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About those ads …

If only all ads were as awesome as this one.

So, yeah, I’ve added ads to the site, at least on a trial basis. I’ve avoided them in the past to avoid cluttering up the site, and because ads don’t pay all that much, but times are a bit lean here at Man Boobz manor, and with the traffic this site now gets – we recently passed 4.5 million views – ads won’t make me rich but will definitely help. Hopefully they won’t be too obtrusive.

A couple of requests:

I don’t get paid unless people actually see the ads, so if you’re using ad-blocking software, please consider disabling it for (If you’d rather not, maybe consider a donation? Donations are always welcome here.)

And if you want to help me make a few bucks more, and spread the word about the site in general, don’t hesitate to use the little “share” buttons below each post. Share on Twitter, on Facebook, on Reddit, or anywhere else you can think of. Some of you already do this, and I appreciate it a great deal.

One other thing: WordPress handles the ads; I don’t have any say in the specifics of what gets put here. Let me know if you see any weird or inappropriate ones.

So let the great ad experiment begin.

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Illuminati Explorer.

I got a dubious weight-loss ad, which is darkly hilarious on many levels…

I actually had to look for the ad, I totally missed it. I guess I’ve been so conditioned to ignore them at this point that I glossed right over it. Doesn’t bother me at all. You put a lot of work into this site for us to enjoy. Me skimming over an ad is the least I can do to repay you.

Off topic: I’m a longtime lurker on this blog and only recently got the joke on the “cock carousel” banner picture. Totally awesome and hilarious:) Where did you get the banner pics?

I’ve been offered a retirement plan for people with an investment portfolio of a quarter of a million.

I fear the targeting hasn’t worked particularly well in this case.

“David, I think you should use an Amazon Affiliates thingy, where you have feminist books. If people buy them or anything through your link, you get %, I think 5%? And it never bothers anyone to get decent book recommendations, don’t you think? Put it on the sidebar and it doesn’t bother.”


They do manage to spectacularly miss the point of feminism and the kind of people who go on feminist sites, don’t they?

I hadn’t quite registered the full impact of that.

“Learn 15 brutal fight enders.

Posted in cupcake, dawgies, kitties”

Targeted ads tend to do that. It probably reads all the MRA crap and assumes that’s what the site is about. On Freethought Blogs, which is a skeptic community, I often get ads for psychic readings.

Half the fun of blog reading is having ads for psychics on sceptic blogs, Bible courses on atheist blogs and mail-order brides on feminist blogs.

The weirdest ad I’ve had on Freethought Blogs was for “Norway’s biggest cheerleading supply store”, in Norwegian.

(I’m in Finland and usually get ads either in English or Finnish.)

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