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Mike Cernovich accuses guy who trolled him at Politicon of being “a replicant, a demon” out to kill him

By David Futrelle Is loopy alt-lite “journalist” Mike Cernovich losing it? Admittedly, with Cernovich his normal behavior is already so bizarre it would be hard to tell, but his unhinged reaction to a guy who gently trolled him at Politicon the other day has me wondering.

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For Mother’s Day, give the gift of Mike Cernovich’s stupid face!

Looking for last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? Look no further! As we all know, there’s nothing that moms love better than t-shirts featuring the disembodied heads of horrendous dudes they’ve probably never heard of, so why not get them this ACTUAL T-SHIRT YOU CAN REALLY BUY NO REALLY featuring the grim visage of ALPHA JUICE…

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Mike Cernovich: The Soros of the far-right?

Did right-wing media troll and all-around terrible person Mike Cernovich just do the exact thing he’s been accusing financier George Soros of doing for months? Did Cernovich literally pay protesters to attend an event?

alpha males alt-right cerno drama kings

VIDEO: Drama King Mike Cernovich cries “I’m being assaulted” after terrifying gentle nudging at Austin rally

Correction: I thought this was at the Berkeley rally; it was actually in Austin. Mike Cernovich has taken his clowning to a whole new level. Watch as “one of America’s leading jouirnalists [sic]” — as he describes himself on his website — is brutally assaulted by a bloodthirsty mob of SJWs at a Tax Day…

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Mike Cernovich’s war on reality kicks into overdrive in the wake of Syria attacks

When events in the real world challenge our preconceived beliefs, most of us experience a sense of cognitive dissonance; the intellectually honest amongst us ultimately adjust our beliefs to account for these inconvenient truths. Others respond by inventing their own realities in which these truths are deemed falsehoods.

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Don’t stop not-believin: Mike Cernovich reverse-Tinkerbells the Washington Post

You could almost forgive Mike Cernovich for believing, as he certainly seems to believe, that he can alter reality with his mind.

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Deplora-LOL: Alt-Right Nazis turn on former ally Mike Cernovich, decent people rejoice

Mike Cernovich is a Trump-loving, conspiracy-slinging alt-right fellow traveler with a nasty habit of smearing people he doesn’t like as pedophiles. Now he’s become the target of a small army of trolls who have managed to pull off the difficult feat of being even more terrible than he is.

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Matt Forney raves: Mike Cernovich’s documentary Silenced is a “mediocre … slog!”

The 4th quarter 2016 We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now WHTM pledge drive continues! If you appreciate the blog, please donate what you can! THANKS!  Racist baby impersonator Matt Forney has said some ridiculously positive things about Mike Cernovich in the past, declaring the alt-right fellow traveler’s Gorilla Mindset book to be

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Mike Cernovich: Black men cause cops to shoot them by thinking that cops shoot black men

The 4th quarter 2016 We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now WHTM pledge drive continues! If you like the blog, please donate what you can! THANKS!  Apparently, the reason so many black people are getting murdered by police officers is that black people believe police officers are murdering black people. At least that’s what Twitter activist, “Gorilla…

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Milo swoons over Cernovich doc Silenced: “Technically, the film is sufficient for its purpose”

These are exciting times in the world of cinema. Mike “Juicebro” Cernovich’s new film long video Silenced — a documentary about a bunch of people who have not actually been silenced, as far as I can tell — has finally hit theaters Vimeo! And it’s getting rave reviews!

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