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Baffling MRA Meme of the Day: "Feminism creates equality like McDonald’s solves world hunger."


Actual "meme" found on the A Voice for Men Forums
Actual “meme” found on the A Voice for Men Forums

I found this “meme” on the A Voice for Men Forums, and it was too special not to share.

The AVFM “Graphics and Art” forum is kind of a gold mine for baffling and terrible “memes,” terribly drawn comics, and “graphics” that aren’t really graphics at all — like, for example, these graphically challenged entries:

O1wDDYovtywDmSDude, if you’re going to try to pass off a giant mess of words as a “graphic,” you could at least take ten seconds to proofread your, er, work.

This similarly verbose entry at least technically qualifies as a comic. The speakers are supposed to represent AVFM’s “Honey Badgers” facing off against some eeeevil feminists.


Some contributors to the “graphics” forum don’t even bother to make graphics themselves, hoping that others will be inspired to transform their ideas into brilliant works of art.

Alas, no one there has yet managed to turn this idea into a comic:

Cartoon idea – “the inevitable fate of Male Feminists”

Here’s my idea for a new cartoon (sorry, but I can’t draw for shit):

So you’ve got Michael Kimmel, PZ Myers, and David Futrelle, standing around talking together, each depicted with a human head on a praying mantis’s body. And the Kimmel mantis is saying something like, “Gosh, I think we’ve finally proven how valuable we are to the movement [Feminism]”.

You also notice a human head tucked in the corner of the room they’re standing in – it’s Hugo Schwyzer, with X’s drawn over his eyes.

And as they’re talking, you see another head roll in from the hallway, through an open door behind them. This time it’s Charles Clymer, and he appears to be freshly decapitated.

I would draw this myself, but, you know, I haven’t quite perfected my Michael Kimmel caricature.


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Phoenician in a time of Romans
Phoenician in a time of Romans
8 years ago

Was that last sentence directed at me, Aitch?

Her nickname of “Aunty Helen” in NZ isn’t a sign of disrespect

and she’s cool with it too.

We’re not pressuring her to be nice; her supporters have taken great pride in the fact that she’s hard as nails when she has to be.

8 years ago

Yeah it was. I was needlessly snarky though, I apologise. I didn’t fully understand the context.

8 years ago

“It does occur to me that one of the reason Black women get vilified by White men as being too masculine is that we are not nice, submissive or demure. We’re too loud, too assertive.
One of our standing principles in the Black community is that: “A Closed Mouth Does Not Get Fed”. For us, there’s no benefit to being nice just to be Nice.(Courtesy is very different from Nice.)”

It’s not just WHITE men..

How’s that working out for you now, eh?

8 years ago

Interracial dating worked out great for me, thanks for asking!

8 years ago

Does this mean I have to stop biting the heads off males after we’ve had sex? But I thought I was only sexing with the alpha males, so killing them reduced the pool of alpha male competitors for the beta males.

And there’s so many betas, apparently, that biting a few of their heads off won’t reduce the numbers dramatically. Plus it reduces the competition in that pool as well.

So evo psych demands I keep doing this. Sorry MRAs.

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