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GamerGate dead enders offer their stupid opinions about the Activison Blizzard mess

Activision Blizzard, the game giant best known for its blockbuster Call of Duty and World of Warcraft games, is in turmoil amid accusations of a “frat boy” company culture rife with sexism and sexual harassment. More than 1500 workers at the company walked out earlier this week, angered by company management’s belligerent response to the…


Professional transphobe Graham Linehan has decided that Gamergate wasn’t really all bad, if you think about it

By David Futrelle So Graham Linehan — the fomer comedy writer turned humorless transphobe — is having some second thoughts about Gamergate, and he wants the world to know all about them.

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Eternal Gamergaters attack Zoe Quinn for allegedly driving a man to suicide by accusing him of abuse

By David Futrelle Last week, game designer and Gamergate nemesis Zoe Quinn publicly accused indie game developer Alec Holowka of being abusive during, and vindictive after, a brief relationship the two had some years ago. Several others stepped forward with similar accusations. Now the story has gotten sadder and uglier: Holowka has reportedly died by…

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Gamergaters never believed anything Zoe Quinn said — until Quinn signal-boosted accusations of abuse against a male feminist ex [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Alec Holowka’s sister reports that he has died, apparently of suicide. By David Futrelle #MeToo hit the gaming industry hard this week, with an ever-growing number of women and non-binary people coming forward to accuse men in the industry — including some big names — of rape and harassment and other forms of abuse.

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Hate, lies and video games: Six ways #Gamergate poisoned gaming and ruined the online world for the rest of us

By David Futrelle I recently appeared on the Australian radio show Stop Everything to talk about the poisonous legacy of Gamergate. (You can listen to the archived episode here.) So I thought I would expand a little on some of the notes I made for myself before doing the show, and get into a little…

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I’ll be on Australian radio tonight at 8 PM Eastern, talking about the legacy of Gamergate

So I’m going to appear on the Australian radio show Stop Everything on ABC RN tonight from 8-9 PM Eastern, talking about Gamergate and its legacy. (For those actually living down under, that converts to 10-11 AM Friday morning, Eastern Australian time.) The segment on Gamergate will take up roughly half of the hour-long show,…


I’m quoted in a NYT piece on Gamergate and its shitty legacy today

The New York Times has a fascinating collection of articles today on the fifth anniversary of the start of GamerGate, and how that media ethics crusade mob harassment campaign put in place a sort of template for the culture wars of the past several years, “jump[ing] out of the obscure fever swamps of the internet…

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Porn star Mercedes Carrera was a Gamergate icon. Now that she’s been charged with child sexual abuse, ex-fans pretend they never knew her

By David Futrelle Porn actress Mercedes Carrera was enthusiastically embraced by the Gamergate crowd after she spoke out in favor of the journalism ethics movement misogynistic harassment campaign in its heyday back in 2014.

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Mark Judge, Gamergater: Kavanaugh pal’s creepy 2015 attacks on Anita Sarkeesian look even creepier in retrospect

By David Futrelle I think a lot about this Tweet from Zoe Quinn:

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From the Archives: Candace Owens meets Gamergate — and things get weird

The Spring 2018 WHTM pledge drive will be wrapping up soon — and we’re still a ways short of what I need to get in order to make the site ad free! Please donate what you can! Thanks!  By David Futrelle Candace Owens — self-proclaimed “Red Pill Black” conservative — is having a bit of…

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