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Congrats! A Voice for Men and Return of Kings have both been designated hate groups by the SPLC

Paul Elam of A Voice for Men: Now officially a hatemonger

By David Futrelle

A big round of applause for two websites that have featured here on We Hunted the Mammoth from the beginning: A Voice for Men and Return of Kings have both been officially recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups. 

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#ResistTrump today by calling to oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

Jeff Sessions: Once referred to the Voting Rights Act as “intrusive legislation.”

The senate hearings for Donald Trump’s terrible cabinet picks start today with wannabe Attorney General Jeff Sessions. #ResistTrump today by calling your Senators and urging them not to vote for Sessions. 

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On 9/11, Trump boasted that he now owned the tallest building in lower Manhattan

Trump: Always working his brand
Trump: Always working his brand

There’s a rather telling detail in a piece in Politico on the reactions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to the attacks on 9/11.

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Bigots swarm an American Muslim writer after Daily Caller attacks her for innocuous tweet

How it works
How it works

A swarm of internet nasties descended on Laila Alawa, an American Muslim writer, publisher and activist, after she was targeted last week as public enemy #1 by an assortment of right-wing sites — starting with The Daily Caller then spreading to assorted even more fringey sites from JihadWatch to

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Andrea “JudgyBitch” Hardie attacks Beyonce fans as “feral animals,” threatens murder

Andrea Hardie attempts blackface
Andrea Hardie attempts blackface. No, really. This literally is her attempt at blackface.

Not-so-nice white lady Andrea Hardie — perhaps better known on the internet as Janet Bloomfield and/or JudgyBitch — is still ostensibly the Social Media Director of the fading Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men.

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Pickup guru Roosh V thinks he’s beaten those opposing his talk tomorrow in Montreal. In fact, he’s proved their point.

Roosh V: Bro is definitely mad
Roosh V: Bro is definitely mad

Tomorrow, pickup artist and rape legalization proponent Roosh Valizadeh’s four-country “world tour” comes to Montreal, Canada and it’s fair to say it has hit a few snags.

The first little snag, as you may already have heard, was a petition asking the Canadian government to bar Roosh’s entry into the country as a literal hatemonger. It drew nearly 14,000 signatures, while a counter-petition, demanding that Roosh be let in, has so far managed to get six.

The snags continue. Though the wily Roosh has apparently been able to make his way over the border, he wasn’t able to keep the Montreal hotel originally scheduled to hold his event from cancelling on him, in the wake of complaints from local activists and some less-than-adoring media coverage of the terrible Mr. V.

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Newly free from A Voice for Men, Dean Esmay continues on being a douchebag

Dean Esmay's Opinions: Still Terrible
Dean Esmay’s Opinions: Still Terrible

When the lovely Dean Esmay jumped (or was pushed) off the good ship A Voice for Men last week, we were told that he intended to “take his activism in a different direction.”

So far that “new direction” looks suspiciously like the “old direction.” While Esmay has reduced the frequency of his intemperate, accusatory, free-associational Tweets from a flood to a trickle, he hasn’t stopped Tweeting — apparently his primary form of “Activism” for now — and his Tweets are as intemperate, accusatory, and free-associational as ever. 

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Reddit’s plan to “contain” hate is so backwards that Reddit bigots are begging to be “contained”

Oops. I’m not sure Reddit is winning this fight.

Earlier this week, Reddit announced a perplexing new plan to “contain” the worst bigots on the site. Instead of simply banning the bigots, their subreddits would simply be “reclassified.” Redditors would have to sign into them much as they now sign into the site’s NSFW subreddits, and, presumably to avoid angering advertisers, Reddit would remove all ads from them.

In other words, as I noted the other day, Reddit has decided to fight the bigots … by funding ad-free forums for them.

Well, the folks in the 4/chan subreddit (not 4chan itself; the Reddit incarnation of it) want to get into that sweet, sweet ad-free action. So one enterprising channer suggested that they spam a thread with the n-word to prove they’re as hateful as the hateful assholes of r/coontown:

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Vox Day on feminists: "Open up your hate and let it pour over them … until they fall silent."

Vox Day:  If you only knew the power of the Dark Side!
Vox Day: If you only knew the power of the Dark Side!

The Washington Post recently ran a piece by Michele Goldberg about feminist women who’ve basically been run off the internet by rape threats and death threats and endless harassment.

Reactionary fantasy author and racist shithead Vox Day (a.k.a Theadore Beale) couldn’t be more pleased. After posting several quotes from the WaPo article on his Vox Popoli blog, he did a little victory lap:

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7 Tactics of Highly Effective Harassers: How A Voice for Men's Internet Hate Machine works

A Voice for Men mocks the fears of one of its targets of harassment
A Voice for Men mocks the fears of one of its targets of harassment

The self-described “Men’s Human Rights” site A Voice for Men is a hate site trying — admittedly not very hard, or convincingly — to pose as a human rights organization. In reality, as I and various other writers have documented in considerable detail, it’s an organizer and amplifier of hatred, directed at feminists and women more generally.

Much of this hatred is directed at specific targets, mostly though not always feminist women who have offended A Voice for Men’s founder Paul Elam. The aim is generally to terrorize feminists into silence.

I’ve written at length about AVFM’s campaigns of vilification and intimidation in the past; for a recent example as well as numerous links to discussions of past examples, see here.

Today I will  look at some of the specific tactics that AVFM uses against its targets – providing, in each case, a recent example.

This, in other words, is how AVFM’s Hate Machine functions. [TRIGGER WARNING for abusive language, discussion of abusive tactics]

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