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Montana anti-drag law used to shut down talk by trans speaker

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The Butte Public Library has canceled a talk on the history of LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit people in Montana, citing a new anti-drag law with language so (deliberately?) broad and vague that it could easily be applied to trans people like the scheduled speaker.

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Graham Norton driven off Twitter after saying we should talk to trans people, not celebrities, about trans issues

So Graham Norton’s Twitter account has disappeared. Norton, the popular UK talk show host was last seen offering some seemingly uncontroversial opinions on trans issues that somehow did not meet the approval of Harry Potter mega-author and trans antagonist J.K. Rowling.

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Scott Adams implies Dilbert was “cancelled” in 77 papers for taking on “woke” corporations. But the papers also dumped Blondie, Mr. Boffo, The Family Circus, and Ziggy

Where he belongs

Yesterday, Scott Adams the Dilbert Guy brought us some truly tragic news:

cancel culture drag queens transphobia

Alleged “Free Speech Union” wants to ban Drag Queen Story Hour, calling it a “trojan horse for radical gender theory”

Drag Queen coming for your children! Oh, wait, it’s just a pantomime dame. False alarm!

The UK’s badly misnamed “Free Speech Union” wants drag queens to be forbidden from reading children’s books to children in libraries and schools. In a recent post on LinkedIn, of all places, the group warns that drag queens are “trojan horses” for “radical gender theory,” which they somehow infect young children with while reading them “Little Bunny Foo Foo.”

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Right-wing writers rush to defend pro-racist anti-vaxxer Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton still hasn’t properly apologized for an onstage racist rant

Eric Clapton is in the news again not for his guitar playing but for the financial and logistical support he’s given to a group of anti-vax/anti-lockdown musicians who travel about the UK singing songs about “poison” vaccines and the like.

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“No Time to Die” director acknowledges that James Bond was a rapist, and Reddit’s right-wing culture warriors cry foul

Dr. Won’t Tale No For an Answer

We need to talk about James Bond. The debonair master spy and mass seducer of women is looking a lot less charming today than he did back in his glory days in the 1960s and 1970s. As any relatively conscious person who’s watched an older Bond film in recent years can tell you, Bond was less a seducer than a straight up rapist — tricking, blackmailing and sometimes physically forcing women to have sex with him.

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No, Jane Austen isn’t getting canceled for drinking a nice cup of tea

We return now to the ongoing culture war. This time we will take a close look at the alleged cancellation of Jane Austen for the crime of drinking tea.

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Right-wingers are losing it over a “demonic” gay-friendly cereal from Kellogg’s

Cereal giant Kellogg’s is teaming up with GLAAD to launch a new limited-edition LGBTQ-themed cereal called Together With Pride.

Really? Yes, really.

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