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Do MGTOWers just want to cuddle? (Possibly with robots?)

MGTOW nightmare: Sexy robot ladies turn out to be stuck-up bitches.

Are MGTOWers all a bunch of closet romantics? In a recent discussion of some research which concluded that men value kissing and cuddling more than women in long-term relationships, a number of the regulars on confessed that they … actually missed the affections of women.

BeijaFlor reported

I’ve gotten along for decades without sex OR cuddling. And I miss the cuddling, the snuggly affectionate feel of a loving partner, FAR more than I miss the sex. That’s one reason why I don’t call the call-girls; all they offer is the sex.

Golem added:

I’m going to have to agree with the touch thing, too. Hell, I can cut my own hair, but I’ll still drop the cash to have it done with a wash and a scalp massage just for the contact.

That’s actually just really … sad.

Even Nightstorm2516 — the legendary theorist of the Mousetrap Vagina – offered a poignant confession of his own:

I don’t know anyone elses reasoning for cuddling over sex but my own personal reason would be a huge deprivation in my life of affection. I get zero from women so thats a no-go for me. My male friends think hugging is gay via society programming so men show affection by “bumping fists” and “being cool”. My dad IS anti-affection. My mom showed me some affection, but she was so busy working to the bones, I don’t think I ever got enough. My sister and brother never showed me any love.

I think I value cuddling just because its something I never got to do. 26 Years without affection.. dam thats a long time.

That’s actually sort of heartbreaking – at least until I remember that this is the same guy who once argued that vaginas were like strange venom-injecting mousetraps:

This poison … creeps into the male brain and literally makes him stupid, it shuts down his intellect, and activates all his hormones for more pussy. She’s got the bastard. Now she can slowly but surely take all his wealth and keep pumping more poison into him.

It sucks – I mean really, genuinely sucks — that you got no affection from your parents, dude. But if you view women as monsters secretly plotting to entrap you with their vagina-poison, you’re not likely to get a lot of affection from them.

If you want to live a life that has more to it than bitterness and misery, get yourself off of and find a good therapist.

And whatever you do, don’t listen to avoidwoman, MGTOWforums’ budding futurist, who thinks he’s got a woman-free solution to the affection deficit: perfectly realistic robogirls, which he predicts will be here in 2030. (Let’s just hope they’re a bit more reliable than the Cherry 2000 model.)

Yep, we’re back to the topic of sexy robot ladies.

In several comments in the thread, starting with this one, avoidwomen explained his waiting game:

I personally don’t even care for sex and I never want it. I would love romance, such as cuddling and kissing but not with human women, only women substitutes! …

I will get the chance to cuddle as much as I want by 2030 with robogirls and probably earlier when VR technology becomes advanced enough for the simulation to feel realistic. …

The few times I got the chance to be romantic with women, I really enjoyed it and never thought of going “further” or being “sexual” whatsoever. …

Then we got a reminder of just why he’s not getting affection from real, live human women:

Nowdays I just avoid women like the snakes they are! …

I am no white knight in real life, I will not protect a woman. But when VR and robogirls come, I will hold them in my arms. My robogirl will protect me outside the house and inside the house, I will cuddle and hold her. 🙂

Someday, his robotic princess will come.


459 replies on “Do MGTOWers just want to cuddle? (Possibly with robots?)”

All of your venom has a way of turning back when you least expect it, and when there is the least you can do about it! As I once said on another post, elsewhere, when other women were as vicious as you–and your sister feminists here–Karma is a bitch, and he who laughs last, laughs best!

Not a trace of irony. None.

Oh, DKM. What a repulsive, bile-filled, gas bag you are.

“Contrary to your repeated assertions, Nobinayamu , I would be a lovely mate to a sweet old fashioned girl. I owuld love her, and treat her as well as I could! It is only feminists LIKE YOU who provoke the worst in me, and probably in other men as well! Thanx for spoiling it for EVERYBODY!!”

Meller, no sweet old-fashioned girl would ever have anything to do with you. Even my traumatized, over-educated, feminist self knows a handful of sweet, old-fashioned girls. They’d find you as disgusting as I do. Feminism isn’t preventing you from finding such a woman. Being a repugnant toad is preventing you from finding such a woman. They’re out there. You’re just completely unappealing in every way.

And, I hate to bust your bubble, but I love men. Real men, I mean. Men like my father and grandfathers and uncles and cousins, and friends, and lovers, and mentors, and teachers, and colleagues. Men who add something of value to the world. Men with integrity and intellectual consistency. Men with the courage of their convictions. Men with any courage at all.

You aren’t “men”. You’re but one man. One, slimy, toad-like, pathetic man who, even in his fantasy life, can’t imagine a woman having anything to do with him unless she was coerced. Or programmed.

Bedsores and Loneliness!!!!

Nobinayam (Over-educated feminist)

I have a comment in moderation, but when it gets here, please be advised that the second link under the section about partisans is NSFW and might be triggering for some (picture of a corpse, naked from the waist up)

“No one cares what your penis thinks. The same goes for other useless, unloved MRA penises. ”
One, not an MRA. Two, I don’t remember claiming anyone did. But if “I think X is attractive” isn’t a valid argument from a man (see also: women’s reaction to men saying such in… pretty much every article about female beauty standards ever written), it’s not a valid one for a woman either.

I owuld love her, and treat her as well as I could! It is only feminists LIKE YOU who provoke the worst in me, and probably in other men as well! Thanx for spoiling it for EVERYBODY!!

You’d treat her “as well as you could”? As long as she doesn’t “provoke the worst” in you?

Yeah, you sound like a catch! :p

Meller: Mr. Kobold–This entire business is Pecunium’s idea!

Umn… no.

My idea is simple. Men and women, being people of equal merit and capabilities should be able to do whatever they please.

You, don’t accept this. So, in exchange for my explaining why I’d rather have someone who thinks people are people, as opposed to some sort of dichotomous creation, and can live from day to day without being riven by her obsessions, to say nothing of them being more honorable, and pleasant to be around, you have decided to pretend I possess an idea the mirror image of yours.

I don’t think an all female army is a good idea, any more than I think an all male one is a good idea.

My hackles are up about equality. Yours are. My hackles were raised when you started saying that, unless women bent the knee to your ideas, and became second class citizens, you wanted to create artificial women, and kill off almost all the actual women. You did allow as some might be kept, for; and at, the pleasure of the powerful men in your homosocial utopia.

My hackles are raised because you said you were happy that women got cancer; because they deserve it for having the temerity to not agree with you about staying at home and slaving after your every whim.

I have to say, you have managed to go from upsetting me, to annoying me, and finally to amusing me. When I saw your first rant I was unaware of how clueless about the way the world works you are. The insanity of your ideas masked the delusional nature of your actual undrstanding of the world.

Your monomania is… I can’t say entertaining. You are too disturbed a person to be entertaining, but that same disturbance has mitigated the rest of it. Unless you actually have the balls to go and commit some pathetic act of murder, there isn’t really anything to fear from you. You don’t have the gravitas to be more than a nuisance.

I just wish you were younger, so you would have longer to be miserable as the rest of the world continues to be happy, in contradiction of your hopes and dreams.

So DKM would kill his wife if she said something feministic, and was serious, and thinks he’s the pinnacle of niceness. Meanwhile there’s nothing that my girlfriend could say and almost nothing she could *do*, to trigger a violent response from me, and I think that’s perfectly normal.

All of your venom has a way of turning back when you least expect it, and when there is the least you can do about it! As I once said on another post, elsewhere, when other women were as vicious as you–and your sister feminists here–Karma is a bitch, and he who laughs last, laughs best!

The guy who advocated genocide wants to talk about other people being vicious? What a fucking twit.

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