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Black women hate men and “do an [expletive deleted] job with their sons,” white MRA lady JudgyBitch explains

Black mothers: This woman has strong opinions on how you raise your kids
Black mothers: This woman has strong opinions on how you raise your kids

It’s not exactly a secret that the Manosphere, stuffed to overflowing with he-man women haters, is also full of racists. Some of them quite open with, and even proud of, their racism, repeating literal neo-Nazi talking points and comparing blacks to apes. Others, especially amongst the Men’s Rights Activsts, pretend to be above race, often portraying themselves as champions for black men while reserving their most virulent racism for black women.

Enter JudgyBitch, the slur-spewing A Voice for Men “social media director” — and white lady. A recent post on her blog asks the question “Black men are failing catastrophically – are Black mothers to blame?”

Can you guess what her answer is? Yes, that’s correct.

According to JB, the only women who know how to raise black boys properly are … white women. Her evidence? A study that found

there are no significant differences in outcomes between black and white males with white mothers. [But] large differences persist between these groups and black males with black mothers.

So why might this be? JB, drawing on one of the explanations proposed by the paper, notes that

Black boys raised by white mothers tend to have distinctively white, rather than Black speech patterns. Barack Obama anybody? He sure is articulate for a Black guy /snark/. Those speech patterns allow Black boys to avoid a wage penalty as men.

JB apparently sees this as evidence of the parenting genius of white mothers. It’s not. If a black boy or man with “white speech patterns” is judged to be smarter than a similarly intelligent black boy or man who “talks black,” that’s proof, not of superior white parenting skills, but of the racism of the person doing the judging.

This is not actually complicated stuff, folks.

JB comes close, a couple of times, to acknowledging the racism at play, noting at one point that “[w]hite mothers … are treated differently by the school system [than black mothers], no matter what race their children are.”

But instead of exploring the possible roots of this “different” treatment — HINT: IT’S RACISM — JB decides to go after the central target of her deeply ignorant piece, those much-demonized black mothers:

I want to flip the question over and ask, rather than ‘what are white women doing right and what advantages do they have’, to ‘what are Black women doing wrong and why are they doing it wrong’?

This formulation is as revealing as her comments about schools: after momentarily acknowledging the advantages white women have, JB declares that she won’t be examining this question because she’d much rather be slinging shit at black women instead.

And sling it she does, declaring flat-out that “Black women do a shit job with their sons.”

And how did this happen? As JB sees it, back “when the recession hit in the 70s,” cruel government policies that denied

welfare for families with men in the home … effectively destroyed the Black nuclear family, and by extension, Black prosperity and community.

But the rest is all the fault of black women:

How easy would it be to take the resentment that ought to be directed against the policy and aim it instead at the man who is not allowed by law to support you? How easy would it be to turn that resentment into fury and outright hate? How easy would it be to decide “I don’t need no man anyways they can all go straight to hell”?

Pretty easy, apparently.

Then along comes feminism, making things even worse — by encouraging women, black women in particular, to think of themselves as heroes of their own lives.

Feminists are engaged in an all-out war against families, including Black families. Feminists convince Black women that struggling to raise children without the love and support and companionship of a man is a badge of honor: it is a sign of strength, courage, bravery, valor – it’s all rah rah rah you go girrrrl – if something in your life sucks, blame the man and that includes Black men.

Is it any wonder Black women resent and hate their sons? Is it any wonder they raise thugs and gangsters? Give those exact same boys to white women, who have been taught to a much, much lesser extent that they don’t need no man, and those boys become accountants and neurosurgeons and teachers and HVAC technicians and entrepreneurs.

But as much as JB wants to paint feminism as the big villain here, she can’t quite restrain herself from lecturing black women on what she’s decided are their failings:

White women raise Black boys better than you do, Black women. That should make you want to puke. It should make you crazy angry. It should make you want to scream and punch something and cry. You can’t blame all of it on racism and feminism, although those things play a huge role.

It starts with you and your relationship to your sons and their fathers.

Stop hating them. Start loving them. Understand that you have years and years and years of hate, egged on by feminists, to overcome. Black men need to trust you again.

Of the long list of things that JB — a Canadian white lady and stay-at-home mom — doesn’t know shit about, the lives of black women is probably pretty close to the top. But that doesn’t stop her from, well, judging black women and finding them wanting.

But what JB is indulging herself in here isn’t just racism; it’s that potent blend of intersectional hate, of racism and misogyny, that black feminist Moya Bailey calls “misogynoir.”

Like a lot of white people who enjoy pontificating about black people, JB’s attempts to educate herself on the subject are halfassed, laughably slipshod.

The notion that welfare has destroyed the black family is an ancient right-wing trope. JB’s “support” for this argument comes largely from a post on Discovering The Networks, a site run by right-wing gadfly and professional leftist-hater David Horowitz, devoted to exposing what he calls the “networks and agendas of the political Left.”

Fun fact: it is literally the first site that pops up when you do a Google search for “welfare ‘black families.'”

Feeling lucky?
Feeling lucky?

If you dig even a teensy bit deeper in the Google results, you’ll discover that JB’s “understanding” of welfare is what’s technically known as “wrong.” As Cynthia Gordy notes in a post on The Root, the rise of single motherhood in the black community was largely the fault of, well, the economy, stupid. (Well, the economy in a deeply racist society, that is.)

“What happened in the mid-1950s were technological changes that abolished unskilled jobs that most black men could do and created high-tech jobs that they couldn’t,” [sociologist Andrew] Billingsley told The Root, explaining that the advent of efficient, goods-producing machines drove millions of black men out of the stable blue-collar work force. “That’s what kept black families from getting and staying married, not the welfare system. To say otherwise is a misunderstanding of the data, and it’s a misreading of history.” …

[T]here is no public-housing eligibility requirement that excludes couples. Some states used to apply such regulations, but the Supreme Court struck those down in 1968.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of time, 1968 comes before “the recession [that] hit in the 70s.”

But who needs facts when you have prejudices?

That might as well be the slogan of the Men’s Rights movement.

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7 years ago


I can’t be bothered to dig it up right now (I should be in bed, it’s past midnight where I am), but I recall JB did do a post about the Canadian Genocide. She blamed it all on feminism.


this is the problem of stigmatizing poverty and making people jump through ever smaller hoops to get assistance. On previous threads I’ve advocated a universal basic income, which wouldn’t be enough to live on comfortably, but everyone could get it regardless of circumstance. It would be cheaper to orchestrate, and one advantage is that it would benefit people to live together and pool resources. But I don’t see it happening across The States, though they do have it in Alaska.


oops! At least you didn’t tell him it was a pile of crap. Oh no, that’s Chris Ofili isn’t it?


good point. But JB doesn’t do research unless it’s to back up her own prejudices. I’m guessing she didn’t even read ‘The Help’.

7 years ago

@smorkmaiden et al

Here’s some of her stuff. She’s a big fan of steve pinker and Richard Dawkins, genetic explanations of things, and evo-psych, it seems

My personal view, is that I’m not impressed. Though I’ll admit when I was in high school I thought like this, which perhaps also fuels why I am unimpressed.

I will admit that discovering the manuresphere played a big role in pushing me out of that mindset

7 years ago

Here’s more of her stuff:

Again not really impressed. And this used to be high school me. For me it was motivated by the just-world fallacy, as a teenager. Acknowledging injustice in the world was scary, especially since as a minority female, it wasn’t stacked i my favor, through no fault of my own. Teenage me didn’t want to believe it.

7 years ago

Anyway, here’s a blogpost that Richard Dawkins was attacking, whose attack he retweeted

7 years ago

Quite the gin-blossom on fair Janet’s face these days, huh? And she can’t even blame it on being a grad student, now that’s she’s flunked out 😛

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