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Garfield’s John Arbuckle becomes an MRA, or a PUA, or possibly an MGTOWer

You need a cat to keep you company, dude.

Actually, I’m pretty sure he’s been Going His Own Way pretty much since the strip started.

This is borrowed from the fabulous Garfield Minus Garfield. Thanks to speedlines on the Man Boobz Forum for finding this.

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The Man Boobz Challenge meets The Men’s Rights Subreddit

It would be nice to be able to respond to this steaming pile of bullshit on Reddit’s Men’s Rights Subreddit, but I have been banned there for the crime of including the subreddit in my “boob roll.” (I’m not going to set up a sockpuppet account to comment.)

MR redditors are of course allowed to comment here, as are the moderators of that subreddit. Even though they are boobz.

Here’s the thread in the Man Boobz Forum in which Holly posted the Man Boobz challenge.


man boobz forum self-promotion

Ok, now it’s REALLY alive! The new improved Man Boobz Forum is up!

Click on me to go to the Man Boobz Forum!

Ok, folks, the Man Boobz Forum is now REALLY up, and on a platform that I think will be better than the one I originally chose. It’s got more options (for me and for you all), looks a bit sleeker, and doesn’t force your gender into a box! Go here! Register! Post!

If you registered and/or posted on the original forum, up briefly earlier today, sorry! There’s no way to transfer your registration or comments over to the new forum , so you’ll have to register again. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience but I think the benefits of the new platform will more than make up for it.

Thanks Ami, for advice and help in setting up the new forum. And thanks, Sarah, for seeding the old forum with some great topics. I’m going to transfer those posts over myself.

See you there!

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