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Men are oppressed by cartoon women driving guys around in cars, incel insists

Cartoon women: Destroying men by driving them places

By David Futrelle

Over on, one prolific commenter is losing it over a dire new threat to men: cartoon girls and women driving guys around in cars, thus “driver’s licence mogging” them. (That is, out-alpha-ing guys without driver’s licenses.)

[Serious] Being driver licence mogged by anime girls
Today at 7:11 AM

JoinedNov 2, 2018
Today at 7:11 AM
This has become so common. There are plenty of ''sensei'' animations out there. Most likely some beta guy falls in love with the teacher and eventually for some reason the female is driving him, like he is some toddler and she is his mother. It is absolutely pathetic. What has men become to that they even think about something like this? That they are able to draw and animate something like this? I would rather kill myself.
Just like ''Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai''. I only watched a YouTube video of it. I immediately recognized the content. Then it was clear to me that the male protagonist will be driver licence mogged by the female teacher at some point. I skipped the video a bit and there it was. My fear I had, has become reality.
Why is this keep happening? I am absolute sure that they want to destroy men completely. This universe is there only to mock me.

In a followup comment, he blamed the current epidemic of “women driving men around on tv shows” on … Playboy magazine.

It started slowly with Playboy. They put some naked female next to a car. Eventually this female was inside of that car. At this point the situation will become more cucked over time. Then they spread this on media, movies and series. You cannot escape it. It was visible everywhere. Female teenage driving everywhere while the male protagonist is on the passenger seat like a little cuck.

It must be so tiring to be this oppressed by imaginary things all the time.

H/T — Thanks to BrazilianSigma in r/IncelTears for spotting this one.

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64 replies on “Men are oppressed by cartoon women driving guys around in cars, incel insists”


Plus if you don’t really have any idea how things outside your experience works, it’s easy to take what you see in your favorite choice of media as what’s true. Which explains a lot of the weirdass stuff incels believe: they take porn comics as gospel about sexual and relationship matters, instead of the overexaggerated erotic stuff they’re meant to be.

It think it’s more a matter of believing what you wish to believe — that men are in complete charge of everything in the world, and if they’re not they damn well should be — than not having any idea how things outside your experience work.

My evidence: books, movies, newspapers, magazines, websites, TV shows, radio shows, parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, classmates, friends, acquaintances, strangers on the street, teachers, textbooks, religious instructors, Scout leaders, YMCA instructors. Yeah, I could go on and on.


Uh, what? No.

I have no idea where you get your definition of “lolicon” from, but in my over a decade experience with anime fandom, everyone who had ever used the word meant “child porn”.

The novel Lolita isn’t “tangential” to the term, “lolicon” was derived from it.

Also, other fandom terms for genres, ending with “-con”, were devised since (ex. “shotacon”), and they invariably mean “child porn”.

If you are in any way sincere, I would suggest you stop bending over backwards arguing that a term used by so many people to mean pedophilic content is in fact fine and dandy. It makes you look hella sleazy.


Someone was telling me the other day that government is out to kill us. I had no clue what she was talking about and no idea how to respond, so i asked for examples. She then stsrted talking sbout how evergone gets cancer now and she never heard about cancer growing up 50 years ago and everyone smokes cigarettes in China and there has only been one case of cancer in China.

I have no clue how she came to believe all of that nonsense, but a quick google search confirmed there is indeed a lot of cancer in China. So maybe the entire insane belief system was based on one fact she misheard? I don’t even know.

My great grandmother will be relieved to know that she didn’t die of breast cancer back in the 1960s after all!

Cancer is what’s left once all the other causes of death have become less deadly.

(also, writer Fanny Burney will be upset to know her mastectomy in 1811 with no anesthetic* was unnecessary.)

* Her letter describing it is googlable, but CW for all the obvious reasons, plus a novelist’s eye for the details that make it clear her surgical team (who were probably the best in Europe at the time) were themselves horrified at what they were having to do to save her life.


Well, to be fair, some parts of the government ARE trying to kill some of us. It was Paul Ryan’s declared lifelong dream, and he was Speaker of the House for years.

I would also like to agree that lolicon is very, very far from okay
It is not an expression of femininity or female sexuality or childhood. And quite a few women are drawn into it initially believing that to be true. That the same ways in which exotic dancing can be done on feminist terms so too can lolli. But it isn’t the same.
Even for adult women Lolli requires the suspension of agency, voice, and personality. Lolli is about being lolli. And very few women actually find that experience to be empowering.
I have close friends who sell and market lolli apparel. One is actually pretty fucking famous for it, but in recent years she made the switch to selling tshirts and modern skirts with tiny lolli details instead of actual Victorian vomit dresses. Death threats out the fucking gate. Not from the women who shopped in her store but from the endless volumes of men who visited her shop to masturbate to the images.
If there is indeed an area of lolli that is expressive or artistic I am still out to find it. Lolli art is almost inherently problematic, for extremely obvious reasons. Lolli writing almost ALWAYS involves actual child characters. Even when these characters aren’t literally having sex, they are highly sexualized.
Lolli has been chewed over back and forth by the larger anime/otaku/weeb community and continually gets tossed back as creepy exploitative bullshit. Most anime fans don’t fuck with lolli. And in a community that is already a bit of a joke, turning to others within and being able to know WHO is helping give you a bad name is important.
It’s probably most critical to talk to the anime fans that are forced to rub shoulders with this crowd all the time for their perspective. We know a lot about them and none of it is good. But these people also do Lolli all day. They are the ones writing long blog posts extolling potential virtues to lolli by using the language of marginalized communities to make it seem like it could be one too. To talk about Lolli enough that it starts to seem like human expression and innocent sexuality when in reality more Lolli forums are talking about how the rest of the worlds rules against fucking kids are so outdated and fascist. And the same dudes who will fight over 8 year old anime characters to prove who really gets her as waifu. The same dudes that made a lot of women I know stop going to cons because the one year they all decided to go as Lollis (lmao I did not) was the year we dealt with more groping, harassment, and pushing than any year before BY FAR. We always share a hotel room with like 6 women and hardly spend any time there. But that whole year we kept having to head back upstairs to file reports with con security (who could not help) and to try and cheer each other up to go back out on the dealer floor without being afraid.
When you dress Lolli men believe they can control you. If you aren’t taking a picture in the right pose, they will move your limbs. And they will not ask. Hands up hoop skirts is common.
God. I could go on forever. I am so horrified to see Lolli’s attempts at legitimacy have reached this site, a site I hope will see through that.

Little did the “Last German” know, the cuckery was already complete. For men had once swung their way through forests with a mighty axe. But now, the only tests for manhood are pulling triggers on boom boom sticks with their booger pickers or groping the round turny swivel device in their car while sitting on their ass. The feminist plot has won again!!!!

I wanted to extend sincere apologies to everyone for my earlier comments as they have been, upon reflection in retrospect; completely messed up and that whatever understanding I may have had making them at the time on the subject was ill informed and likely misinformation and enabling of horrendous crap that, at best, only a dingus would ramble on about without critically considering.

I will be sure to not enable such rhetoric or misinformation in the future and self correct myself immediately.

The blog and people here are doing an important service in calling out bs and propagating more bad crap in the world is the last thing I want to do. My actions and reasoning, all the same; was not excusable, but I will ensure never to repeat them again. Because I want to try and make the world better, not worse… and my words and reasoning’s, to that end, were undermining that overall intent.

They’re accusing PLAYBOY of cucking men? That’s when you gone past the goal and run around to score on your own goal.

I don’t mind my wife doing all the driving…except her ‘road head’ terrifies me.

The real answer to “why is she driving him, and not the other way around?” is that you can’t even get a driver’s license in Japan until you’re 18. Essentially no Japanese high school students will ever have or even need one, given the high cost of car ownership and the quality of public transportation over there — this isn’t Suburban White Flight America where car culture reigns supreme.

Also, I recently saw the episode in question (season 1, episode 11), and thought it deserved further scrutiny. The manga and anime known as “We Never Learn” in English fit squarely within the “harem” genre, where the male lead — usually a bland, milquetoast “nice guy” that serves as an audience self-insert character — gains the attention and affections of three or more female characters, without tremendous effort on his part. Often accompanied by “hilarious” pratfalls where he literally stumbles into physical contact with them, accidentally sees them in states of undress, etc.. In other words, it’s a genre fully designed for straight-male wish fulfillment, particularly for lonely males who haven’t had much/any romantic or sexual success with women, and yet this guy is still finding things to complain about and feeling oppressed.

Getting back to this specific series, the smart/loner male lead finds himself tutoring some of his female classmates to shore up their academic deficiencies, and also happens across an older girl and recent graduate of his school. He also spends some time with his twentysomething teacher, who in ep 11 finds herself dressed in her old schoolgirl uniform for Reasons. Over the course of the episode, our hero gets to save her from police questioning her attire, goes on an errand with her to the school during summer vacation (hence the driving), cuddles up close to her as he runs interference with other students who might see her, treats her to ice cream in a park, then pretends to make out with her to avoid detection when some of his other love interests show up. It was all very much par for the course; the driving element was an extremely minor detail.

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