mandate and millenia of human accretion. It’s a pain in the ass, but it has to be done, or one can’t cook kosher food for the next eight days.

Random for people who like samurai movies – there are two modern ones that are worth seeing, both by the same director. The Twilight Samurai is probably the better of the two (both leads are amazing), but The Hidden Blade is great two. Don’t bother with Love and Honor unless you really love Kimura Takuya.

Kabei (same director) is good too, but super depressing, especially once you realize that one of the most likeable characters is going to be in Hiroshima when the bomb hits.


I will post photographs when I make them 😀 (I’d say if, but I really wanna make them, so hopefully it works out).

And guinea pigs. So many things I need to post pictures of.

BTW since we seem to have multiple fans of the older Kurosawa, you might want to check out Kabei just because it was written by his longtime collaborator (she was in charge of the scripts on most of his movies) based on what happened to her own family during the war. It gives some pretty big hints as to where a lot of the political stuff in some of Kurosawa’s movies came from, and it really is a great movie, just really depressing and frustrating to watch.

I just realized that the topmost flying squirrel in the post’s illustration is apparently hollow, or at least missing its hindquarters.

I have spent way too much time staring at that illustration.

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the trolls of our lives.”


What’s on for today? It’s 9.19 here and I’m at work. Next up (after the all-important Catching Up With This Thread) is a cup of coffee, at least if the ants have all been killed off, little rotters.

tedthefed – noted re: butthurt. Not sure if I’ve used it (I’m not wild about the implications either, it never suggests whiny spanked kid to me), but if so, apologies and I won’t use it again.

I prefer Bonerwhiner© anyway. 😉

cloudiah – I think it’s meant to be curved down over the dude’s shoulder. See the black shape under its chin?

I don’t know… Wouldn’t it be rounded out in the other direction? This is an important question, so I’m going to take it to the FBI to demand a detailed forensic analysis! (Really just hoping I might run into Pierre there.)

@Hellkell, raegus is definitely Do Re. He has the same gravatar and left a comment under raegus on the front page that said “Why has my name changed?” Not socking deliberately I don’t think, just having technical difficulties with WordPress.

What he is doing deliberately is coming here, saying completely unacceptable things in a “reasonable” tone, and then pretending that the tone makes the message reasonable too. All so that when we react to his sexist douchebaggery he can say “Aha! See? You really are shrewish harpies! I can see why certain people–” not him, of course, oh no–“want to deny you the rights they take for granted!”

The sad thing about anti-“girly” internalized sexism is it won’t work, you know? You can try and try as hard as you can to prove that you’re not like the rest of us icky women doing icky women things, but the misogynists will just think you’re doing the Serious Manly Man Thing wrong, or resent your presence. When enough women start doing the Serious Manly Man Thing, it will transform into an icky girly thing, and then where will you be?

They don’t hate us because some of us like shoes, and that’s shallow and valueless. They think it’s shallow and valueless to like shoes because they hate us.

…and that’s twice in as many weeks I’ve posted in the wrong thread, and not once before!

If we all decided that we loved cordless power tools they’d find a way to make those girly and thus icky too.


Well, obvious cordless power tools used to have cords, back in the good old days, when men were men, and women were women, and everybody was middle class, white, and heterosexual. But now they have batteries which are obvious symbols for abortionathons.

/sarcasm mode.

I should also point out I am not actually sure when people started using cordless power tools. But MRAs probably aren’t, either.

The fact that my Dad bought me a set of tools when I first moved out to my own place is definitely misandry.

“Go for the eyes, Boo, go for the eyes!”

Boo says, “Whaaattt?!”

Dammit!! Now I have to go replay that game :@
/shakes fist at Bagelsan

Obviously a man strike is brilliant idea. Rooted in trade-unionism, the only way to bargain with the boss (feminazis) is for the proletariat (MRA in tech) to strike. Eventually we will give into their demands, which is er, uh, for us to fuck them RIGHT NOW! But until then, how will these men answer to their male peers when they demand MADDEN 14, 15, 16 and HALO 27???

The guy I liked in college had me watch Ran with him. I liked it well enough, but didn’t love it like he did.

I have the most “girly” job out of my friends from high school. I have a steel worker, a welder, a landscaper, and a paintball ref among my lady friends from high school. I work with kids. Kids that are sex offenders, arsonists ect, but kids none the less.

Least girly job I ever had was cutting up long-dead critters for the Vic Museum’s mammalogy collection. Having a functioning sense of smell was a definite drawback. Being unperturbed by washing brains down sinks was a plus. 🙂

Oh yes, definitely evil. I can only feed my boy formula that’s been cursed by the anti-pope. And then my Beloved insists on breastfeeding him, and undoing all of my evil work.

I’ve been up since 3:30 caring for my kids, I’m so evil.

My darling boy, I wish you would not wriggle and squirm so, it makes you hard to hold securely. Plus, it would be a whole lot easier to hold you if you didn’t fold yourself double the wrong way, apparently because you enjoy it.

I’ve only ever had “girly” jobs in actual fact.

I worked in a bakery/cafe, I did babysitting, I worked in a primary school, and now I work as a PA and Office Administrator.

But just because they were “girly” jobs doesn’t mean they weren’t or aren’t useful or hard work.

But I suppose anything coded female to the minds of MRA’s is automatically make work and is the equivalent of me sitting in the street crying till men throw money at me.

Melody, I’m glad you enjoyed it even if you didn’t love, love it.


Child care is important. Afterall influencing the next generation is huge. Why on earth would corporations want to get their claws into the public school system otherwise?

Off-topic for the thread, on-topic for the blog. David has occasionally asked for real-life examples of misogyny. I present Exhibit Too Fucking Many:

Some things to note, here:

Ford didn’t actually commission the ad (it was spec-work, essentially–the company was trying to make a pitch to Ford), unless you’re inclined to take the conspiracy theorist view that this was a deliberate leak in the effort to gain any publicity, even bad, for the company.

However, the ad company involved clearly felt that the ad concept was a sound one, and one that would be well-received. The ad company is Indian, but honestly, there’s been enough incidents in American (GoDaddy) and European (the French PSVita) media that I’m disinclined to chalk it up to ‘culture’, or at least not, ‘other people’s culture’.

I heard about those ads, but I hadn’t seen them. Sexist, violent, and poorly executed? That’s like the terrible ad trifecta!

There were some racist ones made too.
I don’t even fully understand what the ads are pitching, but that may be that I am distracted by the sexism.

Lots of trunk space? I assume? So you can keep police women/sex workers/famous women locked in them, because that’s not creepy at all?

That’s a terrible advert, besides the obvious is looks like a political cartoon rather than an ad and the style of artwork is deeply un-attractive in my view.

I just got an e-mail from the National Bank of Sweden’s research fund; they’ve taken my grant application to the next stage, meaning I now have a roughly fifty percent chance of getting funding for the philosophy project I plan!

Obviously they haven’t heard, at the National Bank, that women are useless parasites, since they even CONSIDER giving me, a woman, MONEY to do PHILOSOPHY!

As for the OP:

Not talking attack as in military operation but perhaps key males within the industry could be recruited and persuaded not to produce. After all, does anybody really think that any of the current fruits of civilization come from the female mind? Agitate against HB1 visa’s to further weaken it. Eventually, government and other powder puff industries won’t able to replace their dilapidated equipment. Where will the make-work female jobs go when there are no computers? The police state? How effective can it be with pencil, paper and shoe leather alone?

They literally, honestly believe that women can’t survive without men. Wow.

My first reaction to this plan, of course, was “go for it!” It’ll free up a bunch of jobs for women, giving them a chance to demonstrate that they are just as capable as men, and when the man-babies who rage-quit come back and find the world has gone on just fine without them, the flailing will be hilarious.

@katz is totally horrible that if it was purple or red I would be all over that tool set?

Emilygoddess: Yeah, the whole “Let’s abandon society and watch it burn!” clarion-call would be kind of amusing if I thought they’d actually do it for once. Maybe they can go watch it all from their paradise on Reddit Island…..

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