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A quick preview of my Northwestern talk tonight on “How to hate women and have terrible sex.”

Here’s a preview of the talk I’ll be giving at Northwestern tonight.

Remember, the talk — on “How to hate women and have terrible sex: Misogynistic sex myths, and how they ruin sex for everyone” – will be at 8 PM in Room G02 of Annenberg Hall on the Northwestern Campus in Evanston.

(Here’s a map.)

See you there!

Oh, and also, The Spearhead has discovered that I will be giving a talk. W. F. Price writes about it with his usual objectivity, by which I mean that his piece is filled with lies and weird projection.

EDITED TO ADD: And now the Men’s Rights Subreddit gets in on the fun! Apparently they are also very concerned about my weight.

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10 years ago

Adding to the condolences, for KathleenB’s and Pecunium’s friends.

As for Gollum sneaking around adding his poison on defunct threads, please get your creepy jollies (with your porcelain dollies) elsewhere.

10 years ago

RE: Pecunium and Kathleen


I’m sorry for y’all’s losses. (And for being late saying so.) I hope y’all’re bearing up okay.

10 years ago

Kathleen: Doesn’t make it any easier for those who are left behind, but in the end, we’re all going to get left behind.

I think, having been through this, it does make it easier. Some of the sense of anger is attenuated. Not that I didn’t have some Job like moments, but they faded pretty quickly. Faster than they would have, I think, had he been fighting all they way out; or if it had been sudden.

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