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Return to Lesbos: Are lesbians the only good women?

The other day we met some Men Going Their Own Way who are so baffled by lesbianism that they simply refuse to believe that lesbians actually exist. But not all MGTOWers hold this position. Indeed, one new visitor to, a guy calling himself Chainsaw King, has a rather different take: Lesbians not only exist, he argues; they are in his opinion “the only good women.” Let’s hear him out:

Yes, I acknowledge the existence of Roise O’Donnell, Ellen DeGeneres, and whatever other celebrity lesbian you hate. …

But it would be foolish to judge all lesbians based on the evil that is Ellen.

I’m sort of involved with the gay community, which is something I reccomend to the people here if you have no problem with them. … Anyway, because of that I’m also friends with a lot of lesbians … Their personalities are likeable – and they show signs of empathy and intellect, to mention the least.

That sound you hear is a thousand tiny MGTOW heads exploding.

Yeah, there are some fat or butch loud whores and “bisexuals” who act like the typical woman. But I’m not even sure if they’re really lesbian; just man haters or something. Ignore them.

I’m not just saying this because I’m pro-gay or anything. I honestly couldn’t give a shit. It’s really remarkable; like if I had no exposure to lesbians and I read this post, I’d probably class it as bullshit. Meet some for yourself to prove it.

As you can imagine, this argument did not go over very well with most of the regulars. (The thread is short; I’m not going to bother linking to individual comments.)

Forum moderator MrLahey responded bluntly:

Being a lesbian removes the only incentive I’d ever have to interact with her. Catch 22 ? 😛

Goldenfetus, meanwhile, reiterated the “lesbians don’t exist” theory we examined the other day:

I’m not even sure I believe in lesbians. I have the vague impression it’s just a phase of man-hating or penis-envy-revenge that most women outgrow. The only one I know is a cousin who was always posting lesbo crap on Facebook when I still used it. She was more accurately ‘lesbian until graduation’ than full-blown, but still far from what you describe. The few others I have been exposed to were c****. Maybe I’ll accept this challenge to meet some in the wild, but I don’t know where, exactly, to begin.

Goldenfetus, even though I’m a straight dude I think in this one instance I can speak for the lesbians of the world when I say: Don’t bother to try to meet any actual lesbians. Just continue imagining that they don’t exist, and they will continue to imagine that you don’t exist, and everyone will be happy.

Most of the other commenters, while not denying the very existence of lesbians, were simply baffled by the notion that lesbians could possibly be decent human beings. “I thought lesbians usually hate men even more than straight women do,” Truyardy wondered. “I thought lesbians make up a large portion of the feminazi community.”

shade47, previously on record as a Lesbian Denier, seems to have changed his mind on this point. But he still doesn’t seem to fully understand the concept of lesbianism:

I’m calling big time bullshit on the origional poster. Awalt [All Women Are Like That] goes for lesbos too. Why hang out with a cool lesbo when you can safely hang out with a normal cool male friend. women are women noatter what is politically correct and if you and your super cool lesbo pal get really drunk one night and fuck it is exponentially more likely she will make a false accusation against you to save face… Never will happen with male friends.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that thing with the “super cool lesbo pal” is never gonna happen either.

Womanhater offered the most ingenious MGTOWer solution to the Lesbian Problem: He managed to express his deep hatred of lesbians –while simultaneously arguing that they (or at least 90% of them) don’t really exist. Let’s see how he pulled this off:

Dykes are women. That really is all that should need to be said.

I find that in my experience 90-95% of dykes are man-haters. There are indeed that delightful 5-10% that are just wired to like twat, but the other 90-95% are lesbo because they are either too hateful, broken, envious, whatever to sustain a relationship with a man. …

[N]o matter how you slice it, a dyke has 2 X chromosomes, and is therefore firmly beneath the AWALT [All Women Are Like That] umbrella in my book.

And that was pretty much the final word on that subject. Chainsaw King doesn’t seem to have returned to the thread to see the mess he’s created. Or maybe he saw it and fled in horror and disgust.

There were, however, a few other commenters who used the thread as an opportunity to vent their hatred not of lesbians but of gay men – or at least the “flamboyant” kind. I think you may be able to guess their main objection. Sam I Am was the most, er, eloquent of the bunch:

Flambuoyant gay men are just…. abnormal. They get really fucking annoying really quickly…

They are men, but they’re acting like bitches… like, on fucking purpose. That’s abnormal and annoying just like … I dunno.. a person who just talks too fucking much. Two — you can’t make up your mind whether you’re more annoyed at the abnormality of men acting and talking like women, or at the feeling that you’re just around a bunch of women, period.

I don’t think MGTOWers will be invited to march in any Pride Parades any time soon.

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“Remember that pussy is a biochemical WMD; wherever it is used, there is mass chaos and destruction.”

Spock tries to warn the Captain about the evil vagina.

The daffy, excitable Man Going His Own Way who calls himself MarkyMark may be my favorite manosphere blogger of all. Not only does he bring the lulz himself – who can forget the time he wrote a completely unironic point by point rebuttal of an Onion article? – but he also helps to bring attention to the equally stupefying work of others.

In his latest post, he directs our attention to some observations made by fellow MGTOWer Spock’s Disciple on the Happy Bachelors forum on the subject of pussy and its discontents. “This is good stuff, stuff my boys need to read,” Mark writes. “[Spock’s Disciple], like his hero, applied cold hearted logic when analzying pussy. The Force is STRONG with that one!”

Yes, he actually wrote that. I don’t think it’s a joke. I think he honestly does not know that there is a difference between Star Trek and Star Wars. How that is possible, I do not know.

Anyway, on to the eminently rational Spock’s Disciple, reflecting on the irrational power of the ladybits:

Remember that pussy is a biochemical WMD; wherever it is used, there is mass chaos and destruction.  How many wars and conflicts have been fought at the urging and behest of women? More than any honest man would admit to and would be proud of.

Young men are apparently helpless in the face of the punany:

The need for pussy is a very real and built in addiction for men.  We are hardwired by nature for sex and procreation. … [T]he sight and sound of pussy blinds younger men and allows them to be controlled by women though their hormones.

The, uh, SOUND of pussy? If I had to pick just two (or three, or four) sensory experiences relating to the vagina that would be generally considered appealing to heterosexual males, I’m not sure “sound” would make the cut.

But eventually even the horniest dudes start to get less horny – and thus less hypnotized by the power of the pussy. The only trouble is that by the time they lose interest in sex most of them are married, and they’re now stuck with the woman whose vagina formerly had them in thrall. It’s a grave injustice.

[W]hen most men pass the age of 30-35, they begin to awaken from this biochemical “dream” and what do they awaken beside? What do married men look forward to the next 30-50 years of their lives? Sleeping with a living corpse, which continues to torture and destroy them day by day? Looking forward to the time when the woman undergoes the process of metamorphosis, into a completely insane mummy (menopause and post menopause)?

This seems a tad alarmist. I mean, if your wife turns into a monster zombie-mummy – as all women apparently do after they hit their mid-thirties – you could always get separate bedrooms.

But Obi-Wan’s Spock’s Disciple has a more radical solution: don’t get into bed with the ladies in the first place!

Pussy is indeed way overrated and if younger men could get a shot of “anti-testosterone” for a few weeks, they could see through the eyes of men who are 40+; without the haze of hormones, you cannot believe how much farther you can see! It’s the difference between seeing the horizon through LA style smog and seeing the horizon from a high mountain in the Rockies.

Pussy is a man’s Achilles heel; once that man realizes this and takes the appropriate steps, he’ll never lose his peace of mind again.  To these skeptical young men I say, there is an infinitely vast arena where you can have anything you desire, and can succeed at anything you wish to try for; all you have to do is see women for what they truly are, and become a master of the beast within; once you do that women’s true face will be visible to you, and you’ll never again partake of that foul potion.

It is possible to tame that beast, and indeed it is a certainty that you will learn much from the process of taming it; all it takes is patience and time. Look at your fellow men, your brothers in arms, and look at their almost invisible chains, and wonder at why you would desire such an existence for yourself?

And, hey, if all else fails, MarkyMark adds some advice of his own: pay a visit to Pamela Handerson before going out on the town with one of those vagina-people.

[T]here is one thing that the younger men can do until their sex drives die down permanently: masturbate before going out with a woman.  … To put it another way, since the little head had been, shall we say, quieted down, the bigger head could work properly; the bigger head will then allow you to see a woman for who she REALLY is. 

If you’re a fan of Spock, and looking for appropriate masturbatory material, might I suggest this?

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Bla bla pussy cartel bla bla cock blockade

Don't put the pussy on a pedestal. Unless it's this pussy.

The blogger Fidelbogen likes to think of himself as some sort of grand theoretician of “counter-feminist” thinking. Which means that his posts are usually far too long and ponderous to read, much less to write about. His ideas – at least judging from the few posts of his I’ve had the patience to wade through — are really not much more advanced than your typical MRA; he’s just much more pretentious (and long-winded) about it.

He is, in other words, the sort of guy who could take 3000 words to explain the rather basic MRA notion that women control men with their vaginas.

I mean that quite literally. Our excitable MGTOWer friend MarkyMark recently drew his readers’ attention to a 5-year-old post by Fidelbogen with the enigmatic title “Ideas Which Go Against the Grain,” which offers, yep, a 3000-word précis of the evils of pussy power. Perhaps against my better judgement, I’ve decided to give it a detailed look. Strap in!

I’ll give him credit for one thing: despite his vague title, Fidelbogen states his thesis quite plainly at the start:

Female sexuality is raised high upon an altar like a golden calf. Male sexuality is looked upon as a ratty old kitchen chair with a cracked vinyl seat, under suspicion of mildew.

Well, ok, not the very start. Right about here:

This disparity, this imbalance, this . . . . inequality, accounts for most of women’s power over men. By extension, it accounts for a great deal of feminism’s leverage in the realm of gender politics.

In other words: vagina=power.

I leave it to the poets to wax lyrical about the mysteries of the eternal feminine, and to the psychoanalytic priesthood to plumb its shadowy depths. As a political tactician and theorist, it is my cold-blooded task merely to figure out how the world works, blabbity blabbity bloo.

Ok, those last three words are my paraphrase of his argument. Focus, Fidelbogen, focus!

The higher valuation assigned to female sexuality generates a seller’s market for women in the so-called game of love. That is how the world works; women do not queue or cluster in quest of men’s favors. No, it is nearly always men who act this way around women.

And this leads to, yep, the dreaded Pussy Cartel:

Deprived of euphemism, the case is this: women have cornered the market on sexual intercourse, and are able to dictate the price and the accompanying politics much as OPEC might set the terms for oil. …

Understand, that the higher valuation of female sexuality translates into both female power and loss of male power. Since female supremacy is feminism’s driving ambition, it makes sense that the women’s movement has undertaken to siphon power away from men using every siphon hose imaginable.

Normally, I would assume this last bit was some kind of sniggering reference to blowjobs. As Fidelbogen seems to be utterly without a sense of humor, I have to assume it’s merely a belabored metaphor.

So how do the evil feminists siphon away male power? By driving along some sort of road:

Certain lanes, deeply rutted by age-old usage, serve handily along feminism’s route to power.

So after siphoning their way down this road, we (and the evil feminists) arrive at what I’ll call (to keep Fidelbogen’s metaphor going) “Courtship Lane.”

The word “courtship” is revealing. Men are the “courtiers”, which is to say lackeys or sycophants who wait upon the pleasure of their “lord”. In courtship, more often than otherwise, women hold all the cards. Feminists, being women, are well aware of this. But they are also aware that the realm of courtship, while being women’s greatest zone of power over men, is likewise a critical link in the chain of power which binds men specifically to the designs of feminist domination.

After a bit of empty rhetoric, Prof. F continues:

Most women are aware of their superior sexual bargaining power. And many women have been politicized to some degree (more or less) by feminist ideology. This latter group will most certainly carry their politicized outlook into the sexual bargaining arena, and in their minds both feminist ideology and the knowledge of their age-old power will meld together into a troublesome sort of hybrid entity.

Fidelbogen, alas, does not take the opportunity to name this dastardly “hybrid entity.” Let’s just call it THE FEMIGINA!! (In all caps, with two exclamation points.)

At this point, Prof. F loses what little steam his argument has, and begins prattling about this and that and the evils of feminism. I will attempt to convey the gist of it with the following excerpts. In order to truly capture the flavor of it, I will replace the traditional ellipses – used to indicate excised material – with the phrase “blabbity blabbity.”

Blabbity blabbity to gauge the extent of feminist indoctrination among the female population would be like measuring the spread of a gaseous substance with a rubber band. Blabbity blabbity [f]eminism has blabbity blabbity secured a tremendous power over men by means of a momentous bio-political conjunction. Blabbity moral corona of the ideology blabbity female noosphere blabbity blabbity feminist-tinted spectacles blabbity blabbity the path lies clear before us.

And then he comes to his point:

Men should cease to value female sexuality beyond a certain fixed rate. Once the cost exceeds this rate, the value should fall to zero—leaving the purveyors in their deserted market stall.

Yep. That’s right. He’s talking about what we here on Man Boobz know as the Cock Blockade.

Blabbity blabbity it would go against nature blabbity blabbity laborious gritting of teeth. Blabbity blabbity supremely human accomplishment. Blabbity blabbity we are more than simply animals.

And he comes to another point:

Devaluation of female sexuality would alter the balance of power between the sexes. There would come a point where a man, any man, could make the personal choice to cast loose from women altogether—in all but the peripheral aspects of his life.

Go your own way!

Blabbity blabbity men would need to cut each other some slack blabbity blabbity stop competing with other men in the customary arena where female flesh is the prize. Blabbity blabbity. The question “are ya getting any?”, along with the adolescent mindset it signals, would be out of place in this altered scheme of things.

And this would put the ladies in their place – standing lonely in their vagina stalls, gamely trying to interest men in their now worthless vaginas.

Women would be the courtiers, the ones who queue and cluster. Deny women their fundamental age-old power, and feminism would find itself reeling in shock as though from a serious blood loss. The best way for men to free themselves from the boa-constrictor grip of feminism is to free themselves from the power of women.

So now I have the image of lady boa-constrictors with head wounds standing in a line, displaying their boa-constrictor vaginas with a sort of desperate hopefulness to the wholly uninterested men who pass by.

After a good deal of blathering so tedious it’s not even worth quoting in part, Fidelbogen begins to ponder the power of “no.”

[M]en must play hard to get. They must learn to exercise the very same option which has historically been the province of women, namely, the power to say NO.

Saying no lies coiled at the very heart of playing hard to get. Saying no signifies a withdrawal which generates a vacuum along its line of retreat, and this vacuum by its draft draws the other into a pursuit by default.

I feel a bit of a breeze myself, but I think that’s just because Prof. F is talking a lot of wind.

Let’s move from breezes to earthquakes:

The changes I am discussing here would amount to a tectonic realignment of unquestionably world-historic magnitude. An inversion of the Victorian pedestal.

The old way of doing things, Prof. F tells us,

I have decided to call it the pussy paradigm—a somewhat vulgar expression to be sure, but it has the common touch!

Ironically, the common touch is something hetero dudes will have to become masters at if they swear off the ladies. Prof. F continues:

So, this pussy paradigm belongs in the category of things which predate feminism’s arrival in the world. And when the feminists got here, they saw in a flash where their advantage lay, and they closed in, and they threw a harness around it.

They threw a harness around a paradigm?

The heart of feminism is female supremacism, and the heart of female supremacism is the pussy paradigm. Remember this if you remember nothing else.

So what does Prof. F call his pussy-optional way of doing things? The “optionality paradigm.” That is, dudes can have sex with women or not, whatever they want, and shouldn’t pressure one another to score with the ladies.  (I’m not quite sure how, in Professor F’s economic model, the price of pussy can be reduced to zero if some dudes are still interested in it, but I confess that I only sort of skimmed that bit of his post. Life is short, and Fidelbogen’s posts are long.)

More blabbity blabbity:

The future, in theory, should see a migration of the optionality paradigm toward the center of the map within hetero-normative male culture, along with a corresponding displacement of the pussy paradigm toward the perimeter. This would exactly reverse the present disposition of forces. The optionality paradigm would, at that point, become the ruling paradigm.

After reading this turgid turd of a paragraph , I decided to cut my losses and skip directly to Professor F’s grand conclusion. Which turns out to be neither grand nor much of a conclusion:

My endeavor in writing has been to flesh it out somewhat. To write about it is to give it a form, to make the inchoate choate, to fashion an anchor of words that can hold things usefully in place so we can discuss them, if need be, with a view toward implementation and concrete action. The time to draft contingency plans is now. Put these ideas in your thinking cap and ponder their utility.

Even better, put them in a small bag, weigh it down with rocks, and toss it into the nearest large body of water.

Jesus, this turned into a long post. Still, it’s only about half the length of Prof. F’s original.


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Do MGTOWers just want to cuddle? (Possibly with robots?)

MGTOW nightmare: Sexy robot ladies turn out to be stuck-up bitches.

Are MGTOWers all a bunch of closet romantics? In a recent discussion of some research which concluded that men value kissing and cuddling more than women in long-term relationships, a number of the regulars on confessed that they … actually missed the affections of women.

BeijaFlor reported

I’ve gotten along for decades without sex OR cuddling. And I miss the cuddling, the snuggly affectionate feel of a loving partner, FAR more than I miss the sex. That’s one reason why I don’t call the call-girls; all they offer is the sex.

Golem added:

I’m going to have to agree with the touch thing, too. Hell, I can cut my own hair, but I’ll still drop the cash to have it done with a wash and a scalp massage just for the contact.

That’s actually just really … sad.

Even Nightstorm2516 — the legendary theorist of the Mousetrap Vagina – offered a poignant confession of his own:

I don’t know anyone elses reasoning for cuddling over sex but my own personal reason would be a huge deprivation in my life of affection. I get zero from women so thats a no-go for me. My male friends think hugging is gay via society programming so men show affection by “bumping fists” and “being cool”. My dad IS anti-affection. My mom showed me some affection, but she was so busy working to the bones, I don’t think I ever got enough. My sister and brother never showed me any love.

I think I value cuddling just because its something I never got to do. 26 Years without affection.. dam thats a long time.

That’s actually sort of heartbreaking – at least until I remember that this is the same guy who once argued that vaginas were like strange venom-injecting mousetraps:

This poison … creeps into the male brain and literally makes him stupid, it shuts down his intellect, and activates all his hormones for more pussy. She’s got the bastard. Now she can slowly but surely take all his wealth and keep pumping more poison into him.

It sucks – I mean really, genuinely sucks — that you got no affection from your parents, dude. But if you view women as monsters secretly plotting to entrap you with their vagina-poison, you’re not likely to get a lot of affection from them.

If you want to live a life that has more to it than bitterness and misery, get yourself off of and find a good therapist.

And whatever you do, don’t listen to avoidwoman, MGTOWforums’ budding futurist, who thinks he’s got a woman-free solution to the affection deficit: perfectly realistic robogirls, which he predicts will be here in 2030. (Let’s just hope they’re a bit more reliable than the Cherry 2000 model.)

Yep, we’re back to the topic of sexy robot ladies.

In several comments in the thread, starting with this one, avoidwomen explained his waiting game:

I personally don’t even care for sex and I never want it. I would love romance, such as cuddling and kissing but not with human women, only women substitutes! …

I will get the chance to cuddle as much as I want by 2030 with robogirls and probably earlier when VR technology becomes advanced enough for the simulation to feel realistic. …

The few times I got the chance to be romantic with women, I really enjoyed it and never thought of going “further” or being “sexual” whatsoever. …

Then we got a reminder of just why he’s not getting affection from real, live human women:

Nowdays I just avoid women like the snakes they are! …

I am no white knight in real life, I will not protect a woman. But when VR and robogirls come, I will hold them in my arms. My robogirl will protect me outside the house and inside the house, I will cuddle and hold her. 🙂

Someday, his robotic princess will come.


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Maybe she’s just not that into you, because women are incapable of love

Maybe the MGTOWers just need a hug from this strange bald man with no pants. Or toes.

Sometimes the fellows on get all philosophical on us. At the moment they are discussing a question of great import:  Are women incapable of love to the degree men love?

I suspect you can guess their unanimous answer – women are incapable of love — which is pretty much what you’d expect men who hate women to say about women and love. Some highlights:

Fairi5fair thinks women are monsters; he just can’t figure out which kind:

Women are just incapable of love period. The thrill of being able to use her pussy to get free shit is what women mistake for “love”. …

They are cold, grasping, selfish, and heartless parasites. They have no souls. They are all vampires. Undead zombies lurching from meal to meal.

Wait, so are they vampires or are they zombies? I think I can handle either one by itself, but if they are both at the same time we’re doomed!

Goldenfetus seems to be smoking something powerful:

Yes, they are less capable of love than men, or totally incapable.

One possibility I’ve considered is that in a natural … environment male ‘love’ (platonic) would be reserved only for other men, while women would be viewed as property or objects of reproduction whose value was derived from fertility and subservience without any basis in ‘love’ reciprocation. If so, I would identify feminism as the factor that misled men into extending this love, disastrously, to females – tricking them into believing that females have souls and are like males.

Loving a woman is like trying to pet a toilet, water a sandwich, or plow a parking lot and then wondering why you aren’t getting results. The defect (of understanding) lies with the man loving an object incompatible with love, rather than in the female whose nature precludes reciprocity.

Arctic thinks it’s all about the Benjamins:

Love to a woman is a man who is their servant 24/7 365 a day. …

The idea of love involving sacrifice to a female is as foreign as periods are to men. Why should she care about a relationship involving sacrifice on her part, when she is taught all her life to exploit men for her own uses? Sacrifice herself for a mere man? WHY? Why, when beta males are selling their souls to sniff her crotch? …

[I]ts safe to say the idea of women being in love begins and ends at the ATM of her committed male asset.

The Accomplice agrees:

Women do not seek love or companionship. Their main objective is to find a man of the highest status possible (Richest men, the toughest guys, most popular guy etc) who will protect them, provide for them and satisfy their selfish desires. … [T]he majority of women are too weak physically and mentally to do these things on their own, hence why they always chase after men …

A women’s idea of love is all hypergamy, nothing more.

Superion goes all Evo-Psych on us:

Women are incapapble of love is the great, horrible secret that society has tried to hide from men since the dawn of time.

Women are physically and mentally weaker than men.

In order to survive and pass on their genes they need the resources of the strongest and best providing male available.

To do this, women rely on beauty and guile to trick a male into being her slave.

Women do not love.

For men, love is a self-delusion.

We trick ourselves into wasting our resources on one particular female.

This makes no sense so we tell ourselves we’re in love to justify it.

Such an unromantic bunch! Maybe this will cheer them up.

Actually, screw them. Maybe it will cheer me up:



And if that didn’t do the trick, how about this?



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Garfield’s John Arbuckle becomes an MRA, or a PUA, or possibly an MGTOWer

You need a cat to keep you company, dude.

Actually, I’m pretty sure he’s been Going His Own Way pretty much since the strip started.

This is borrowed from the fabulous Garfield Minus Garfield. Thanks to speedlines on the Man Boobz Forum for finding this.

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Man Boobz Super Fun Time Video Party 3: In God’s Hand

It’s time once again for another episode of Man Boobz Super Fun Party Time Video. Today, the tiny bunny and small dog present a little something taken from the blog Traditionalist Christianity. It’s taken from a discussion of how hard it is to find a good woman in this world, since all women are whores. (I’m paraphrasing.) You will find the full quote below.

The whole thing is just an excuse for a masturbation joke. (Or is it a joke?)

Also, I’m aware of the typo in the video. It would cost a couple of bucks to re-edit and fix this. I would rather have that money for myself.

The quote (from here):

There aren’t enough quality women to go around, even outside of this country.

When I was seeking a wife, I’d already decided that if I didn’t find a decent woman, I’d just live a celibate life, and put it in God’s hand.

Sometimes this shit just writes itself.

bad boys beta males evil women I'm totally being sarcastic men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW MGTOW paradox misogyny pussy cartel sex thug-lovers vaginas

Digital twats vs. the Pussy Pricing Cartel

Like women, pandas are too lazy to have sex properly.

So, porn. Apparently women just HATE it, and a fellow calling himself Womanhater over on the MGTOWforums is here to tell us the REAL reason why.  Well, reasons. Obviously, everybody already knows

that porn makes men not have to deal with women, and therefore lessens the value of the snatch mafia and the pussy pricing cartel.

But, Womanhater thinks “there may be another factor at play.” Let’s let Mr. Hater explain:

[W]e all know that twats will throw sex at a man and lie to him endlessly to seduce him into legal slavery/marriage. But porn makes the sex she has to throw at him much more unpleasant.

Remember, sex is pretty unpleasant for most women to begin with:

We know that that vast majority of twats either do not enjoy sex at all, or they only enjoy it with thug cock. As such, they have to engage in a physically unpleasant activity with a man they’re not physically attracted to, but only financially attracted to.

But then along comes porn, and suddenly women discover that they have to actually make an effort as well:

Porn means that she cannot simply spread her legs, lay there like a dead fish, and let her victim bust his nut. Porn has made her have to act now too. She must work much much harder to emulate the digital twats her victim has been seeing for a decade or better, and only a true sociopath can fake emotion that well that long.

Also, they can’t get away with being big fat fatties either:

Porn has also raised the expectations of her victim vis a vis her physique, which as we all know is a challenge for Western women these days.

In the end, it all comes down to sheer laziness:

In short, if the twat wasn’t lazy, she’d not be trying to loot a man. And that laziness is exactly what has porn has challenged. While there’s still plenty of victims in the world for the vile cunts to loot and torture, they’re having to work much much much harder to do it now, and THAT is why the twats dislike porn.


evil women I'm totally being sarcastic men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW MGTOW paradox misogyny penises sex

Female troubles

Truly, they is.

JayJet of Happy Bachelors has a few wise words for men who think it’s even possible to have a “friendship” with a female of the species:

The reason friendships are so tough to maintain with women is that women are conditioned to “use” you. Meaning, if they don’t see you as a romantic partner, they will consider you platonic-friend/cuddle-bitch/money-tool/emotional tampon so you can meet their needs at your expense. …

You’re better off not having friendships with women for these reasons. Your purpose for being with a female is simple: Sex. I’m sorry but anything beyond that is a road filled with pain.

But it could be worse. They could be alien females. And we all know what they do.

That’s right. They inhale your gonads. And not in a sexy way, either.

Let’s let Eddie Murphy explain, in this clip from Bowfinger (which for some reason won’t embed here properly).

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The Regender Challenge

The other day Darksidecat introduced me to what I now consider to be the Greatest Webpage Ever (this week): Regender, a handy tool that will take any web page and, well, regender it, turning male pronouns and references into female and vice versa. It even works with names.

Following Darksidecat’s lead, I have started plugging the writings of some of my favorite manosphere misogynists into the magical regendering machine. The results are, well, instructive.  And frequently hilarious. As DSC noted, Roissy and MarkyMark are perfect for this sort of treatment.  As is, I discovered, MarkyMark’s longtime pal Christopher in Oregon.  Here’s what happens when Christopher of Oregon becomes Christine of Oregon with the help of regender, and all the horrible shit he wrote about women becomes the horrible shit she wrote about men:

Men are whores. They are far more likely to have STD’s than women. Be aware of this. Handle with extreme care. Men are filthy, and they will lie about their infections. Condoms will NOT protect you. …

Men are walking cesspools of filth! Most of them have or will have a permanent STD infection. It is unavoidable. These are FACTS, and not the rantings of an unstable misandrist.

(I’m a very STABLE misandrist, thank you kindly)

Men are DIRTY creatures, pure and simple. Be dignified, and don’t lower yourself to engaging in any filthy behavior with them. You WILL be infected with the diseases they are carrying. A moral, dignified woman does NOT rut like an animal with one of these creatures. Sexual intercourse and oral sex are filthy, disgusting activities, and ruin a woman morally. They spread disease.

Elevate yourself above such filth of the flesh. …

Do not lust after men in your mind. Masturbate only as a last result to relieve tension. Do not lust after men sexually. It weakens you.

Goddess made woman in Her image, and men was made in the image of Satan. Squeal all you want, but history proves me right. A man is a test; a stumbling block for woman. Our life is an adventure. A journey. A pursuit of our creator, and a pursuit of excellence in our personal lives. A man and his filth is part of the obstacle course set before us. If we are wise, and avoid them, we will grow stronger as a result. We will finish the race successfully.

Men was not put here to support us as such, and we will only grow stronger if we AVOID his snares. ..

Christine in Oregon

Woah. Critics of Man Boobz often say that feminists are “just as bad” as the guys I quote. Well, if they were, the posts on their blogs would look a lot like this regendered post.  I ask all of you: have you ever seen something so grotesquely misandrist on any feminist web site? I thought not.

Here’s a challenge for all of you: See if you can come up with a regendered post that tops this one from “Christine in Oregon.” You can draw from old posts of mine, or go poking about in the manosphere yourself. Post your results in the thread below, along with a link to the regendered web page you got them from. I’ll highlight the best in a future post.