So Stefan Molyneux is a slam poet now, apparently

snap snap snap snap

By David Futrelle

Racist Dingus Stefan Molyneux

has started to write

most of his tweets like this

for some reason.

I can only conclude that the far-right YouTube philosopher blabber has become a slam poet. And who are we to judge? Who amongst us has not written bad poetry at some point in our lives?

So put on some Charlie Parker and enjoy these recent, er, works by Stef. I’ve taken the liberties of giving them titles.


“Free Riders”


“Without kids”

“2000 New Babies”


Wow. That’s some of the whitest slam poetry I’ve ever seen. .

Actually, I take that back. While it’s the most white supremacist slam poetry I’ve ever seen, this little performance is at least one more white.

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2 years ago



The moment you welcomed Islam into the West

You lost the right to complain about

The Patriarchy.”

Creepy men

Like to make up bogus social rules

And then charge women

With violating them.

Stefan Molyneux

Is no exception.

2 years ago

It would be awesome to see this dude try to become a real philosopher – ya know, try to get a higher credential than his master degree he loves to tout and watch his dissertation defense crash because he can’t form a cogent argument.

2 years ago

Denying or trying to minimize or gatekeep or “Oppression Olympics” oppression is itself a tool of the oppressor, and it isnt ok, especially if you are speaking from outside that group.

As others mentioned, things like literal violence against synagogues are oppression. It is ridiculous to think that in less than 80 years after the Holocaust- meaning we have both surviving Nazis/sympathizers/do-nothings AND Holocaust camp survivors – antisemitism is just over now.

Doubly foolish & really antisemitic itself to say so in a time of INCREASING literal neo-Nazism.

That isnt ok.

As an Irish-American who grew up only knowing “Jew” (and Im sorry for even saying it, proper term is “Jewish person”) as an insult term, I can assure you, the two are very different. There are Irish, Italian, and Polish Americans now welcomed into the KKK & neo-Naziism. I am not oppressed for my Irish heritage in America.

Id also like to touch on the idea the draft is not oppressive. It is, not everyone agreed to it. It is inherently govt oppression, and I personally have worked with homeless/at-risk Black Vietnam vets who couldn’t even
vote everywhere in the 60s. The draft targets the poor as well. It is not oppressing men, because the reason men were drafted was that women were considered too inferior to serve. White men in the military were always privileged. There was segregation for example.

As for dating while old, my aunt happily married in her 50s, my uncle w kids remarried also. Older people do date.

2 years ago

Also I have no chill with people using my Irish heritage to claim PoC just arent trying to bootstrap hard enough.

Irish people got out of oppression by assimilating and becoming just White, by screwing over Black people in a big way, they become incredibly racist and remain so (NotAll notwithstanding). That wasnt an option for Black Americans.

2 years ago

Well said. I agree that it is very problematic to try to tell other groups whether or not they get to keep oppression cards, as well as of course the obvious issue of denying antisemitism.
I would say that referring to Jewish people as simply Jews is acceptable now, as I regularly refer to myself as such and hear others do so without harmful intent.

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