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This Nice Guy has some complaints about the sex distribution system

Please, miss, just a crumb?

Ah, the Nice Guy, perpetually confused that women aren’t vending machines that dole out a serving of sex for every five kindness tokens you insert in them.

Here’s yet another Nice Guy, captured in the wild by a commenter on the Nice Guys subreddit, expressing his indignation over what he sees as a terrible breakdown in the pussy-distribution infrastructure.

Dude, just stop. Have some respect for women, and some respect for yourself. The world doesn’t run on pity sex; never has. And that’s a good thing.

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Jezebel Blue
Jezebel Blue
2 years ago

On one hand these men want to be able to “borrow to some pussy”, but when they want to marry she better be a virgin. I find certain male minds awfully contradictory.

occasional reader
occasional reader
2 years ago

Uh, my eyes need a revision. I was reading a “burrow of kitties” and was thinking, well, what is wrong with that ?

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