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The real villain in the epidemic of mass shootings? Single mothers, Men’s Rights Activists say

Boys with single moms — future mass shooters?

Every new bit of news out of Uvalde makes me angrier and more depressed.

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The eugenic case for deadbeat dads, by some Red Pilled wanker

Red Pillers aren’t exactly big fans of single mothers, whom they blame for assorted social pathologies and generally refuse to date. But what about the missing fathers? Are they to blame for deserting the mothers in the first place?

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Incels offer touching Mother’s Day tributes to all the “whores who opened their legs”

By David Futrelle

Today is a very special day on the forums, because it’s a day of celebration for the women that incels love the most, their own mothers.

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Today’s almost completely unreadable MGTOW meme takes aim at single moms

Graphic designers weep.
Graphic designers weep.

This lovely meme, found in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, pretty unreadable even at full resolution. But it’s not too hard to see what point the meme-maker was trying to get across.

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Black women hate men and “do an [expletive deleted] job with their sons,” white MRA lady JudgyBitch explains

Black mothers: This woman has strong opinions on how you raise your kids
Black mothers: This woman has strong opinions on how you raise your kids

It’s not exactly a secret that the Manosphere, stuffed to overflowing with he-man women haters, is also full of racists. Some of them quite open with, and even proud of, their racism, repeating literal neo-Nazi talking points and comparing blacks to apes. Others, especially amongst the Men’s Rights Activsts, pretend to be above race, often portraying themselves as champions for black men while reserving their most virulent racism for black women.

Enter JudgyBitch, the slur-spewing A Voice for Men “social media director” — and white lady. A recent post on her blog asks the question “Black men are failing catastrophically – are Black mothers to blame?”

Can you guess what her answer is? Yes, that’s correct.

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Will a meme celebrating single mothers bring about the end of civilization? One Men’s Rightser says “yes.”

Men: A bunch of angry panda impersonators?
Men: A bunch of angry panda impersonators?

On Fathers Day, somewhere on the internet, the following meme was posted:


The Men’s Rights subreddit reacted, as it so often does, with manly indignation: how dare these women take our Fathers Day from us! Even by normal Men’s Rights standards for empty outrage this seems a bit much. After all, it’s not exactly news that a lot of women raise their kids by themselves, when the fathers of their children, refuse to act as, well, fathers to their children. Indeed, “financial abortions” — that is, consequence-free child abandonment for men — is one of the central demands of the Men’s Rights movement. 

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Spearheader: Put single moms in whorehouses so they can “pay their debts to society.”

Evil single mom neglecting her kids
Evil single mom neglecting her kids

I haven’t been keeping up with The Spearhead of late, but a commenter here drew my attention to the sort of timeless wisdom I’ve been missing from the Spearhead gang.

In this comment, DW3 offered his thoughts on how to combat the evils of single motherhood. The solution involves putting single moms in workhouses. To be more specific, in sex-workhouses — that is, whorehouses.

I think there should be whorehouses for single mothers to work at, to pay their debts to society. Such a system would kill several birds with one stone.

There would be safe and legal access to prostitution, presumably reducing the drugs and violence associated with the way the trade is currently practiced.

It would allow single mothers to learn the value of getting up and getting to work on time, so that they might aspire to a different career.

It would assist traditional families in steering their daughters and nieces and sisters in a different direction, with a very visible and well-known consequence to ignoring the families’ advice.

It would allow single mothers to give back for all the resources they consume, and ideally it could replace child support on some sort of sliding scale of pay for the workers. Perhaps starting at $50 paid per client, less $20 per child more than 1. That way, a single mother with 3 kids could still get $10, and more than that would be inclined to try to hide off the grid the way divorced and separated fathers now have to.

I have my own opinions about whether choice single mothers cause more harm than divorcees, but for this proposal I suppose that they should be treated differently. Divorced women would surrender their children to the father and have to pay half their whorehouse earnings to support the family, however they would get the full $50 regardless of the number of kids.

Perhaps the whorehouses could charge $80 for providing their services, with a modest 20% discount for married men who proved they had a family to support.

DW3 prefaced this comment with a line in which he notes that this idea might be a bit much even for the regular denizens of The Spearhead. But no one actually took issue with his proposals. Indeed, Lyn87 (a Spearhead regular I’ve written about before) noted that he’d had similar thoughts on the matter himself.

Since men are responsible to pay for the children that women they have sex with choose to bear (that is the stark legal reality – every child that is born is born due to the SOLE choice of the mother), then it stands to reason that:

Money paid to support a child = the obligation a man incurs by having sex with the mother.

Since having sex is enough to legally entitle a woman to a man’s money if a pregnancy ensues and she elects to give birth, shouldn’t taking a man’s money legally entitle him to have sex with the mother if he has not already done so?

Fair is fair, right?

My Modest Proposal: a single-mother-by-choice who takes public assistance should be required by law (as men’s financial obligations are), to have sex with any man who can produce a 1040 showing that he paid taxes in the past 12 months (at least once for each child).

The Spearhead: As reliably awful as stomach flu.


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The Coming Single Mom Crime Apocalypse: Not Really a Thing


Manosphere misogynists love fantasizing about a coming apocalypse, invariably caused by the bad behavior of feminists and/or women in general, and invariably resulting in feminists and/or women in general lost and forlorn and realizing their mistakes, returning to men begging for help and asking for forgiveness. Like Doomsday Preppers waiting for the planet to suddenly shift on its axis due to the sudden reversal of the magnetic poles, most of the apocalyptic misogynists don’t seem to have the faintest idea of what they’re talking about.

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Ann Coulter channels Men’s Rightsers in her latest attack on single women

All you single ladies get off my lawn!

While single herself, the always belligerent Ann Coulter seems to have a bit of a grudge against other single women — single mothers in particular. In a recent appearance on Fox and Friends, Coulter complained that the Democrats — and the media — were paying too much attention to what women think, and suggested that Romney could win the election without appealing to women — or at least to single women.

Ronald Reagan managed to win two landslides without winning the women’s vote, but it is as you say, it’s striking, it’s not the women’s vote generically, it is the single women’s vote. And that’s because single women look to the government to be their husbands and give them, you know, prenatal care, and preschool care, and kindergarten care, and school lunches.

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