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MRAs and GamerGaters rejoice after Minecraft guy mansplains mansplaining, uses c-word

Markus Persson: Mansplaining intensifies
Markus Persson: Mansplaining intensifies

Another HUGE VICTORY for Men’s Rights! Some guy on the internet told a woman that the term “mansplaining” is mean to men! And then he used the “c-word” a couple of times!

At first glance, this might not be seen as the HUGE VICTORY that it truly is, men’s rights-wise, but get this! The guy in question is the guy who made Minecraft! A VIDEO GAME that LOTS OF PEOPLE LIKE. Which makes his opinion on this subject really really super important, for some reason.

Naturally, the fellas who hang out in the Men’s Rights subreddit understand what a TRIUMPH this is for men’s rights. There are currently three posts on this WORLD HISTORIC EVENT in the subreddit’s top ten.


Over in KotakuInAction,the main GamerGate hangout on Reddit, the regulars are if anything even more AWAKE to this monumental achievement for all mankind. They’ve got FOUR posts on it in their top ten.


So let’s check out the Minecraft dude’s carefully reasoned argument, which he Tweeted out yesterday.

Jennifer Scheurle ‏@Gaohmee May 20 Let me make one thing perfectly clear: Mansplaining is a funny, but actually quite problematic and real issue. It silences women. 200 retweets 687 likes Reply Retweet 200 Like 687 More User Actions Follow Markus PerssonVerified account ‏@notch @Gaohmee No, mansplaining is a sexist term designed to silence men via gender shaming. RETWEETS 1,024

You can tell he’s totally right about this, and also quite BRAVE, because he got 3700 likes and retweets for it.

Persson went on to explain his PERFECT MANLOGIC in more detail.

Mikael Säker ‏@MikaelSaker 9h9 hours ago @notch @Gaohmee Wow. For real? You've never seen it happen to women? I have. Many times. 0 retweets 4 likes Reply Retweet Like 4 More User Actions Follow Markus PerssonVerified account ‏@notch @MikaelSaker @Gaohmee of course I've have seen that. I don't call it "mansplaining" any more than I call a car crash "womandriving". RETWEETS 142


Ha ha! Because this explainy thing that men do to women constantly but that women do to men pretty rarely is equivalent to calling car crashes “womendriving” because, ha ha, women can’t drive and are responsible for 90% of all car crashes no wait, that’s not even remotely true; the demographic group that is responsible for far more than their share of accidents is teenagers.

When one Twitterer suggested it might perhaps behoove him to listen to women on this issue, Persson quickly saw through this MISANDRIST OPPRESSION of men who want to talk pretty much constantly.

Gordon ‏@gordonzaula 13h13 hours ago @notch @thegreaterpoop @Gaohmee that’s not an advice, that’s the way I see my militantism. My only advice should be “shut up and listen” 0 retweets 5 likes Reply Retweet Like 5 More User Actions Follow Markus PerssonVerified account ‏@notch @gordonzaula Nobody should EVER "shut up and listen". RETWEETS 30

Gordon ‏@gordonzaula 13h13 hours ago @notch mansplainism currently prevents women from talking freely. In order to balance speech, those w have most of it have to listen instead 0 retweets 4 likes Reply Retweet Like 4 More User Actions Follow Markus PerssonVerified account ‏@notch @gordonzaula so you're going to use the term "mansplaining" to prevent men from talking freely? RETWEETS 17

Actually, Mr. Persson, as I have learned from years of doing this blog, there is no possible way to shut up men who want to inform you at great length of their opinions about feminism and what women are doing wrong. You can ban them from your comments, sure, but some of them will keep trying to post comments for months if not years afterwards.

And certainly Mr. Persson felt no need to shut up. Instead, he kicked his MANLOGICAL STEM LOGIC up a notch by unleashing the ultimate tool in the MANLOGICAL STEM LOGICKING toolkit. I refer, of course, to the c-word.

Markus PerssonVerified account ‏@notch Markus Persson Retweeted Harriet Stop #cuntfusing the issue by dismissing my words with a derogatory term about my gender.

Here he applied the MANLOGIC STEM LOGICKING directly:

Margaret Pless ‏@idlediletante 10h10 hours ago Manhattan, NY @CranBoonitz @notch is a dick 0 retweets 8 likes Reply Retweet Like 8 More User Actions Follow Markus PerssonVerified account ‏@notch @idlediletante @CranBoonitz and you're a c*nt.

But don’t worry, gals! He’s totally got your back! He’s an EQUALITYIST who’s all for equality between the genders and not for sexism at all!

Our Lady of Perpetua ‏@WismerTrashCry 10h10 hours ago @notch @Gaohmee holy. shit. you've gone full MRA. 1 retweet 11 likes Reply Retweet 1 Like 11 More User Actions Follow Markus PerssonVerified account ‏@notch @WismerTrashCry @Gaohmee no, I'm for equal rights and against sexism. Mansplaining is an inherently sexist term, used by sexists. RETWEETS 81

Huh. Apparently being into “equal rights and against sexism” requires one to go around calling women the c-word, which is TOTALLY NOT SEXIST because sometimes men get called “dick” which is TOTALLY the equivalent of the c-word., I mean it’s not like the c-word is widely considered the worst possible insult in the English language or anything.

Luckily, we have a KotakiInAction commenter called DaedLizrad to Gatersplain to us why it’s totally ok to refer to women with that special word.

Why is calling a man dick acceptable but dropping the c-bomb(seriously your too cowardly to use the word outside a quote?) is so reprehensible?

Its likely to be because of gynocentrism, even if you feminists refuse to accept(or even entertain the possibility) that society cares more about women than men you cannot convince me that feminists, both female and male, don’t clearly value women more than men, that is why treatment of a woman in the same exact way as a man is considered more abusive, because you don’t care about men as much as women.

You sit there and defend a sexist word designed to shame men for speaking to women about any topic, it is only used to tell men to shut up, like it was being used to there against Notch.

You sit there using and excusing gendered slurs against men while clutching your pearls screaming “think of the women” to the same treatment aimed at women, you feminists are all gynocentric and you c*nts can f*ck right off with your double standards.

Meanwhile, fellow KiAer Saddex took a moment of his time to let us in on what “mainsplaining” ACTUALLY is:

The thing with mansplaining is that, just with religion, it’s an unfalsefiable hypothesis. There is really no way to prove that it’s actually a real thing. Sure, might be a couple of assholes out there, but isn’t that same with women as well? Are you sure that if a man, or woman talks condescending to you, that it must be because of your gender? What about your personality, or the actual context? Did you say something just before that would be considered stupid by other people?…

I am going to treat people who tries to convince me that mansplaining actually is real thing like I treat people who try to convince me that god is real. You can believe if you wish but I rely on proof, and the burden of proof lies on the believer. It’s so satisfying to know that these people act just like religious extremists, should be compared to those and that you can use very similar argumentation to debunk what they’re saying.

Yes, what better way to debunk those ladies who get mansplained constantly than telling them they’re irrational fanatics who are seeing things that aren’t there, and that they probably brought this totally imaginary thing on themselves anyway by being such, well, the c-word thing.

All in all, an outstanding victory for the forces of Men’s Rightness and Ethics in Guys Who Make Video Games Calling Women the C-word.

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Whereas over here it was ‘as queer as a three dollar bill’.

And yes, I certainly remember stamps with ‘d’ for denarius, I mean pence, on them arriving in the mail from English friends and relatives.


(Another test was to get people to sing the national anthem; then get suspicious if they actually knew the third verse)

You mean Darling was a spy after all?

@ jenora

If you like obscure ‘throwback’ stuff like that you might find the Base 20 counting system that shepherds use for counting sheep over here interesting. There are various regional variations (I grew up with the ‘Yan, Tan, Tether….’ one). I’ve been told it might be the fossil remnants of a pre historic language (like ‘Eeny, meeny, mo’).

Probably turn out it dates from the 60s or something.

*reading the comments on the Eclipse Phase page*

Literally do MRAs all just have a script that someone discreetly mails to them when they decide to become an MRA, that has all of the talking points they’ll ever need, context and circumstance and location be damned?

Their teal deers are practically indistinguishable from one another, even when apparently written by entirely different people whom, I would assume, have never met each other.

@ Moggie

Ha, well it was very well researched for a comedy series (Oxford is a complete dump 😉 )

Oh, are we all here now?

I’m in the middle of a project with a deadline, so I wasn’t able to read all the comments.

But “Moses Supposes” was really cute.

And mansplaining? It seems to me that when a group has lots&lots of power, both currently and historically — the president’s a man and always has been; ditto for the pope, who also says that the status quo is unshakable; Congress is mostly men; heck, even God (allegedly) is a man — said group with lots&lots of power might try to have a sense of humor about a second, less powerful group naming an unpleasant behavior after the first group. Oh, sorry, was I womansplaining?

Twilight! I haven’t read any of the books, but saw the first movie because it looked romantic and I had to see what all the fuss was about. I have to admit that I (mostly) liked it. I found Kristen Stewart very watchable. I found the foggy, drippy, misty, mystical Pacific Northwest very watchable too. I liked the vampire aspect of it. The romance was soooooo romantic — until he stalked her. Dude, that is not romantic! And Anna Kendrick? I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t recall her, which is weird because I loved her in Up in the Air.

TW: Murder-suicide in the news

Are people following the murder-suicide at UCLA? This tragedy happened Wednesday morning. It appears that a student killed a professor.

The wave of panic and adrenaline, slew of campus alerts and swarms of police were all too familiar for Jeremy Peschard. The 22-year-old geography major transferred to UCLA from UC Santa Barbara, near where a student’s rampage left six people dead and 14 injured in Isla Vista in 2014 .

“It’s crazy to go through this again,” said Peschard, who said he experienced flashbacks of the attack as he hid inside a UCLA office. “It’s sad that it’s normalized at this point. It’s like I almost know the drill.”

TW: Murder-suicide in the news


Oh, and until very recently barristers charged in guineas. Some auctions are still conducted that way too.

It’s a classism thing; tradesmenare paid in pounds. Professionals are paid in guineas.

Britain catching every German spy might also have something to do with the fact that Canaris, the head of the German spy service, was a British agent.

(Well, not so much as British agent as a traitor to his country because of how little he liked the Nazi government. But it had the same overall effect.)

I think people become MRAs because they want a set of talking points to fall back on whenever they feel confused and cognitively dissonant, rather than having to come up with their own beliefs. Ironically, like many groups, they then self-congratulate for their individualism.

Or it might be because there’s only about a hundred of them and they spend all their time sock-puppeting. One or the other.

I really admire Boyle for that post. Considering that he needs sales in order to eat, and that Eclipse Phase isn’t exactly a huge seller anyway, that sort of principled stand takes courage.

@ axecalibur

That was great! I wonder if it is related to the counting sheep to get to sleep thing.

@ dalillama

Similarly barristers can go through the front door of a house but solicitors have to use the tradesman’ sentence. On the flip side though, unlike solicitors, we’re not allowed to sue for fees. There’s actually a little pocket on the back of our gowns where clients are supposed to discreetly slip our honorarium (I happily take cheques and BACS transfers though)

@ EJ

Having a source in the Abwher (whether it was Canaris, someone acting with his tacit approval, or someone independent still isn’t entirely clear) but it wasn’t that hard to catch them anyway. Some were spotted, some gave themselves up straight away and some were caught with the aid of previously caught spies (“We can hang you or give you lots of money; you choose”). We then ‘turned’ them and used them to supply duff info back to Germany.

We used a lot of double agents; not just captured spies but also volunteers. Garbo is probably the most famous but my favourite is Tricycle. His handler was Ian Fleming. On one occasion they were in a casino in France. Tricycle was carrying pretty much the entire MI6 budget for foreign operations in cash. He watched with disgust as a wealthy collaborator was using his financial clout to bully other players out of the chemin de faire game by making bids they couldn’t match. He joined the game and then dumped all the money (several tens of thousands of pounds) onto the table. The collaborator couldn’t match this and had to retire from the game and slink off.

Once Fleming had finished crapping himself he thought that incident might be a good basis for a story; and the rest his history.

Another test was to get people to sing the national anthem; then get suspicious if they actually knew the third verse

Paraphrasing Terry Pratchett from memory (rioters confronting the Watch in Ankh-Morpork):

“Morporkiaa, Morporkiaaaa…”

“Sir, they’re singing rebel songs!”

“That’s the national anthem! Admittedly it’s very badly sung, but that’s hardly a crime.”

@ EJ

Yeah, it is attested to by a few sources, but they may have just heard it from Fleming or Tricycle. Ben Macintyre believes it to to be true though because there’s various internal MI6 correspondence along the lines of “FFS! Don’t let Tricycle handle the cash any more!”

This guy Tricycle makes me think that maybe Jack Bauer from the TV show 24, who never, ever follows orders, isn’t completely fictional.

When I was younger, I thought that the doctors on M*A*S*H (the TV show) were so wacky as to be unbelievable. I never shared this opinion with my late mother, a nurse. She started watching reruns of the show around the turn of the twenty-first century. And she volunteered that the doctors were just like the young doctors she knew when she was in nurses training.

Mind blown.

Yes, I remember that video. Utterly adorable, especially the post-credits bit where the usher discovers her and lets her see the rest of the movie.

Well, for ‘throwback’ stuff there’s always the names of the smaller units we use for time:
pars minuta prima (first small part) – minute
pars minuta secunda (second small part) – second
Some languages still use the ‘third small part’, or 1/60th of a second, as a unit.

Linguistics is a fascinating subsection of history in many ways.

As for spies, from what’s been said here, at least part of the problem would have been the attitudes within the German forces. A lot of the older army in particular tended to be old Prussian nobility who didn’t like the Nazis. A lot of the navy weren’t fond of them either. You’d get a many people being rather half-hearted in their support and easy to sway, and a many people being so nationalistic that they’d have a hard time maintaining a cover.

It’s got to be difficult running an efficient spy network under a cult of personality. Especially if you don’t trust foreigners.

(I suspect the main reason Stalin’s worked as well as it did would be that most of his double-agents were volunteers from the disaffected elsewhere to start with, who didn’t necessarily have a good grasp of how things were actually running in the Soviet Union.)

Being a know-it-all isn’t restricted to gender. I’ve had both male and female know-it-alls try to tell me how to do my job/convince I didn’t see what I just saw etc.

Is it irritating? Sure! Did it happen because of their gender or because they’re an asshole?

I’m not discounting anyone’s experience, just not willing to accept based on the evidence that only males can be a know-it-all.

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