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Only the death of feminism will make me feel good about my dick, MRA explains

You and me both, baby!

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So this is definitely one of the stranger posts I’ve ever seen on the Men’s Rights subreddit, which is really saying something, and I’m inclined to say that it’s all bullshit. I mean, I don’t necessarily doubt the body dysmorphia; I doubt the explanation. And I suspect you will too.

I’d be curious what you all make of it, especially trans folks.

Here’s the post, titled “TW need to rant/vent misandry induced gender dysphoria.”

Uggh, where do I begin with this one. This is something I should’ve written a long time ago, but here we go. Since I was a child, I’ve always had this inclination that society saw women as morally superior and men as morally degenerate or inferior.

Well, some people do. And some people think of women as “degenerate or inferior,” as attested to by the 4827 posts on this blog (among other places).

As I entered puberty, this became more pervasive as I developed facial hair and chest hair, characteristics of the evil male aggressor. In society the penis is seen as disgusting and evil and the vagina is seen as whole and pure. I mean fuck, people refer to the penis as junk and to the vagina as cucci/gucci.

Yeah, no one has ever said anything bad about the vagina. No women ever feel anything but 100 percent positive about their bodies.

I began to see my male body as disgusting.

Ok, sure, a lot of people, including boys and men, have body issues. I just don’t think it’s because people call the penis “junk.”

All of this changed when I learned about feminist revisionist history.

Hold on. Prepare yourself for a deluge of bullshit.

I learned about how women were not oppressed throughout history. I learned about how the vote was related to the draft and how women could and did own property. I learned about the skimmington ride and riding the donkey backwards and how men who were beaten by their wives were punished while dv against women was never tolerated. I learned about made to penetrate and the truth about DV.

So he swallowed that “Red Pill,” I guess.

In addition to all of this, some other things I thought about were how women also have armpit hair and ass hair, which men also have.


The male body is never praised but is seen as inherently immoral.

Tell that to the ancient greeks.

Women never praise men for their bodies or tell them how beautiful they are.

Not true.

My last two posts were about how men have no reproductive doctor. Women have one but men don’t. So if the morally sound gender has a reproductive doctor, then the morally unsound gender does not.

No, it’s just that cis men have less complicated reproductive health needs than cis women, what with cis women being the ones who can make an entire new human being inside their body.

I learned that worldwide, despite what most people think, there are more boys out of school than girls and in many developing nations women are equally violent towards their partners and the majority of sexual abuse and rape victims are boys.


Men don’t get any free STD testing but the morally sound gender does.

Nope. Men can get free or cheap STD testing just like women.

Men have just as many reproductive problems as women but no specialist.

Now you’re repeating yourself.

Despite knowing all this, I wonder, would I be seen as more virtuous if I had a vagina?

Oh dear. Prepare for an even bigger flood of bullshit.

I feel as the only way for this dysphoria to go away would be for the feminist system to be exposed, all lies about women’s oppression throughout history debunked and holding women accountable.

MRAs really love “holding women accountable.” But for what? Not agreeing with MRA bullshit?

Feminist propaganda, all of which is lies are rampant in our society. If I saw ads such as “teach her young, a DV awareness PSA” I would begin to see my penis as less evil and disgusting.

No you wouldn’t.

If I saw women being told that they’re inherently rapists because of made to penetrate, I might stop seeing my penis as morally unsound and unvirtuous.

What is all this shit about “morally unsound” or “unvirtuous” bodies and body parts? Your dick is not a moral agent; it’s just a tool you use for peeing and sex.

If men had a reproductive doctor that gave well-men tests and tested for Epididymitis, spermatocele, inguinal hernias, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Peyronie’s disease, Polycystic ovarian syndrome ( which yes men can develop), postpartum depression, checkups on undescended testis (especially in male infants), smegma ( I know dude wipes are a thing now and if circumcision wasn’t so widespread they would be a lot more common, yeast infections and UTIs (which, if we stopped mutilating male infants, the need for would increase), checkups on men with bell-clapper deformity, BPH, , priapism, free STD testing (especially HPV-cancers causes by HPV in men will surpass those in women very soon if they haven’t already)

Sigh. Our medical system is fucked up in many ways, but there are ways to get your sexual health checked for low or no cost — and that applies to men as well as women.

I don’t think women realize how misandrist they are. In an ideal situation, all of this would be acknowledged by women, women would be allies and would be marching in the streets with #sheforhe slogans.

Men’s Rights “activists” aren’t’ even marching in the streets for themselves. Because all they like to do is complain about the alleged evils of feminists and women in general. God forbid they lift a finger to actually, practically help other men; let’s put the burden on women instead and get mad at them for not doing what we’re also not doing.

Only then would I stop seeing my penis as evil and unvirtuous.

So feminism needs to be destroyed before you feel ok about your dick?

I do have to be honest, I have been feeling a lot of animosity towards women lately and their lack of allyship and or acknowledgement of any of this.

Oh really? I didn’t notice.

So what do you all make of this peculiar mix of misogyny and self-hatred?


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3 months ago

@Queen of the Harpies

Oh yeah, right, right slang for right audience.

It probably depends on the space, but in the online trans spaces I chill with, egg/egg mode is that time where you (as a trans person) are super deep in denial (for any of many reasons to be in denial).

Finally getting to a realization is egg cracking, and theoretically someday being fully hatched is when you, personally, reach the point where you’re chill, happy, and comfy with who you are.

Usually used a little self depreciatingly, because (I hang out with the older crowd ranging 27-80) a lot of us had SO MANY THINGS that should have been clue-by-fours when aggregated like, idk, researching chest binders at 14, feeling awkward in gender segregated settings, dressing exclusively out of the men’s clothing, feeling weirdly happy when sir’d at Safeway…

Calling someone ELSE an egg (without prior interaction where they discussed eggs first) is bad form, but commiserating with selfies of “hey look at me as an egg, hindsight my dude/fem/enby” is good form/fun.

Because, in the older crowd, a lot of us had a lot of time in egg mode, for a whole slew of reasons. And acknowledging that can be healthy.

Queen of the Harpies
Queen of the Harpies
2 months ago


Okay, I think I’ve got it now, thanks.

a lot of us had SO MANY THINGS that should have been clue-by-fours when aggregated like, idk, researching chest binders at 14, feeling awkward in gender segregated settings, dressing exclusively out of the men’s clothing, feeling weirdly happy when sir’d at Safeway…

It’s funny, because even though I’m cis, I can relate to some of these. I hated going through puberty, hated getting breasts altogether for at least a year or two, hated it again when I had a medical problem and gained some weight and they got bigger several years ago, and have always been more amused than offended when misgendered and didn’t bother to correct people half the time. Of course, it doesn’t happen much anymore because of that second to last thing, but back when I was younger, skinnier, and less curvy, I often got mistaken for a guy.

I think my issue is that I despised being “girly” and idolized too many fictional girls who disguise themselves as boys. Plus, in many cases it may feel “safer” or you get less shit to be mistaken for a guy, whether online or off.

Of course, these issues pale in comparison to the problems trans people go through, so since you said you were a “freshly cracked” egg, I wish you all the best in your journey to become who you want to be, both inside and out. (May I also ask your pronouns in case I need to use them in the future here?)

Last edited 2 months ago by Queen of the Harpies
2 months ago

@Queen of the Harpies

Yeah, no worries. Sorry for the delay, I needed some time off the blog.

He/they are both fine: whichever feels more natural to you at the time of post, and I’ll let you know if that changes.

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