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Men’s Rights Redditor: “A man in the west in 2021 is no different from a Jew in Poland in 1940”

A group of anti-vaxxers caused a stir the other day by wearing yellow stars of David to a protest — suggesting that the alleged oppression they face is analogous to that faced by Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

Naturally, one Men’s Rights Redditor has done them one better, comparing men in general to Jews in 1940s Germany.

“A man in 2021 is a victim,” wrote Ok-Efficiency1842 in a post on the Men’s Rights subreddit.

That’s it. A man in the west in 2021 is no different from a Jew in Poland in 1940 or a Native American in Oklahoma in 1835.

Society hates you and it’s going to punish you for being born. You’re seen as a violent criminal and you’re treated like one no matter what good you do in the world.

The comment was so over-the-top that some of Mr. Efficiency’s Men’s Rights colleagues called foul. But his comment still got 10 net upvotes, suggesting that most of those who saw it saw nothing wrong with the comparison.

I took a stroll back through some of Mr. Efficiency’s other comments and posts on the subreddit and discovered that he has a lot of terrible takes, some just as, well, inspired as this one.

Here he incorporates slavery into the mix.

If I was a black slave in the 1840s south, I wouldn’t give a fuck what harsh words people had for the plantation owners. That’s exactly how men should feel about misogyny. Why should the Jews feel bad that someone called the Waffen SS office inferior or stupid?

Maybe if the Germans didn’t spend all their time oppressing and demonizing the Jews, the Jews would be a bit more respectful.

Men are illegal:

It’s straight-up illegal to just be a man in today’s society yet people still refuse to fight back.

Feminists constantly lie about oppression and mistreatment yet every gullible dipshit in the world believes the even as they rob the whole world blind.

Women can murder children while men are put in cages:

Men are punished for everything. Any mistake, even the smallest one, will destroy a man’s life.

While women can murder their own children and be celebrated as heroes.

The idea that women in the western world have problems that must be solved is complete and utter bullshit. They’re handed everything on a silver platter while men are rounded up and caged like animals.

Women instigate domestic violence because feminism?

Women instigate fights because feminism has made hitting a woman the ultimate sin in the eyes of the public.

Women hide behind feminism to do terrible things and our society allows it because they put women on a fucking pedestal. 

(That last comment got 74 upvotes in the Men’s Rights subreddit.)

Mass shootings are somehow the fault of feminism:

Don’t most mass shooters have a history of domestic violence? If you exclude them from getting the help they need, you can’t be shocked when they explode on the public.

Most mass shooting can be laid solely at the feet of feminism but that upsets a lot of people.

I think the mysterious group he’s referring to in this comment is feminists, but this is the internet so maybe he means Jews?

Men have problems because a certain group of people wants men to have problems. Id you try to solve male homelessness, guess what? A group of people will shut you down because men don’t need help according to these people and you know who I’m talking about.

You can not fix men’s problems without dealing with the people who created them and continue to enable these problems.

Uh, no one is stopping you from “solving” male homelessness, dude. Have at it.

He really hates feminism, huh?

Feminism has done something for men. It’s put an incredibly large number of us in prison and taken our jobs from us. That’s what feminism does for men.

I think the so-called War on Drugs has put a lot of men in prison. Especially men of color. Feminists have nothing to do with that.

It treats all men like predators and monsters then creates a legal system to punish men for simply existing. That should be the legacy of feminism but it’s not because the people in power continue to defend a hateful bitter supremacist movement that wants to subjugate men at all cost.

To wind things up, here’s an excerpt of a comment that Mr. Efficiency posted to the PussyPassDenied subreddit, which probably shouldn’t exist in the first place. It got 222 upvotes.

Women are not your friend, they want your job, they want your money, they want your house. That’s what #MeToo was about. Stealing everything men have built over the last five hundred years and guess what? It was successful. Men need to wake up.


Wait, wait, here’s a better one from the Men’s Rights subreddit, in a thread complaining that women have invaded the Formula One racing subreddit.

Every hobby has been taken over by women. They run the world and they use their sociopolitical power to exclude and discriminate against men.


In conclusion, Mr. Efficiency has got what is possibly the biggest victim complex of all times. Maybe take a break from Reddit, dude.

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Full Metal Ox
10 months ago

By the way: you know that International Men’s Day the usual captious critics clamor for every March 8th?

It’s today (on U.S. Eastern Time, it’s still November 19th.)

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Intergalactic Meani


Count me as another who enjoys hearing about your goddess lifestyle, even though I’m sure what I imagine you doing doesn’t compare to what it’s actually like. Then again, I’m not sure how I’d actually respond if I ever saw anything like what you described live; my social skills in how to react to that kind of art are severely lacking.

On the other hand, there are days when I’d like to turn into a shadow of your goddess character to deal with the a*****e customers I have to deal with sometimes. Like the jerks who refuse to hand over their licenses to me when I need to check them to sell liquor and cigarettes to them and insist on holding them several feet from my face instead because…their oh-so-delicate-and-fragile plastic licenses will curl up and die and transmit horribly lethal diseases to them if I do much as breathe on their precious IDs. But meanwhile me actually touching their beer, cigarettes, and change won’t transfer those same deadly diseases to them at all….

It almost sounds like what you’re planning now could turn into a stage magician show, what with all the mechanical wings and tails and things flying around your space. Only stage show I can come up with off the top of my head whose aesthetics would mesh with what you’ve described here would be Siegfried and Roy in the later parts of their careers, when they got enough clout to actually incorporate things like spaceships and fire-breathing dragons into their acts. Not to mention their steampunk-themed show, which was definitely something different in terms of style.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
10 months ago

I’m convinced that men who do housework willingly probably get more and more quality nookie. Because their partners aren’t as tired and don’t feel resentful about him sitting on the couch watching sports/playing games while she’s doing laundry, dishes, etc.

I thought this for many years before this book came out:

And there are cleaning services in many countries where the work’s done by shirtless buff men.

So, men, learn how to properly do the dishes, the laundry, and of course take out the garbage, and you might just get more even if you aren’t a stud.

At least pick up your own damn socks and underwear and put them in the hamper.

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
10 months ago

What book? The link is opaque alphanumeric gobbledegook. The title isn’t in there anywhere, at least not in a human-readable form.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
10 months ago


I hate how my husband does the laundry. he doesn’t sperate out colors and he puts jeans in with the towels. He’s banished from the laundry room.

10 months ago

@ Elaine The Witch

At the risk of outting myself as someone who also cannot properly do laundry, what difference does any of that make?

I see this as simply survival of the fittest. If a given item of clothing is so fragile it cannot survive a washing machine, or being washed with the wrong colors, then it was clearly too weak to live anyway. Best to put it out of its misery sooner rather than later.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
10 months ago


are you my husband?

10 months ago

I also put jeans in with towels with everything else.

Fortunately for my hypothetical partner, they are hypothetical.

Men might be a little bit spoiled in the clothes department, which enables this sort of casual lazy. Sturdier fabrics (so less ‘crud I washed this wrong and now it is transparent/ripped/2 sizes to small/neckline stretched to infinity’) + less people paying detailed attention to whether the stained carhardts are a little more wavy than usual or the whites are a smidge blue.

Not all men, and not all women, of course. One guy that I work with seems like he dry cleans his clothes every week, or something. But that’s not the typical where I am?

10 months ago

@ Elaine The Witch

No I am not your husband. I would remember marrying a goth mermaid that does ballet. 😀

@ Contrapangloss

Well, it might be casually lazy of me to seek out and experiment with various shirts and pants to see which ones shrink too much in the wash and are worth buying more than one item of, but I manage. I also keep the stained work clothes such as jeans and overshirts seperate from the clean chinos and dress shirts, thank you.

(I’m not offended per se, but I do hate the stereotype that having a penis means I don’t give a shit about my appearance and can’t be bothered with routine housework or taking care with things like clothing. It is a certain irony here that my mother, a woman, was the one to teach me appearances don’t matter, and only in recent years have I started to rebel and dress better.)

10 months ago


That’s definitely why I ended with “Not all men.” And I didn’t mean to imply that all men don’t give a hoot about their appearance, and I’m sorry for wording it clumsily.

I mean to imply that men’s clothing everyday wear clothing tends to be more durable, and that people don’t tend to police men’s appearances quite as much for daily wear, which sometimes results in people with the more durable clothing not thinking twice about tossing socks, jeans, underwear, casual shirts, and towels all in the same load every so often… because they (the clothes) can survive it without crossing the “and now you cannot be worn without me looking like I cannot dress myself” boundary.

Dress/fancy/business clothes are fussy for everyone. I think. Haven’t really explored the differences there.

I have way too many opinions about casual clothing materials and designs, so I’m throwing the rest of this under a cut.

Clothing Gripes – Durability being Gendered is Stupid
Speaking from my own experience: Women’s jeans shrink a LOT more in the wash, and often started falling apart on me (or wearing holes in unfortunate places) within 6 months. Without changing washing behavior, my current pairs (dude-jeans from Costco) are still perfectly fine and happy. Similar with daily wear generic polo shirts (women’s section v. men’s). Similar with T-shirts for SOME REASON I CANNOT FATHOM WHAT THE HECK.

I tried to get clothing when I was shopping in the women’s section that would last long with my washing habits and activity levels. Literally over a decade trying to get clothes from the local box store that would last long and not need ironing, but would still be appropriate for my activities. I failed. It probably can be done, but I wasn’t sharp enough to figure it out.

I had so many people ask me if I was okay, because my ‘wrinkle free’ marketed shirt had some wrinkles or my polo collar was wavy from the cotton knit of the shirt shrinking disproportionately to the collar, or stupid stuff like that, so they assumed I must be either be dowdy or depressed.

Now that I’m not shopping as much in the women’s section, wardrobe costs have dropped from washing machine induced clothing murder, and I have way fewer people dropping tones of extreme concern for my mental state on account of wrinkles. Or minor stains. I still try not to wander around with minor stains, but nobody does the “Oh honey, are you okay” thing to me anymore if I screw up, which is NICE.

It’s been like a birthday twice over: my clothes last longer without looking terrible AND nobody but me gives a hoot (or if they do, they don’t tell me about it which I’ll take), without me modifying my laundry detergent or fiddling with settings.

It’s so nice, man.

Your mileage may vary? Or my clothes stores just REALLY sucked?

Alan Robertshaw
10 months ago

@ contrapangloss

I wear ladies’ jeans. The hippy shop in town manages to sell new VS ones for £2.50; and flares is a good silhouette for me (I like to delude myself)

Buy yeah, the weird thing is they always say to wash inside out cause they can’t handle a regular wash.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
10 months ago

I am ok with towels and jeans together, but we usually save up enough of each for a load. I had to teach my husband how to properly do laundry but he’s got it figured out now.

@Contrapangloss: I too buy mostly men’s clothes for the same reason — cheaper and sturdier. And it certainly doesn’t matter in sweatpants! I have exclusively been wearing men’s jeans during the pandemic since they stand up to frequent washing in hot water so much better.

Alan Robertshaw
10 months ago

Ooh, housework makes you live longer apparently. That’s me stuffed then.

epitome of incomrepehensibility

@Alan – I wash all shirts and pants inside out. Was taught that way. Dunno if it makes a difference with most things, except for not fading if you hang them to dry outside.

@Contrapangloss – Jeans and business pants are OK for me (just that it’s annoying to iron the latter). My problem is with stretchy pants never lasting, unless they’re fleecy types that only stretch at the waist. But most of the clothes I buy are secondhand except for socks and underwear.

Oh yeah, another annoying thing is socks wearing out so soon. I don’t know whether men’s socks are more durable or not.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
10 months ago

I don’t really wear jeans because I’m too short and skinny. I don’t fit into adult size pants. Only jeans I fit in are those marketed to teenagers and it’s still hard to find ones that aren’t long. I do have some jeggings. but they have to be washed on cold and on gentle. So mostly for me it’s dresses, shorts, leggings, yoga pants, and skirts.

vilena feathers
vilena feathers
10 months ago

Im pretty sure the cure to their lonliness is to look less threatening and to be better friends platonically. they wouldnt be lonely anymore. standing in the way of that is their constant horniness and the body odors that come from it. in the middle of all that is them feeling physically ill if they try to be just friends. its quite an intrenched problem. bune does not know how to help them. buneho has tried, and failed, was even hurt by them in trying to help. i think its a long journey for them to become people who are harmless enough to be good friends with. those who wish to try are uncertain if its possible. they dont know how, because theyve been chasing numbers for so long. i cant explain it, ages ago, bun tried to do just that journey, immediately their own biology made bun feel dizzy and ill or cold and sweaty. it really sucked. I actually became trans and pharmacy made it a lot easier to be harmless. bun and i have ALL the friends now. not sharin’ =O..O=

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