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Reddit antifeminists absolutely lose it over a study finding that feminist men have more sex

Is this what a feminist looks like?

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There are two things that every antifeminist believes in like gravity:

  1. Feminist men only pretend to be feminist in order to get laid
  2. They fail at this because no woman wants to have sex with a feminist man

A new(ish) study from two researchers at Canada’s McMaster University suggests that the antifeminists are full of it:

Not only do feminist men have sex, they have more sex than non-feminist men, and, in line with their general respect for women, appear to care more about the sexual satisfaction of their partners, going down on women more often and fondling their boobs. Reports suggest that sex-having women tend to enjoy both of these activities.

According to Max Stick, a doctoral candidate in sociology, and Tina Fetner, chair of the sociology department,

This study explores … the relationship between feminist identification and sexual behavior. In heterosexual encounters, do feminist men report having sex more recently than those who do not call themselves feminists? During sexual encounters, do feminist men behave differently than non-feminists? In particular, do feminist men organize their sexual behavior in a way that prioritizes their partners’ sexual pleasure to a greater extent than non-feminists?

Their answer? An unequivocal yes means yes.

Using representative survey data of Canadian adults, we examine the self-reported sexual behavior of heterosexual Canadian men. We find that self-identifying feminist men report having sex more recently and are more likely to report engaging in breast stimulation and performing oral sex on their partners than non-feminists.

In an article for The Conversation, Stick explains that

In private sexual encounters, feminist men and those ambivalent toward feminism, perform sexual behaviours targeting women’s pleasure at a higher rate than those disavowing feminism, suggesting these men may care about their partners as expressed through the performance of equality in sexual pleasure. …

Feminist men help transcend sexual (interaction) inequality by bridging the gender gap in orgasms.

It kind of makes sense that men who actually like and respect women would do more to please their sexual partners than men who hate feminism and, often, women in general.

But feminist men don’t ignore their own sexual desires in their attempts to please women. Stick notes that

While feminist men reported giving oral sex to their partners more recently, they also engaged in intercourse and received oral sex more recently than non-feminist men, suggesting they do not sacrifice their own pleasure. 


As you may imagine, this study has not been received warmly in the antifeminists subredddit. After one user recently posted a link to Stick’s article, it inspired an assortment of irate and oblivious comments that inadvertently revealed why antifeminists are likely shit in bed.

Nishuu-j217, who started the thread, declared indignantly that

It’s so damn clear what the purpose of these articles actually is. They will liter do anything to turn men into simps.

Some, ignoring the findings altogether, simply repeated the old antifeminist dogma. According to a commenter called Pingayaso , in the top comment in the thread,

That’s why simps are simps, since they’re unable to be liked by women, they have to rely on the misandrist narrative to impress some feminist and wait for a crumb.

Spoiler alert, it doesn’t work

“”Lol any normal man knows 100 percent that this is cap but ok,” BS-Calrissian insisted.

Vasekgamescz seemed a bit dizzy:

They honestly think we are so dumb as to fall prey to classic bait of playing with our primitive instincts deeply imbeded in all of us, just to become a simp for misandry driven women, and would probably never actually get even close to having sex, instead going in circles of mindlessly following commands in hopes of getting some. wow.

Wow indeed.

Some suggested that the feminist men in the survey were actually having sex “[w]ith other men and their hands. For sure.”

Quizzii echoed this implicit homphobia:

Yeah but taking huge dillos in the ass is not the best sex ootion you can dream of as a male…

Just_some_guy8484 insisted that

Even if the assertion of the title of the article is true, which I’m pretty sure statistics prove that it is demonstrably false, the sex feminist men are having is not, in my opinion, the kind of sex they or anyone really would want anyways. Basically, most hard-core feminist women I know are not attractive people physically. People who sacrifice their sexual standards to procure sex have some seriously low self-esteem and virtually no individual character at all.

One commenter had a more imaginative vision of feminist sex. According to Massive_Pressure_516

They probably count hiding in a closet and jacking off to your wife getting inseminated by a stranger as sex.

(Note: They don’t.)

Still others insisted that sex that puts women’s needs first, or even equally, was pretty sour, as in grapes. ” I still ain’t going to degrade myself just for sex lol,” wrote ExMuzzy.

Added ShiZniT3:

male feminists have more sex because they are treated like obedient pets with benefits. that level of degradation is not worth the sex… rule34 is proof of that.

(Note: the study found this to be untrue. It’s almost as if no one in the discussion actually bothered to read Stick’s article.)

PsychologicalItem353 insisted that it was unfair to men to have “to push beyond their natural limits in order to please women every day,” as if finding the clit was some sort of Sisyphean torture.

In a followup comment, he declared that

honestly I don’t give a damn about sex. … haha I’m sorry for not wanting to push beyond to please a woman every time she wants to have sex and when I’m done I’m drained of my energy. Yeah it takes work in a relationship but sorry I’m not going to drive through till she is satisfied. Knowing if I do so I’m going to feel like shit when done. You wouldn’t want to do that right? So men shouldn’t have to do so and knowing the repercussions.

I’m sure the women of the world feel absolutely bereft at his absence from the sexual arena.

Large-Victory apparently thought he was bringing some good sense to the discussion:

See it’s totally fine for making your girl to oragsm. The thing here is some men do anything to get a pussy, just like what I used to be, and it’s dangerous thing and pulls many men into resentment and anger if things don’t work out in their way.

But my favorte exchange was this one, between the thread-starter and a much-downvoted feminist who was there to argue with the crowd:

Beatplayer -4 points 1 day ago 
It’s almost as if liking women is a pre-requisite of fucking them…


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[–]Nishuu-j217[S] 3 points 1 day ago 
No it isn't. If that were the case then the most misandrist feminist women would keep their ugly asses away from men. However, when a feminist sluts around and acquires a body count of 50 everyone says that don't slutshame her. She's eMpOwErInG herself bY oWnInG hEr SeXuAlItY.

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[–]Beatplayer 0 points 1 day ago 
I genuinely can’t imagine why women won’t sleep with you.



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Victorious Parasol
Victorious Parasol
3 months ago

Well, scary update time. Yesterday, for reasons I won’t describe because they may cause distress, Mr. Parasol ended up rushing me to the ER. I was able to go home afterwards, but it was a whole bunch of no fun. Other than the new drug I’m on, which is successfully dealing with the symptoms that caused Mr. Parasol to shout things like, “That’s IT – I’m taking you to the hospital” and “You do not HAVE to call your mom or my parents” and “Will you take that phone headset off and get in the car NOW? Please?”

3 months ago

Glad you got to go home, but yikes.

Hoping for the best for you, VP. Glad the new med is helping with the symptoms, at least.

And I’m glad that you’ve got another Parasol to drag you in when you need to go.

3 months ago

VP I am so sorry you had to go through what must have been a horrible experience. Glad that Mr Parasol was there, though, and glad that you (presumably) took off the phone headset and got in the car, and most of all I am glad that you are (apparently) back home now and (hopefully) feeling OK! All the well-wishes to you!!!!!!!

3 months ago

@Victorious Parasol

Absolutely sending you more love and support.

Victorious Parasol
Victorious Parasol
3 months ago

Thanks, everyone. Hopefully I’ll have some better news to share later.

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