You wear makeup because you are a spineless, mindless c**t: Cosmetics Tips from the MGTOW subreddit

Evil whore tricking man into thinking she’s not a hideous unlovable beast

By David Futrelle

Some straight guys like women who wear makeup. Others prefer the natural look. Still others think women are spineless, mindless consumerist c*nts trying to hide their ugly insides by painting their outsides.

Yes, I’ve been reading the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit again, where I ran across this totally normal and healthy and not-at-all-scary response to the fact that lots of women wear makeup.

Here’s the text in case that’s a bit hard to read:

Avyctes 50 points  

You wear make-up because you are a spineless, mindless corporate suck ass who does as the feminine imperative directs you to.

You wear make-up because you have numerous genetic flaws your ego investment wishes to conveniently pretend just weren’t there.

You wear make-up because you know [no] matter how you paint the outside, inside you are and always will be a vapid c*nt with no insight into your own hypergamy and other less than desirable qualities.

You wear make-up because you try to compete with other c*nts however collectively, all of you shit sacks know you are no competition for the Wall.

The Wall always wins, as does corporate America, who got you to spend your money investing in mere vanity, while spending YOUR ENTIRE USELESS LIVES lacking anything remotely resembling substance.

The Wall is waiting you all of you c*nts. Please, feel free to bring your make-up.

You know, buddy, I’m not sure you’ve really “gone your own way” if the thought of women wearing lipstick sends you into a frothing rage.

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4 years ago

Did you know you can communicate the same concept using a number of different combinations of words and that subtext can communicate concepts just as strongly (sometimes moreso!) as the actual words you choose?

Rabid Rabbit
Rabid Rabbit
4 years ago

@EJ (The Other One):

Maybe I misunderstand your description, but the ethical question that’s always raised for me is: How do you know it’s not revenge porn?

EJ (The Other One)
4 years ago

@Rabid Rabbit:
That is an issue, I’ll agree; that’s why I’m fond of people who post their own work directly. (That might definitely be TMI.)

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