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Baffled MRA asks: Given that we live in a gynocracy, how the heck was Roe v Wade overturned anyway?

Cognitive dissonance is a thing.

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Alpha males lose it over lesbian feminist M&Ms

Earlier this week, the Mars corporation set off another culture war skirmish by launching a new, all-female package of M&Ms as a way of showing some sort of candy-related solidarity with the women of the world. “We’re celebrating women who are flipping the status quo, transforming the world around them to make it a more colorful and welcoming place for all,” the company declared.

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Men’s Rights activists are getting psyched up about artificial wombs again, hoping they will render feminism obsolete

Men! Grow your own baby in a tube to fight misandry

Artificial wombs are in the news again, not because they’re an actual thing for humans but because some guy made a video suggesting that soon they will be. Filmmaker and biotechnologist Hashem Al-Ghaili has put together a CGI-heavy fake ad for an imaginary “birthing facility” in which 30,000 fetuses could be simultaneously gestated in spiffy plastic pods.

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D’oh! Homer Simpson’s idiocy oppresses men, Men’s Rights Redditor explains

Homer Simpson: Not very bright

It’s an old comedic trope: Bumbling husband, sensible wife. From the Honeymooners to King of Queens, this trope is played out in countless sitcoms, old and (relatively) new. And no sitcom husband is quite so bumbling — and just plain dumb — as Homer Simpson, who couldn’t say or do a smart thing to save his life.

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Reincarnated Gertrude Stein roams the Antifeminists subreddit

Gertrude Stein lookin all Gertrude Steiny.

So I was scrolling through the Antifeminists subreddit, as one does, and I ran across a post that was just completely baffling.

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Men’s Rights Activists on Body Positivity — and why fat women (and men) SHOULD feel bad

Should Body Positivity be for men too — or for no one at all?

So the regulars in the Men’s Rights subreddit are talking about Body Positivity today. Yes, that means they’re talking about fat women (and men). And yes, it is the shitshow you might expect. Except maybe, somehow, worse.

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“Men in history did things for ungrateful women,” and other things I learned on Reddit today

It’s fun to learn on the computer

I learn so many things by reading Reddit on the regular. Here are a few historical insights I picked up on the Antifeminist subreddit today.

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“Marrying a woman today in her late 20s – mid 30s is like purchasing an expired carton of old, chunky milk,” asserts self-styled woman expert

So here’s a lovely little screenshot making the rounds on Reddit, featuring a fellow with some very bad advice for men considering marriage.

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Some people REALLY don’t want to hear what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has to say about masculinity

GQ Magazine just dropped a massive 7000-word article on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and to hear the reactions of some of her haters it’s as if it had been dropped directly on their toes.

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Sex robots will turn women into incels and possibly destroy the world but that’s ok if at least women suffer

Sexbot with her Chadbot boyfriend

I haven’t done a sexbot post in a while, but you can rest assured that the MRAs and antifeminists are still obsessed with the idea of making women obsolete with new technologies, in particular new technologies that have titties and can fuck.

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