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From Dogpill to Fishpill: Incels think women regularly have sex with dogs. But dogs aren’t the only animals that make them jealous.

Chadfish (Image taken from

By David Futrelle

So have you heard of the “dogpill?” Apologies in advance for possibly ruining your dinner, or your entire day, but if you haven’t, the Dogpill is what incels call their, er, theory that many of the very same women who refuse to have sex with them are regularly, and enthusiastically, having sex with dogs.

And the incels aren’t joking. I mean, yes, they do joke about the dogpill on a fairly regular basis. but they also fervently believe it’s true, and many of them work themselves into a rage over it on an almost daily basis.

“These dogs have had more sex with human Stacy’s then any of us ever will,” an incel calling himself Blancmange recently complained on the forums alongside three blurry pictures of dogs he apparently screenshotted from bestiality porn videos. He continued:

It’s a sad awakening when you realise that even dogs are getting Stacy’s in their prime…

These dogs aren’t smiling for nothing…and there are literally thousands more dogs getting it from young Stacys who would rather fuck a dog, even a shaggy muttly looking mongrel than a beta male human.

A rather startling number of incels, apparently unable to tell the difference between creepy fetish porn and real life, have convinced themselves that a significant portion of women regularly have sex with their dogs, if not exclusively, at least when their regular Chad is too busy fucking other women to stop by for a booty call.

“[E]very female that chose [sic] to get a dog and lives on her own is fucking that dog,” one commenter has proclaimed. “And about 60% of girls that have a family dog have done something sexual with the dog.”

No incel ever cites any evidence for these sorts of assertions, because there is none. As I noted in a previous post, the only even-slightly reliable-seeming survey I found on the subject suggested that less than 2 percent of American women have ever had any kind of sex with any animal. But don’t tell that to an incel, because they’d rather believe that every woman they see is a secret dog-fucker.

“Anytime I see some single whore on instagram who is in her mid 20’s and posts pictures of her and her big ass dog together I have to imagine that dog is fucking her snatch,” an incel called bluecollarCEL tells Blancmange. “Unbelieveable.”

“[D]ogs are having more sex and loving relationships with human females than the average man,” another regular commenter on the forums lamented.

“I used to think the dogpill was a meme,” still another wrote dejectedly.

But it turned out, it wasn’t a meme, it was real. … The dogpill is the literal ultimate pill, there is no further degeneracy allowed for a woman to commit …

At this point a man shall ask himself if there will ever be a turning back, or if the dogpill is the point of no return for a society, that is, that the moment you reach it, all hope is to be lost.

The regulars on the forum not only believe the dogpill is real; they’re utterly obsessed with it, complaining about Chad dogs nearly as often as they complain about Chad humans.

But dogs aren’t the only animals the incels think are getting more girlie action than they are. If you poke around in the archives at, you’ll find references to a astonishing array of animal-based “pills.” I’ve seen posts about such alleged “pills” as the Horsepill, the Catpill, the Donkeypill, the Monkeypill, the Camelpill, the Gorillapill, the Sealpill, the Dolphinpill, the Frogpill, the Chameleonpill, the Opposumpill, the Ratpill and, yes, the Fishpill. (Note: The site is currently under a ddos attack, so I was unable to set up archive links for most of these and the links that follow; some lead to webcaches.)

Some of these supposed pills are little more than jokes. But others are taken as seriously as incels take the Dogpill — that is, very. And in some instances, even when the incels realize that there is no actual cross-species sex going on, they are still angry, and bitterly jealous, that women are paying attention to animals other than them, that women who would never touch them enjoy petting their pets.

So let’s look at some of these “pills” and what incels say about them.

The Horsepill

After the Dogpill, the animal pill that causes incels the most misguided concern is the Horsepill, which I wrote about in some (gross) detail here. Many if not most incels seem to believe that “[w]omen have always fucked horses,” as one commenter blithely put it. But some think that the practice is getting more and more common as contemporary women (allegedly) get sluttier and sluttier. As an incel commenter called MilkTeaPill  explained this theory in a post last year,

dog dicks aren’t big enough for foids these days. They need that BHD (Big Horse Dick). 1-2 feet of horse dick pounding their insides. …

They can’t get enough of that multi foot dick stretching out their human pussy. They love it when horses cum liters of horse seed into them. This is literally every foids dream. …

Horse dick is the new standard that is the point I was making. … Soon enough there will be horse get aways were hundreds of foids go to a ranch for a weekend to get HORSED.

Still, few think this (allegedly) widespread practice is quite as (allegedly) widespread as dog-fucking. As one more, er, moderate incel explained:

Dogs are more common because of their size and availability. Horse dicks are massive, very few women can take it. Usually older women, women who’ve given birth, and women who have properly managed to stretch themselves enough with toys. Pony’s are more common than actual horses but it does happen.

Yes, I’m sure your stretched-out grandma is regularly rolling in the hay with her favorite stallion.

The Catpill

Incels like to joke about young feminists ultimately turning into sexless “cat ladies” in their later years (after age 30 or so), but they’re also aware that quite a few of the women they’re actually attracted to own cats. And this makes them very, very angry.

While incels retain enough of a connection, however tenuous, to reality to know that the, er, mechanics of cat-fucking are such that very few of these cat-loving women are literally having sex with their cats, incels are still jealous the cats are getting physical affection from human Stacies. Some incels even manage to get mad about the hypothetical sex they think these women would like to have with their cats — or with the larger, more Chadlike, species of cats that typically live in zoos.

After discovering a video posted to Reddit of a woman, possibly sans clothes, snuggling in bed with a caracel, one commenter groused that “[w]omen would rather fuck large felines than look your way.” When some female commenters online joked about wanting to marry a particularly majestic lion featured in a Facebook video, one incel posted their comments to as an example of “RageFuel” because, as he put it, “[w]omen would rather have sex with this lion than with you.”

The Ratpill

When one incel came across a video of a “Stacey” petting and giving light kisses to her pet rat, the way some overenthusiastic pet-owners sometimes do, he quickly went and reposted the video on as an example of “SuicideFuel,” titling his post “When a literal rat gets more action than you do.”

“Why do these never end?” replied another incel. “I wasn’t prepared to take this especially RN. Her facial expressions make me want to hit her.”

“[W]omen have no soul,” another concluded.

How screwed up do you have to be to get jealous of a literal rat?

The Sealpill

Even the mostly jokey animal “pills” are tinged with bitterness. When an incel calling himself, er, manlet cUnt ran across a photo of three attractive young women posing with seals in a sort of mock prom photo, with the seals’ flippers wrapped around them like a prom date’s arms, he posted the picture on, declaring that

you know its over when literally a seal has had more physical contact with the opposite gender than you have.

Pretty sure that’s because the seal is a lot more pleasant to be around.

The Fishpill, a.k.a. “Hydrowhoring”

It’s weird enough to get jealous of rats and seals for getting more attention from women than you. It’s even weirder to get jealous of a fish being used as a dildo in a porn video. When “sealpill” inventor manlet cUnt found video featuring exactly this happening, he posted it to with the note, noting that the fish in question “has more validation than you will ever get. “

“[A] fucking fish has more smv than me,” replied another commenter, “first dogs, now this. im one more suicide fuel vid from roping.”

I’m assuming he was at least mostly joking. But with these guys it’s never completely clear, since even the most jokey “animal” pills seem to leave a bitter taste in the mouths of those incels who post about them.

What on earth does all this mean?

While incels have been talking about women (allegedly) having sex with animals for years, discussion of the “dogpill” and other animal pills — from the jokey ones like the Fishpill to those, like the Horsepill, that many incels seem to take utterly seriously — has grown tremendously over the past year or so, and even more in the last few months.

As ludicrous as the Dogpill might appear to anyone outside the incel world. I have to take it as a sign of the movement’s increasing radicalization. On some level, I think, many incels realize that the rage they feel over their so-called “involuntary” celibacy is extreme, that many people endure long dry stretches in their romantic and sexual lives without wanting to murder the entire human race.

So incels frequently turn to “RageFuel” posts — generally emphasizing the alleged perfidy of women in general or some especially wicked woman in particular — not just to stoke but to justify their rage.

Animal pill posts are almost perfect “RageFuel” — providing convenient targets for rage in the form of women performing what most people would consider sexually depraved acts, while simultaneously allowing incels to wallow even more abjectly in their own self-pity as men so lacking in sexual appeal that women would rather have sex with literal dogs than with them.

Beliefs don’t have to be rational in order to provoke or justify violent action. The Pizzagate conspiracy theory is ludicrous nonsense, but it inspired a man to literally march into the Comet Ping Pong restaurant with an assault rifle and start shooting. Charles Manson ordered his followers to brutally murder seven people because he thought it would spark a race war that would ultimately put him in charge. The assorted conspiracy theories associated with QAnon have a bizarrely baroque complexity, virtually defying explanation. Yet QAnon followers talk about taking up arms if the mass arrests of alleged globalist pedophiles that Q has been promising don’ t take place sometime soon.

Could “the Dogpill” by itself inspire some especially desperate and unhinged incel to launch his own murderous assault on innocent women and men, a la the incel “martyr” Elliot Rodger? Unlikely. But it’s part of an evolving ideology that seems to get more radical by the day — and that has already led several young men to “go ER,” with tragic results.

So as ludicrous as the Dogpill “theory” is as a putative description of reality, it’s worth taking seriously as a symptom of increasing incel radicalism.

We live in strange times, and they’re just getting stranger.

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98 replies on “From Dogpill to Fishpill: Incels think women regularly have sex with dogs. But dogs aren’t the only animals that make them jealous.”

This just makes me think of that House M.D. episode where the patient had a tick crawl up in her. How long before they complain about a Tickpill?

I once read a short story about woman masturbating with a live sea star. Later on, I was a little disappointed when I got to hold a sea star in my hand.

(Those things are like cold, prickly slugs)

If I rolled my eyes any harder they’d fall out of the sockets.

Women don’t sleep with you, Incels, because hate and disdain is oozing out of every pore of your body.

Not because they’re fucking their pets!

Even aspie me, who has trouble picking up on emotions, can sense a creepy asshole miles away. Even through the internet!

And despite what many asswipes say: Women don’t prefer assholes.

Those women in the seal picture are the seals’ trainers.

Nah, can’t be. Seals have no use for trainers, they haven’t any feet!

A coworker once forwarded a story about a woman getting “ideas” after buying a lobster which ended with eggs hatching inside her. I can only imagine he sent it to me because I’m a godless heathen and he’s very religious, so he assumed I would potentially try something like this myself. I felt sick for weeks every time I looked at him.

First time comment!

My first thought is that this makes sense. These guys think of women as non-human. Why wouldn’t a non-human want to sex up another non-human? Of course, by virtue of them being human, they are better than non-humans and more deserving of sexing up. That’s why they’re so angry.

Following this logic, I hope that they don’t have pets or livestock.

My second thought is that this isn’t a new hate-on for men who actively hate women. Growing up, my mom’s (horrible) husband had caches of horrible analog porn laying around featuring drawings and cartoons of women having sex with animals. The tone was less aggrieved though.

Oh lord, nobody ever let the incels hear about Blowfly Girl.

(Don’t Google that. Trust me, just don’t.)

No one tell them about that Hokusai print with the octopus.

Or the old shock image of a woman with a dead one shoved up there, tentacles dangling in the NOPE.

I wonder how many people have to die before labeling these groups as terrorist breeding grounds.

Answer: not many, but only if they start murderously targeting “Chads” or “white knights” or any other invented group of white men, especially if the doomed white men hold wealth/power.

Kupo, what? What?? He did what??? What goes through people’s minds before they do things like that?

So sorry he sent that to you. On purpose. A person did that on purpose. I can’t get over this.

@ jone

I’ve got a bit of a personal and professional interest in misogyny as ideology; and the territorist threat that poses. I’m trying to raise awareness a bit in that community.

It is bewildering though how people just don’t seem to see it as a growing threat; even though it pops up in the news cycle every now and then.

The irony is there have been a number of male victims, as targeted, as well as collateral, damage; but even that doesn’t seem to pique anyone’s interest.

The nearest I’ve come was with some aviation security friends, including the guy who literally wrote the book on the subject that the airlines use, about the Lubitz case; but upon investigation they’ve pinned that on his fear of losing his career because of an eyesight problem.

But at this stage I’m honestly starting to think a self identified incel could fly a plane into a building having explained why he did it, and people would still be asking “Wonder what that was all about?”

That Caracal kitten was adorable. I want one. But I think Ezzie and Gyfa may object to any kind of feline in their purely canine territory.

Icky story time.

Many moons ago, I was bullied in secondary school. One of the rumours the bullies started was that I wanked my dog. Needless to say, there was no truth in it but they’d got the idea from the brother of a mutual friend, whom they thought was a cousin. Boy fell out with cousin-friend and decided to tell his older brother we, that is ‘cousin-not actually a cousin’-friend and I, wanked the dogs off to cause trouble for us both. I think the originating boy was pissed because he wasn’t the centre of ‘cousin-not actually a cousin’ – friend’s world. He was a very strange boy, and so was his older brother, who was friends with the bullies and passed on the stories

This sort of crap is old news; sad, embittered little boys with nothing better to do than make up stories and then fuel their fears and ignorance with them.

Also, molesting animals is bad. And icky. And should get you arrested.

Also, icky story number 2.

My step-dad is Cornish, proper ‘oh arr’ Cornish; many years ago he played rugby, darts and pool for his local pub in Haile. One day they went on an away day. On the train they went past a field. In the the field was a donkey, and a man who was not there with the best of intentions. Everyone on the train went to that side of the carriage to have a good gawp. There was a party of US holiday makers on the train who apparently asked if that was normal here. There may have been some laughing. Someone must have reported the donkey molestation because the step-dad said he saw in the paper that the man had been arrested and taken to court.

On the other hand, that could just be an Albert-story. He’s a bit of a filthy old man.

Either way, it seems like it’s more often men molesting animals than women, but the notion that women do, even in fiction, causes more of a hubbub.

Eww @Kupo, that’s… Worrying behaviour from a co-worker.

@Alan, wouldn’t surprise me. An incel could fly a plane into a building after uploading a manifesto saying they’re an incel and we’re killing everyone because they hate women, and the response would be ‘I wonder why?’

@Nanny Oggs Busom: Wonder if it’s, “Well, I hate women, too, but I don’t go out killing them! I just treat them like crap!” 😛

@Nanny Oggs Busom

Someone must have reported the donkey molestation because the step-dad said he saw in the paper that the man had been arrested and taken to court.

On the other hand, that could just be an Albert-story. He’s a bit of a filthy old man.

After throwing a few likely-sounding keywords into google, this turned up:

It was reported that as he assaulted the nanny goat, a Hull-to-Bridlington train packed with commuters stopped at nearby signals and several passengers who saw the attack called the emergency services on their mobile telephones.

So there you go.

@Scented Fucking Hard Chairs

No one tell them about that Hokusai print with the octopus.

Or the old shock image of a woman with a dead one shoved up there, tentacles dangling in the NOPE.

Not sure about octopuzzles, but some species of male squid are best, uh, handled with care even when they’re dead… Two cases of oral-stings by sperm bag of squid. Stinging in the oral cavity caused by ingestion of the sperm bags of a squid: A case report

No tentacle sashimi for me, thanks.

@Pie oh, that’s…sick. I find it disturbing that animal molesters do so in sight of trainlines and think they’ll get away with it.

They really shouldn’t, not even a goldfish deserves to be subjected to their vileness.

@Viscaria, Nanny Oggs Busom

Yeah, it was back in the early days of the net and I think he genuinely thought it was a true story and thought he should warn people, and we sat next to each other and would chat, so I think it came from a well-meaning place. But guys, don’t do that.

@ Lumipuna:

galanx – Incels are always trying to develop more and more disparaging slang words for “woman”. Thus far, we’ve seen:


(my prediction for the future)

fd (pronouced “fud”)
‘d (pronounced like a disapproving tongue click)
‘ (pronounced as a brief, aggressive pause)

One occurs in this very Reddit thread that I’d say summarizes it all: “hole”.

When I was studying at uni (over a decade ago at this point) a friend of mine at the history department recommended a newly published doctoral thesis about the surprisingly large amount of bestiality cases that wound up in court in Finland during the 18th century. Apparently there was a bit of an epidemic of it in the western part of Finland (for any Finns on here, in Pohjanmaa), an area of the country that’s fairly agricultural and sparsely populated to this day, so you can imagine the isolation of some farms way back nearly 300 years ago. Basically, according to the research that the author of the text had done, very nearly all the recorded cases of bestiality that had gone to court in Europe, if not the world, in the 1700s had happened in rural Finland. This should of course surprise nearly no-one, but the perpetrators were nearly always young, unmarried men or boys…

@kupo: That guy is a sincerely disgusting asshole. There is a point, even if the person “thinks” they’re “doing god’s work” or “showing the way” to “sinners”, that the damage caused by religious people’s proselytising is awful no matter how much they feel they’re doing good.

My parents jumped on the whole “depression is a sin” train, sincerely hoping to help cure me. Yeah, sure, tell someone with depression that they’re deliberately choosing to feel bad about themselves as a malicious act of spite against a benevolent loving father figure. Why not go curbstomp a child’s cast for good measure and see if that “helps”. Doesn’t matter how many times these people cry themselves to sleep over their “love” for others, they’re still assholes.

@Jane Done

As someone who has struggle with depression and anxiety since I was 10 years old, I’m so sorry that you were treated that way. To frame something like depression as something a person has control over or choose to have is disgusting. I don’t mean to insult your family I’m just very sorry that’s how it was for you. You must be very strong to have kept going from that though. I hope your doing well now.


A coworker once forwarded a story about a woman getting “ideas” after buying a lobster which ended with eggs hatching inside her.

I was told the same story by a friend, it’s classic urban legend. Also a classic story of a woman being a “deviant” and punished for sexuality. Probably written by an incel.

(CW: story is super gross. Short version: The story is false because it’s medically impossible)

@Lainy I have no qualms about anyone speaking ill of my blood relatives. If anything my upbringing has taught me that everyone should be judged by their actions and character, and nobody, not even family, deserves special privileges.

I’m not close to them, which is fine by me. Patriarchal society puts way too much sanctity on genetic family. Friends are the best family IMO.

Yeah. I never thought it was real, just a gross fiction. It seriously made me ill. I think more because it came from a coworker than anything.

And agreed 100% that it doesn’t matter what hus intention was. It was an awful thing to do.


Tommy Wiseau is making a new movie.

No thanks. And not because of the shark.

Tommy Wiseau fans in London still have time to see him and Greg Sestero on stage doing a Q&A, 20:45 7 Feb at the Prince Charles cinema. PCC’s description says:

No Metal Spoons, No Inflatables, No American Footballs!!! If found throwing any of these, they will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave with no refund. Please consider the environment and don’t go overboard with plastic spoons. A handful is all you need to get you through the screening. If any customers are found bringing in an overabundance of plastic spoons, we will confiscate them and give you what we deem to be an appropriate amount for the evening.

I’m not a fan of this sort of performative audience participation, but PCC are into it.

(And I can’t resist plugging One Cut of the Dead again, which PCC are still showing, and which everyone who cares about low-budget film-making needs to watch dammit)


Holy shit, I hadn’t thought of that story in years.

I heard it in south west Florida in the 00’s. AND probably wouldn’t have ever thought about it again except for your post.

So, uh, thanks for that.

Ha, sorry! 😅 I hadn’t thought of it in years, either, until I saw this post.

The question of whether incel groups will eventually be considered terrorist groups reminded me of the 2010 suicide attack on an IRS field office in Austin, Texas. The authorities and others decided it didn’t count as a domestic terrorist attack because the perpetrator didn’t have any direct connections with radical groups, despite tax protestors engaging in past violence.

Tommy Wiseau is making a new movie. About a shark.

If it eats him in the first three minutes it might be worth watching.

(But I’m not clicking on the link to find out.)

After reading through all the nopey nope NOPE, with special honorable (NOPE) mentions to the “well-meaning” weirdo with the lobster rumor, I feel an unholy urge to write some tentacle erotica. With a twist ending: An incel looking on and rage-wanking because Chad the Giant Squid is getting what he ain’t, gets punished in the most stinging (and final) way when he butts in and assaults the squid.

It would undoubtedly make their heads explode. But given what perverted horrors they are, it would probably make other parts of them blow up, too.

Isn’t it likely that about half of all those dogs living with women/girls are female? Or any animal/pet they see for that matter?


IIRC, some incels repeat as a “true fact” that basically whenever a single woman gets a dog, she chooses a male dog for sexual reasons. Some probably forget that female dogs even exist, because the main issue (as far as incels are concerned) is sexual competition/humiliation from male dogs. Likewise, there’s apparently downplaying the majority of (young, hot) women who don’t share a home with any kind of dog.

Speaking of lobsters getting into where they don’t belong on female bodies…there was a story a few years back about a ~10 year-old girl who went swimming in the ocean and somehow had a little bitty baby squid get up ‘there’. According to the story I read, the squid was able to survive long enough there to trigger pregnancy symptoms in the girl. Unfortunately the story didn’t mention if the squid survived being removed, or if it did, for how long.

The OP reminds me of a story I read about in (I think) my Medieval History class about how, in cases of animal/human sex, evidently both animal and human were put to death, since both were considered equally morally responsible for the sin. Though there was at least one case involving a mule where the townsfolk got together to plead the court to spare the life of the animal. They gave testimony that said mule was of good character, and should be spared for that reason.

@Lumipuna (nee Arctic Ape):

Plus, when they see the word “bitch” they don’t think of a dog (or other canine), they think of women. So remembering the existence of female dogs must be even harder for them.

@ Redsilkphoenix:

That’s the opening scene of The Advocate (1993), though I imagine it could be based on a real case.

Segue – I once came across a copy of that movie in a video store, when video stores still existed, and was impressed by the skill of the graphic designer who’d evidently been told by the distributors of the video release: “Make it clear it’s a sexy thriller starring Colin Firth, but don’t let on it’s set in the 15th century or no one will buy it.” All the images on the cover of the case showed either Firth and the lead actress in bed, and therefore not wearing any clothing that might give away the period, or stone walls and arches that merely indicated a European setting.

The blurb on the back was all about how Firth’s character was a hotshot lawyer from Paris who moves out to the country and gets caught up in a murder case. It leaves out the bit where the accused is a pig.

No eelpill? And I don’t know what to say… I have a cat and errmm.. I’ve been naked around it. She’s done inappropriate things too!

Just the MECHANICS of all this boggles the mind. Half the dogs and cats and such are themselves female and lacking in a penis (the only way incels can conceive of fucking occurring). All cats and at least half of dogs have very, very tiny peni, a human with a vagina would be better served with their fingers even without taking positioning into account. And of course you don’t want to stick a fish up in there because then you have a dead fish up in there. WTF. Porn is not reality, dumb dumbs!

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