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T-Shirt Sale! 40% Off! One Day Only!

If you’ve been wanting to get a Man Boobz t-shirt, but are tight on funds, you can get one today for 40% off!

Just go to the Manboobz  Zazzle store and enter the code 12DAILYDEAL1.

Just for today! We’ve got Mammoths! We’ve got Cupcakes! We’ve got Cock Carousels!

See how happy JohnnyKaje is in the “We Hunted the Mammoth” shirt she designed! (I don’t know what happened to her face.) She also did the art for the Cock Carousel! And Shaenon K. Garrity did the cupcake! I’m going to order a second cupcake shirt because the first one got ripped!

Man Boobz t-shirts always get compliments!

You can buy other Man Boobz stuff, too, but most of it is only 15% off! Which is still a sale!

Man Boobz t-shirts make ideal stocking stuffers! If you like stuffing t-shirts into stockings! Which some of you might be into, I don’t know!

Profits go to Planned Parenthood!

13 replies on “T-Shirt Sale! 40% Off! One Day Only!”

They come in all sizes, plus you can get them as hoodies, aprons, baby onesies, etc etc.!

Sadly I’m in London, England and I don’t see anything about international postage so it looks like I’m screwed.
On second thoughts, my first sentence may be inappropriate given the intellectual level of the MRA bunch…

I ordered some to be sent to Australia and the postage was $12. You can go through the checkout and see how much postage will be before committing to anything.

Well I also only had to pay $12 postage to Australia. Unfortunately I must have just missed the one day deal cos it borked the discount code but hopefully the extra 40% will go to planned parenthood. All good if not and it keeps this site going!

I got myself a shirt from Zazzle a while ago and they sent me a coupon code for money off, I dunno if they stack or anything but if the sale’s over then um I guess I have a code that someone can have?

Actually I’m honestly not sure how I could give it to someone safely though? Any ideas ’cause I really don’t have the cash to be buying from Zazzle.

I keep bugging my husband, I need a key chain, I need a key chain. I moved back to the states, got all new keys… So now that I’m back I can also order things! Key chain coffee cup… anyway, excited for my new booty will probably sit down with Mark and order tomorrow.

So I ordered some shirts and 6 hours later they are being shipped. It’s cool and all, but how is it possible? Aren’t they print on demand? Do they have some printed already? OR are they just super efficient?

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