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Female troubles

Truly, they is.

JayJet of Happy Bachelors has a few wise words for men who think it’s even possible to have a “friendship” with a female of the species:

The reason friendships are so tough to maintain with women is that women are conditioned to “use” you. Meaning, if they don’t see you as a romantic partner, they will consider you platonic-friend/cuddle-bitch/money-tool/emotional tampon so you can meet their needs at your expense. …

You’re better off not having friendships with women for these reasons. Your purpose for being with a female is simple: Sex. I’m sorry but anything beyond that is a road filled with pain.

But it could be worse. They could be alien females. And we all know what they do.

That’s right. They inhale your gonads. And not in a sexy way, either.

Let’s let Eddie Murphy explain, in this clip from Bowfinger (which for some reason won’t embed here properly).

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10 years ago

I did once have sex in an indiscreet place. No, not the rear, well, okay, yes the rear, but I was refering to something different here. It was an employees only lockable restroom. I also used to get bathroom passes in high school and middle school when I was bored and go to the bathroom and masturbate (I grew up in a double wide with really thin walls and hence am the master of being able to orgasm without making a noise).

I felt the need to overshare, because I do not want to feel like the only discreet one about. 😉

Victoria von Syrus
Victoria von Syrus
10 years ago

Apparently, Marc thinks that women talking about sex is desperately unladylike. ‘Discreet’ to him means that women are supposed to shut up and pretend that they don’t have sex; much less enjoy it.

crazy ann
crazy ann
10 years ago

I find the whole “men and women can’t be friends” movement baffling. Less than a decade ago it was considered natural and cool to have good friends of both genders. Here’s another weird thing, and I hope not to take it off topic or open a new can of worms – but for mostly career reasons I’ve met a fair number of Muslim guys over the last couple of years, and most express or demonstrate really positive attitudes about friendship with the opposite sex. Here is this supposedly woman-oppressing religion, and the guys I know are really progressive and friendly, while the American male is more and more getting told it’s time to retreat to a previous century.

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