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MRA Comics Cavalcade, Part One: The Pigman and Pals

Reading this blog, you might get the impression that Men’s Rights activists lack a sense of humor. Not so! Some of them even make their own hilarious comics! I’d like to celebrate three of the finest MRA cartoons I’ve seen thus far in the first edition of what I’d like to call the MRA Comics Cavalcade. Click the thumbnails to go to the (full-sized) comics themselves.

In this edition of the popular The Pigman Cometh, the aforementioned Pigman, who has apparently killed a woman, dances with her corpse while spouting humorous remarks about how women and marriage suck. This comic is written by one dude, and drawn by another. Yes, it takes two people to produce masterpieces like this.Two separate people.


In this NSFW cartoon found on the blog Wimminz, two evil feminists talk evilly about divorce and park in a handicapped parking space. Just like real feminists would! And then a guy has sex with, apparently, some sex dolls?


And, finally, in this edition of plasticBrickAutomaton, an evil feminist door-to-door saleswoman tries to sell some dude a weird and incorrect caricature of postmodernism. The guy cleverly parries her attempts to indoctrinate him by attaching a baby to a balloon and letting it float away, to ultimately meet its demise. (One imagines.) This got more than 100 upvotes when it was posted to the Men’s Rights subreddit.

More MRA Comics Cavalcades to come!

365 replies on “MRA Comics Cavalcade, Part One: The Pigman and Pals”

I was somewhat freaked out by the comic, as “Pigman” is US military slang for a machine gunner. The rest is morbid, corpse bride stuff. Live in isolation if you must, but not metaphorically or actually dragging ladybits (as in bits of ladies) around like Ed Gein.

“The pussy tax is quite expensive yet I derive no benefits. Since my wealth is taken from me for womens pussy maintenance shouldn’t I have guarunteed access to any pussy I want? I am paying for it. Normally when I pay for something I actually get that something in return.”

Do you get a tank because your tax money pays for military expenses?

So NWO, gay men and boys who commit suicide aren’t manly enough for you? Last I checked, they are male…and their deaths were entirely preventable which is why they make the newspapers. And what about soldiers who commit suicide because of PTSD? We may not hear of specific soldiers who do this, but the phenomenon is certainly being talked about in the media. And a few months back there was discussions about how soldiers coming back couldn’t find housing and the government wasn’t doing much about it.

Suicides don’t generally make the papers because 1) there’s a stigma that goes with it that either these people were wimps or that they committed the ultimate sin. 2) society has a problem with men being seen as vulnerable which may be why the suicides of gay boys are written about (since society tends to see them as effeminate) and 3) suicides attempted or completed are fairly common and therefore not newsworthy and 4) chasing down bereaved family to hound them for their story seems like pointless cruelty when it isn’t a matter going before the courts.

NWO claims women can murder men and get away with it, and everybody knows this.

I think I will just leave this here, then.

And no, Lorena Bobbitt didn’t go to prison because she was found not guilty by reason of insanity. She has to live with people thinking she’s violently insane. Is that getting off scot-free?

Someone beat me to talking about how men apparently love living armpit-deep in cat feces. Aw man….

Eurosabra: Pigman is not mil-slang for a machine gunner. There was (past tense, not in service as an infantry weapon since about 1994) a machine gun (the M-60) which was called, “The Pig”, because it was heavy and akward (though it could, properly maintained, do yeoman’s work as putting fire on target, and the barrels were, so long as you didn’t shoot then until they warped, or melted, well-nigh indestructible).

But the guy on the gun was “Guns”, or the MG. Never, “pigman”. It’s not the way the US Army builds institutional nicknames. In my career, and spending time with lots of grunts, in the field and in garrison, I never heard anyone say that. I was never called that when I was hauling an MG around.

The present terms (as of 2008, when I left the Army) are, Gunner and SAW. SAW Gunner, at times, but that takes longer, and in a firefight who want’s to say something which takes longer?

Since my wealth is taken from me for womens pussy maintenance shouldn’t I have guarunteed access to any pussy I want?

So there ya have it, the source of owlslave’s fountain of rage from whence all other sub-rages flow…. “Women [or girls, rather] that I wanna fuck aren’t compelled to hafta fuck me, and that’s soooooooo not fair and sooooooo not right!!”

RE: Pam

Seriously. By this logic, because parents raise children, they should have the right to rape any child they want.

NWOslave, I shake my head at you.

Pillowinhell: I think another reason is that widely publicizing suicides can lead to copycat suicides and the general impression (especially among kids and teenagers) that it’s an acceptable course of action. Anyway I’ve heard that discussed in gay-rights groups.

NWO, I donate to control and treatment of schistosomiasis, because according to my research it is among the most effective forms of charity (it’s easily treated and massively underfunded). About 50% of the people with schistosomiasis are male.

Also, as a suicidal person, it would please me very much if you would stop using people with my illness as a gotcha in arguments.

Katz: Yeah, that’s a major concern with suicide awareness… I know that my attempt was covered up by my school for fear of copycats.

Hey, you thieving piece of filth, stop stealing my content. A complaint has been put in to Imgur and they have taken the stolen cartoon down. Next time this happens there will be serious trouble.

Note: Claymore is “the pigman.” The thumbnail now links to the cartoon on his web site. It is still terrible.

Also, he’s now screencapped several entire posts of mine and put them up on his blog here, along with some ranty crap about them and me. Yes, that’s right, he screencapped two entire posts from me in the very same post in which he complains about having his content stolen.

Hey Pigman… you might look at the doctrine of fair comment and criticism.

Bring the suit. You’ll lose. It will cost you money. You will have less time to draw cartoons.

Everyone wins.

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