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Creepiest “Friend Zone” meme I’ve seen in a long time

Wait, what?

And this is why the notion of the “friend zone” is so damn toxic.

The comment below the meme seems pretty accurate to me, though.

H/T — r/GamerGhazi

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I suspect I’ve linked this before (but it’s always new to somebody):

An Alberta judge (Associate Chief Justice John D. Rooke) called these ‘Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument (OPCA)’ Litigants, and wrote a nice long description of his findings about them in hopes that other judges would be able to more easily recognize and head off these people before they clog up the court systems any more.

Here’s commentary on it from a local University’s Law faculty, with links to the documents and the original case:

@ jenora

Thanks for that. It’s very similar (may even have been some cross fertilisation) to the guidance here.

If they were just messing their own lives up it perhaps wouldn’t matter; other than they waste limited resources better spent on more worthy cases. However it’s dis-heartening when they ensnare vulnerable people in their web. They have no real concern of course for their plight. Such people are just vessels for their pointless crusade. It is of course hard for courts to rescue people from that. The FOTLs just tell them it’s all part of a plot to deprive them of their ‘help’.

In a way it’s like how incels and their ilk recruit some genuinely vulnerable people who might be given some actual useful advice if they hadn’t been lead down the garden path.

That’s why I think they’re nasty rather than just annoying.

I didn’t watch much of Laci’s videos, so never saw the problematic ones, but the ones I did see were well done, production-wise, and she looked like she was having fun and putting out some useful stuff. Shame there were warning signs I never paid attention to.

Mostly just disappointed that another person was told, ‘that’s kind of a dick thing to say’, and responded, ‘yep, I’m a total dick.’

I saw a video posted a while back by a Sovereign Citizen. He was recording himself waiting to go into a courtroom. When he attempted to enter while still recording, the bailiff instructed him to shut it off. The SovCit attempted to cast Confuse Lesser Servitor, using authentic SovCit Bafflegab©®™, and succeeding in recording himself getting TASERed.

It makes me wonder, though; some huckster tells you about a Magic Formula that brings you wealth and immunity from the legal system, but said huckster clearly doesn’t have either of those things himself. Yet you believe.

The ideology of 4chan is a sort of postmodernist post-left libertarian individualist anarcho-socialism with fascist sympathies that rabidly opposes modern “identity politics” and attempts to enforce societal decency. Channers tend to support single payer healthcare and universal basic income, so that people can do whatever they want (though regular 4chan users are from well-off white families, so they’re aware Trump and the Republicans won’t do anything that really hurts them). But destroying the “SJW Menace” and “identity politics” is much more important to them than anything else.

A big part of 4channers’ radical libertarianism is that they believe the First Amendment means they can say whatever they want, and activities like stalking, doxing, and SWATing are part of protected speech. They have a strongly Sovereign Citizen-esque view of all that, so they appear convinced that the courts will eventually agree with them.

I saw a video posted a while back by a Sovereign Citizen. He was recording himself waiting to go into a courtroom. When he attempted to enter while still recording, the bailiff instructed him to shut it off. The SovCit attempted to cast Confuse Lesser Servitor, using authentic SovCit Bafflegab©®™, and succeeding in recording himself getting TASERed.

I remember that. There’s also this one floating around:

Yes, but we *women*, sorry I mean females, are the entitled ones. Sure buddy…sure. Now excuse me while I go watch videos of purring Jews as brain-bleach and become closer to genociding the white race due to falling prey to their diabolical cuteness.

@Bina: I second that!

Mostly OT, but…am I the only one who does double-takes every time I see the info redaction in the post image?


[…] other than they waste limited resources better spent on more worthy cases.

That’s bad enough. There have been enough cases here lately where people have successfully petitioned the courts based on ‘justice delayed is justice denied’.

I’ve heard the term ‘cargo cult law’ bandied about, just as Richard Feynmann used to talk about ‘cargo cult science’: people who only understand the outer trappings of what they’re trying to do, and have no understanding of WHY it works; they treat the whole thing as some sort of magic spell where if they do the outer aspects of a thing they will get the result they want.

As for the ‘vessels for their pointless crusade’, that’s why the ruling I referred to above did a lot of focus on the ‘gurus’ who teach this sort of thing, and get money to tell other people how to (mis)use the courts. Of course, just like a lot of ‘psychics’, there are a number of people who start off understanding that they’re frauds and yet still manage to eventually convince themselves through their string of ‘successes’ that they really are doing something magical. There have been at least a couple of cases of the gurus going into court themselves on behalf of their clients who probably went down that particular path.

It’s my understanding that the peculiar feature of the Canadian version of this delusion contains the idea that if you spell your name with a random use of upper and lower case — i.e., joHn sMItH — for some reason the government won’t be able to figure out who you are.

In the US, some people believe that in the late 1800’s Congress was hard up for cash and made a deal with some British banks (= Rothschild = Da Jooz), so that now most of our tax money goes to them. Somehow the law that incorporated Washington, DC as a city (it was previously run directly by Congress, which still can overrule the local government) contained this deal. We know about this deal because printed copies of the Constitution are titled “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES” — the use of all capitals is held to be very significant, and believers point to the fact that the text of the document reads “We the People … do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Somehow the change of preposition makes all the difference. I don’t pretend to understand the “logic.”

People do believe this stuff. One of the strangest examples was Lynda Lyon Block. She and her husband were executed in Alabama for killing a policeman in a gun battle initiated by the husband, after he failed to convince the cop that he didn’t need a drivers’ license in Alabama, since in his view the state didn’t exist legally, because in his opinion the process by which it was taken back into the Union after the Civil War was not constitutional. Both of them refused to offer any defense to the murder charge and refused to cooperate with their court-appointed lawyer, claiming that since Alabama had no legal government the policeman was basically no more than a random citizen that they had killed in self-defense. Block went so far as to refuse any appeal to the federal courts that might have prevented her execution on the grounds that Alabama was not part of the United States and therefore the federal courts had no jurisdiction. In one sense, she was willing to die for these beliefs.

@ jenora

We have the same principle here; and it’s also enshrined in our Human Rights Act. It’s not such a big problem though within the criminal justice system. The courts are stretched, but they can usually get trials on within a reasonable period of time. It’s also the case that mere delay per se isn’t enough. You have to show you’ve been disadvantaged in some way, eg by witnesses no longer being available. If you’re in custody though for more than 112 days the court has to consider (but not necessarily grant) bail.

The big problem with FOTLs is in the civil court system. Judges now though are encouraged to be much more robust in case management. Rule One (literally) of our civil procedure is something called ‘the over-riding objective’. That gives a judge an inherent discretion to do whatever they want to “do justice” having regards to things like proportionality in the use of court time and resources.

They use that a lot to just boot FOTL cases out right at the start before there’s even a hearing. They can also use it to restrict cargo cult law (love that) gurus from ‘assisting’. They don’t have rights of audience anyway, but now they can stop them from even talking to their ‘clients’.

ETA @ gosjm – we’ve never had anything that far. But there’s plenty of them who’ve ended up in prison rather than pay (or even legitimately challenge) an 80 quid traffic fine. They still somehow regard that as a victory though.

@Alan: I used to know a guy who took particular pleasure in throwing his beer bottles out the car window when he had finished the contents. As a practical matter that was useful to keep from being stopped by the cops with a car full of empties, but he seemed to think that somehow every bottle thrown was some sort of blow struck against the System. I’m guessing the guys going to jail rather than paying the fine were doing the same thing on a slightly more sophisticated scale.

I don’t know about the whole government, but if you randomly capitalize your name, there are certainly databases that won’t know who you are.

@Katz: When my wife and I married, she just added my whole name after hers on her tax return. (She did not change her family name.) For several years, the IRS kept telling us that they had no record of me, because their system distributed the first person’s family name as the second person’s as well, and therefore treated my family name as my middle name and her family name as my family name.

I suspect even most fairly unsophisticated databases these days could handle random capitalizaton of names, but there may have been a time when the dodge worked. Even then, I’m sure no courts were fooled.

I’m pretty sure “friends” means something different to these buffoons. They make no sense, but I’m sure they are attracting tons of women with this mating ritual where they hate on the entire gender of the people they want more than anything to love them. /s

May I suggest then that these creeps tell the women they are pursuing that they are only pretending to be their friends? Then not only will they end up with no sex (as that was never on the cards), but they’ll have no friendship either. Problem solved 🙂

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