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Some people REALLY don’t want to hear what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has to say about masculinity

GQ Magazine just dropped a massive 7000-word article on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and to hear the reactions of some of her haters it’s as if it had been dropped directly on their toes.

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Sex robots will turn women into incels and possibly destroy the world but that’s ok if at least women suffer

Sexbot with her Chadbot boyfriend

I haven’t done a sexbot post in a while, but you can rest assured that the MRAs and antifeminists are still obsessed with the idea of making women obsolete with new technologies, in particular new technologies that have titties and can fuck.

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16 things that are unexpectedly woke

Woke Disney is hypnotizing your children!

“Woke” remains one of the right’s favorite buzzwords. It means everything and nothing and can be used to describe anything.

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Florence Pugh and the Boobs of Doom: Why one man wants those things put away before they make him go AWOOGA

Watch out lady, you’ll put an eye out with those things!

A lot of men spend a lot of time trying to grab a glance of tit. But when Midsommer star Florence Pugh wore a sheer top to a recent fashion event – showing off her boobs, nipples and all – angry men around the world told her to cover up.

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Lesbian feminists “want to spoil women,” by encouraging them to slut it up, destroying any value they could have had for men, Reddit weirdo explains

Lesbians, always up to something

So over on the AntiFeminists subreddit they’re discussing the important issues of the day. Like whether or not feminism is a giant grooming operation operated by “predatory lesbians” who want all the ladies to themselves.

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How to tell if that cute gal over there is a feminist, so you won’t accidentally date her

I spotted one!

Fellas! I mean, straight ones! Do you ever find yourself checking out a cute gal in the melon department in the supermarket and you want to ask her out but you’re not sure if she’s a feminist, which is important because you definitely don’t want to date one of those?

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Reddit antifeminists lose it over women referring to themselves as “actors” instead of “actresses”

Man actressing horrified

At one point in the Depp/Heard trial, Amber Heard referred to herself as an “actor,” instead of an “actress,” and some of the boys in the Antifeminists subreddit are evidently still pig-biting mad about it.

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MRAs react to Depp/Heard verdict with cheers, calls for male supremacy

Depp waves to his fans

Here are some reactions to the Depp/Heard verdict collected from the Men’s Rights subreddit.

antifeminism antifeminist women dude you've got no fucking idea what you're talking about memes misogyny

Damn those women and their generic memes!

I found this little screenshot posted in the Antifeminists subrreddit, and I sort of love that the ultimate putdown for women they can think of is “they share generic memes.”

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The real villain in the epidemic of mass shootings? Single mothers, Men’s Rights Activists say

Boys with single moms — future mass shooters?

Every new bit of news out of Uvalde makes me angrier and more depressed.

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