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MGTOWs celebrate the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in their own inimitable way

Somehow it’s always all about them

Some Men Going Their Own Way are reacting to news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death with a certain malicious glee. “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead,” writes one fellow in the MGTOW subreddit. “HAHAHA prayers do work, now let’s end abortion,” responds another.

But others in the MGTOW world are taking the discussion into, well, some rather unusual places. Consider this exchange:

megachrispercent 39 points 20 hours ago 
And the "conservative" women that scream "save the children" are saying we have to "respect her" because she died since she "paved the way for women in politics."

Yeah, she's responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn babies and was a staunch feminist, but you "conserrrrvative" women keep acting like she was some icon.


[–]ncarolina66 12 points 19 hours ago 
She was an icon......she conned a whole generation of women to believe it's perfectly okay to murder their baby's in order to keep their swimsuit bodies.


[–]PyroPowder 5 points 19 hours ago 
Female own group preference, nothing more. They would rather be around a cunt and be a cunt than be around and nice to genuinely nice guys.

Apparently the big constitutional issue now in the wake of Ginsburg’s death is whether women should be allowed to be, er, cunts to “genuinely nice guys” like, presumably, Mr. PyroPowder here.

And then there’s this guy, who seems more than a little preoccupied with exactly who the ladies allow to come inside of them.

UpshotKnotholeEncore 12 points 18 hours ago 
I was just reading some of the comments over on /r/TwoXChromosomes/ about this news. Wow, so much of it is concern for their abortion rights. So many of them just want lots of careless sex with losers, but don't want politics to interfere and actually give them consequences.

I'm close to just giving up on Reddit. Every sub is infected with feminism in some way. I was active on /r/ChildSupport because it's a legit subject that's dear to me. But, I swear to God, the sub should be renamed /r/I-Let-A-Loser-Cum-Inside-Me-And-Now-I-Want-To-Profit

Dudes, I thought you were all “going your own way.” Why should you care who women sleep with? Why do you care if they’re nice to “nice guys?” Why does everything always have to be about you?

Also, Mr. Upshot, if you don’t want women “profiting” from child support, why don’t you support abortion rights? You’re not even making sense by your own absurd standards. I thought you were supposed to be the logical ones.

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2 years ago



I’ve now decided to avoid using the frontends associated with those websites (I’m using, and I may still be giving Reddit, YouTube and Twitter traffic but not without their tracking cookies giving them revenue. They’ve profited from misogyny, religious fundamentalism and homophobia and I want to bite the hand that is feeding me a large quantity of the internet’s content.

I ideally and otherwise should avoid going on those reactionary sites at all.

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2 years ago

Can I ask a quick question as a non-American? I keep reading that if the Republicans do push through a nominee then it would be “Trump’s third pick for the Supreme Court.”

I know of the replacement for Justice Scalia, but who was the second and when did this happen?

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
2 years ago

@ sunnysombrera

Neil Gorsuch for Antonin Scalia

Brett Kavanaugh for Anthony Kennedy (6 October 2018)

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Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
2 years ago

After Gorsuch was nominated, they blackmailed Justice Kennedy into retiring and then nominated gang-rapist Brett Kavanaugh to replace him. I seem to recall there was a bit of a minor kerfuffle of controversy at the time …

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