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Cry Moar, Mitch McConnell: Tweets of the Day

Poor Mitch, I’m just so sorry you couldn’t steal my healthcare you goddamn weasel

By David Futrelle

I find a lot of interesting and funny stuff on Twitter every day so I thought I’d try rounding some of that up for you all on a regular, perhaps even daily basis. Today, it’s all (or mostly) about the FAILURE of the Republican’s attempts to destroy healthcare. A good day (so far, but it’s not even noon yet where I live)!

Sorry, international readers, but today’s tweet collection is pretty US-centric. But there is a tweet about New Zealand if you scroll down enough.

The three Repubs to break with McConnell and kill the bill were Collins, Murkowski and McCain.

If your Senator(s) voted no, please call and thank them! If they voted yes, call and give them hell! You can get the numbers of your Senators (and more info) at, or on the Senate website or by calling the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

And in other news:

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aaaaahhhhhhhh. I see. Yes, that does sort of make sense and I can kind of see how … it does seem, though, that it’s a method that is particularly vulnerable to mis-reading what you wrote … ?

Thank you GrumpyOSJM, that 311 looked completely mysterious.

According to blogger Amy Siskind, there has been gendered mistreatment of the women who voted against Trumpcare:———1————–

80. Rep Farenthold said of “some female senators from the Northeast” who were against an Obamacare repeal, if they were a guy from south Texas, “I might ask him to step outside and settle this Aaron Burr-style.”

81. Wednesday, Trump chastised Sen Murkowski tweeting she had let the Republicans and country down by not voting to repeal Obamacare.

82. Later that afternoon, Interior Sec Ryan Zinke called both of Alaska’s senators, saying Murkowski’s vote would impact the Trump’s administrations view on issues that are a priority for Alaska.

83. Of note, all during the week, Republican men insulted and threatened their female colleagues for not supporting their healthcare bills. Male senators not in support did not face the same harassment.

(Yeah, her lists have been getting pretty long lately. I think this week’s 110 is a new record.)

@Surplus: I’d bet that Republican women politicians have come to expect that and are inured to it. For those who might not know, Murkowski’s predecessor in that seat was her father, so she didn’t go into politics without being prepared for what it entailed. Collins holds the seat once held by Margaret Chase Smith, a fiercely independent Republican (there used to be quite a few of them) who was for many years the only woman in the Senate.

The ‘boys being socialised like girls’ thing is highly problematic when the patriachists believe that boys are born to lead, and girls are born to follow. They like the girls to be silent and obedient because it makes them more nubile wife material, and less likely to object to discipline and authoritarianism. That’s why girls who are independent and free thinking get labelled ‘bossy’ or ‘pushy’ but boys who exhibit these tendencies are labelled ‘good leadership material’. Boys however, do seem more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD or similar disorders. I don’t know why this is. I’m sure there are girls with ADHD too, but maybe they are easier to bully, physically threaten and force into line?

I’ve read that girls with ADHD may tend to present differently (i.e. that the “typical” profile is modelled on boys, basically) so that they are more likely to go unnoticed.

Also perhaps the way girls present could include things that are less likely to disrupt the classroom, so the less squeaky wheel doesn’t get noticed let alone any grease, maybe.

I think it’s mostly that girls who are “too” rebellious tend to get beat down more than similar boys, but with the sexist way that children are raised we can’t really know what is “natural” and what is socially conditioned. I’m just saying that in an educational system where subdued, orderly behavior is more successful, traditionally raised girls are likely to do better than traditionally raised boys.


Ooh, Prolog. I’ve been taught that during IA and expert systems course (in its version 2), but i never have to use it at work since. Is it used outside of those two fields ?

Hmm, i just remember of Ruby as the language used in RPGMaker (the Enterbrain ones), but i suppose this fourth-gen has many applications now ?

Well, being a a man and a programmer, i agree there are some places, especially virtual ones on the web, where being a woman and a programmer is a quick way to be disrespected, as well of being a person of color (i work with an Indian colleague, and he had suffer of the fact that there have been a lot of programmation outsourcing in India : so at its former job, some of its “colleagues” were pestering him with sentences like “Hey, you are Indian, so you must know that, like all of your people”). You may have expected that working in a field that rely (in principle) more on the efficiency than on the appearance, gender or skin tone would have no relation, but no, it seems that clichés are too hard to kill. These “brogrammers”, as Scielfriedja called them, are the same who were rooting for GameGaters, i think, or at least, they are overlaping.
By chance, i work in an administration, which is less pregnant with this discrimination (though there are still discriminatory “joking”, which is hard to fight too) : more than 40% of our programmers are women (and more than 50% of our analysts). Well, we are a small administration, so maybe it is not really relevant, but still…

Have a nice day.

Another fun fact about Murkowski:
In 2010, first Senator to win election via write-in campaign since… Strom Thurmond in 1954.

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