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Check out my interview on Vice about harassment of women online


I’ve been so busy the last several days I forgot to put up a link to this interview I did with a writer from Vice. Check it out!

I’m happy with the interview overall. Though I should point out that my comments were edited somewhat, and there are a few places where the writer removed some of the context and/or simplified what I said by removing some qualifying statements. Thus, for example, where I talk about how rape threats towards men have less of an impact, I don’t want to suggest that no men outside of prison fear rape; obviously that’s untrue, and obviously there are many men outside of prison as well as inside who have been raped. What I was trying to say — and what I suspect would be much clearer in the unedited transcript of my interview  — is that the typical (straight, cis) man outside of prison doesn’t spend much time worrying about rape, and is much less likely to take rape threats seriously than women, who have every reason to take them much more seriously.

Anyway, that caveat aside,  check it out.

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Of course the manosphere cumsprites were splattering the comment section in full force. They used their Facebook profiles too. I guess by now everyone’s mostly purged their Facebook profiles of people too much opposed to them ideologically.

Without checking it out yet (‘cos, you know, at work), did they at least include interviews with women as well?

Without checking it out yet (‘cos, you know, at work), did they at least include interviews with women as well?

Not that I noticed.

I like how your answers are strongly worded and yet calm and understandable by all audiences. Congratulations!

I really appreciate that David and Chris Rover took the time to connect Elliot Rodger with those who share his attitudes in the manosphere, because that connection is just glossed over more frequently than it should be. It was a relief to see that Chris Rover had also noted the quality of Anita Sarkeesian’s research. Of course, the MRA manbabies are just losing their mind over that little factoid!

Of course, one of the commentators mentioned that any of us who think Anita Sarkeesian produces well-researched videos should go watch thunderf00ts takedown and learn the error of our ways. I want to watch it because I’m sure it’s a load of mansplainy junk, but I also don’t want to put myself through that level of pure psychological frustration. Has anyone else taken a look at it yet?

Aaaand if anyone wants to read a takedown of a letter writer much like those found in the comments of David’s Vice interview, read this takedown by Dr. Nerdlove. It brought me so much joy.

There was a related article linked at the bottom of this one on Vice, and I clicked it; it’s an interview with the dude of the hour, Eron Gjoni.

I especially liked this bit:

I alluded to the severity of the constant harassment and his reply circled around on itself. “Yes, that’s happening, but it’s not the only thing happening, and it should be the thing most discouraged in terms of coverage. One side will point to the publication and say, ‘Look, these MRAs are attacking us,’ and form into groups and make it worse,” he said.

Victims of harassment shouldn’t talk about the harassment, because that just makes it worse! A very convenient outlook for someone who is on the administration end instead of the receiving end.

Shoot. I used the phrase ‘of course’ twice in a row. I HATE when I do that. Brain! *snaps fingers* Get you shit together!

@Policy of Madness: The last paragraph of the article was really good too.

{blockquote} I didn’t tell him the rest of my opinion: I think some of this belief in corruption and nepotism is misogyny. Gaming is a business, and in any business, people don’t all get to the top, win influence, or get their project greenlit because their work is the best. They get there by hook or by crook. Men can commodify representations of female sexuality to sell inferior games, and that’s making an honest buck, but if some women get to the top by commodifying their own sexuality, that’s corruption? Fuck that. {/blockquote}

For #GamerGate, I’ve definitely been getting the impression that men can flaunt their sexuality, and sexually objectify, however they see fit. If a woman does it? Time to start a riot.

For #GamerGate, I’ve definitely been getting the impression that men can flaunt their sexuality, and sexually objectify, however they see fit. If a woman does it? Time to start a riot.

True. Nothing new there, unfortunately.

One very common pattern I’ve seen on Reddit? Redditors decry gay pride parades, saying that gay folks are too outspoken about their sexuality. Then they’ll argue to the death over their right to comment on the sexiness of everything that looks remotely female.

Nice work tying together the reactions by the manosphere when women dare enter
their ‘spaces.’

“the typical (straight, cis) man outside of prison doesn’t spend much time worrying about rape”
Typical men should spend more time worrying about rape. The statistics for women are appalling and males, especially minors, are also victimized. Something like 6% of the US population has been sexually assaulted which is roughly equivalent to all the Asian-Americans plus half of those who identify as Jewish.

David, I went and read the interview. Overall, I think it was terrific. Have you considered writing a book about the new misogyny and your adventures researching and exposing it? I, for one, would love to read it. With your analyses of the cultures that provide fertile ground for this hatred and fear of women, it could even become a staple in women’s studies classes.

Oh, and off the subject, is the photo of the kid on the right of the screen you as a child? I have wanted to ask that since…well…forever. 🙂

Just had a thought – with the writings of so many on WHTM, there might be a book here as well.


Seconded. Write a book about the manosphere, David. Include a chapter detailing the history of it. Include a chapter about how you started tracking it. Inlcude a chapter describing the subcategories (e.g… MRA, MGTOW, PUA, Nice Guy/Incel, Neoreactionary/Dark Enlightenment, Biblical Womanhood, e.t.c…). Include a chapter describing the major websites. Include a chapter describing the major figures (e.g… Theodore Beale, Janet Bloomfield, Aaron Clarey, Paul Elam, Dean Esmay, Warren Farrell, Matt Forney, Stefan Molyneux, Marjan Siklic, Daryush Valizadeh, James C. Weidmann, e.t.c…). Include a chapter refuting their arguments. Include a chapter about hate mail and threats you’ve received. Include a big chapter about Anita, Zoe and gamers. Include lots and lots of quotes. And so on. You get the idea. More people need to know about these dickheads and what they’re like.

Excellent interview, which I see has brought out the usual MRA vermin in the comments section.

I too would love to see a book come from all of the work you’ve done on this site. If the Manosphere can do it then those who oppose them need to be refuting them in like manner.

Speaking of which, if anyone here has any book recs for that particular subject, ie internet misogyny, or the MRA, could you let me know. I work at a library, I could rec that we buy them.

David! You have more hair than I remember!

You’re just lucky I wasn’t drinking when I read that, LBT! New keyboards are expensive.


Oh, David has his book finished. He just hasn’t decided if the cover photo should be tits, ass, or vag.


I’m just laughing at the comments because… what in the fuck, really.

Seeing it “in the wild,” so to speak (besides my usual experiences gaming: hello, being called a bitch on her period because I left the group instead of “shut[ing] up and heal[ing]” in WoW) has just made me start laughing. These guys really are…

I can’t think of a word besides “pathetic”.

Aw, shucks. And thanks, everyone!

There will be a book. I just have to get my act together and write a proposal.

Finally got a chance to read the Vice article. It was good stuff.

And I’m adding my vote to the “book, please!” column. And the “wow, David’s cute!” column, too. 🙂

*Waits for trolls to come along and claim “objectification!” and “we knew Futrelle was in it for sex!”*

That’s a good photo of you, David! And I feel like the author bio on your review of “Angry White Men” mentioned you were working on a book (which I got really excited about, because I am a fangirl).

Solid interview. I’m a little surprised it hasn’t brought on a trollsplosion here.

David, I think the interview was well done and your answers, as always, are excellent.

Lordpabu, Thunderf00t – Busted is a rebuttal that points out several logic fallacies Thunderf00t makes in attacking Ms Sarkeesian’s latest on women as background decoration trope. It presents Thunderf00ts assertions, the fallacies (with definitions) he made and the evidence of what Ms Sarkeesian actually stated.

And he’s adorable! *pinched cute chubby wubby cheekies*.

And he has gonads (gonads can be male or female, so I’m not using misogynist language) and guts of titanium! He does all this research for hours everyday & is still SANE!!!

Thank you, David! You are awesome!

The interview read well. And then I went into the comments. MRAs really seem to have a “thing” about feminist academics being biased and therefore feminist academic research can’t be trusted.

Yes, because there is no such thing as supervision, creating theory to underpin hypotheses that are tested, peer review of journal articles.

Some of the STEM stuff I read published, sheesh. Bad design, results that can’t be interpreted because the design was stuffed up but the authors interpret the results in line with their biases anyways, and focusing on the damn version of the statistical software used to analyse the data instead of saying what *procedure* and *which options in the procedure* were used.

But yeah, only feminist academics are biased.

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