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With great ideas like this, I’m sure you will be losing your virginity any day now

11 angry men await their turn at the Reddit virgin orgy

This fellow has a unique plan to lose not only his own virginity but the virginity of 11 of his best buds as well. And all they need for this plan to work is just one willing virgin of the female persuasion.

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Chad tech guru blames Reddit incels for sending GameStop’s stock to the moon

This marketing professor will beat up your marketing professor

So you’ve heard about the whole GameStop thing, right? The denizens of a stock trading subreddit have collectively levitated the stock price of troubled game retailer GameStop up roughly a kajillion percent since last fall, screwing over several hedge funds that were betting on the company’s stock going down the toilet. (You can get all the gory details of what’s going on here.)

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This Nice Guy has some complaints about the sex distribution system

Please, miss, just a crumb?

Ah, the Nice Guy, perpetually confused that women aren’t vending machines that dole out a serving of sex for every five kindness tokens you insert in them.

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Remember “Enforced Monogamy?” Nazi misogynist Andrew Anglin shows us just how ugly it could be

Andrew Anglin thinks his version of enforced monogamy will lead to bumper crops of babies

By David Futrelle

Jordan “Women are Chaos” Peterson got into a bit of hot water a couple of months back when he told a reporter for the New York Times that some sort of “enforced monogamy” might be necessary to make sure the supply of women is properly distributed amongst the male population.

empathy deficit entitled babies incels irony alert men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny rape rape culture rape is good actually redistribution of sex

Incel: “Women should not be allowed out without a man”

Uh oh! This one’s escaping!

By David Futrelle

On, a hangout for some of the internet’s most hopeless involuntary celibates, one young fellow has come up with a simple yet ingenious answer to the Woman Question — that question being “why do these women keep having sex with guys other than the angry woman-hating weirdos who populate sites like”

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Hot new Jordan Peterson music video drops!

Angry Jordan Peterson fans react to someone saying something vaguely critical about him on Twitter. (Artist’s conception. The fans are the giant monster, BTW)

By David Futrelle

A reader alerted me to this hot new Jordan Peterson video. No, not a video of him going on about women being chaos or “cultural marxists” trying to destroy civilization with gay marriage and trans pronouns. No, this is a song about Peterson and what a shit he is.

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Here’s a new one: “Bisexuality is an attack on men”

Woman preparing to waste precious sex units on another woman (not pictured)

By David Futrelle

Last night, some anonymous dude — and I’m pretty sure it was a dude — sent a curious (cat) message to a woman I follow on Twitter:

aggrieved entitlement crackpottery empathy deficit entitled babies incel irony alert jordan "slappy" peterson men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny rape rape culture redistribution of sex sex sexual inequality

Incels: We shouldn’t pay taxes because women’s bodies are a “public good” that we don’t get access to

How incels see taxes

By David Futrelle

Pity the poor incels, who are not only oppressed by snooty women who refuse to have sex with them just because they’re “pretty sure this guy would murder me and use my skin to make a fedora,” but also have to pay taxes.

empathy deficit entitled babies incel men who should not ever be with women ever rape culture rape is good actually reddit redistribution of sex sexual exploitation

Women should be treated like farm animals: The MaleForeverAlone subreddit files, Part 1

The cure for inceldom?

By David Futrelle

The MaleForeverAlone subreddit describes itself as “a support group for people who lack romantic relationships and sex, but mostly geared towards those lacking a girlfriend or seeking marriage.”

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