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The Daily Stormer is afraid of witches, and wants to bring back the Burning Times

This is literally what the Daily Stormer wants

By David Futrelle

The neo-Nazi internet tabloid The Daily Stormer is now declaring war on witches, and wants to bring back “the burning times.”

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Deplorables LOVE LOVE LOVE the “I really don’t care” jacket Melania wore to visit caged children in Texas

Melania’s inspiration?

By David Futrelle

You may have been a bit startled, as I was, to learn of Melania Trump’s strange choice of outerwear for her trip to Texas today to comfort, I guess, the immigrant children her husband has kidnapped for their parents’ misdemeanor crime of crossing the border, some of whom may never be returned to their parents because, oops, the Trump administration doesn’t seem to have even bothered to keep track of whose kids are whose.

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Incel creeper: It’s fun to follow 14-year-old girls down the street and scare them to death

Strolling through the crowd like Peter Lorre contemplating a crime

By David Futrelle

It’s not like any of you need any more reminders that incels are some of the worst people on planet earth, but here’s one anyway, in the form of a comment on from a dude who thinks that following 14-year-olds down the street in order to freak them the hell out is kinda fun and every incel should try it.

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Make Pyongyang Glass Again: On Reddit, Trump superfans cheer for a nuclear strike on N. Korea

An angry man with his finger on the nuclear trigger: What could possibly go wrong?

By David Futrelle

Donald Trump took a few minutes out from his golf vacation today to threaten North Korea with the “fire and fury” of a massive, possibly nuclear, military strike. “They will be met with fire, fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before,” a stern-voiced Trump, his arms uncharacteristically crossed, told reporters at his Bedminster golf club.

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The Daily Stormer praises alleged “honor killer” of London teen for “defending his race”

“Honor killing” victim Celine Dookhran (Modified photo from Twitter)

By David Futrelle

Andrew Anglin, publisher of the neo-Nazi tip sheet, doesn’t usually have many nice things to say about Muslims, especially Muslims living in the West. But he’s made an exception of two young Londoners,┬áMujahid Arshid, and Vincent Tappu.

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Matt Forney uses anniversary of Pulse nightclub murders to attack “sodomites,” Muslims, and Milo

Matt Forney and Milo Yiannopoulos, in happier days

Alt-right boy reporter Matt Forney, evidently worried that the good people of the internet don’t hate him enough already, is using the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shootings in Orlando as an opportunity to attack the “sodomites” who died in the massacre as well as those amongst the alt-right who took advantage of the shootings to drum up publicity for themselves and whip up even more hatred towards Muslims.

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White women have too many rights and need to be raped back into equilibrium, MGTOWs suggest

I’m rapidly using up my quota of “nope” gifs

It’s an all-MGTOW Saturday here on We Hunted the Mammoth. First, let’s meet a repugnant little gang of Men Going Their Own Way sharing their thoughts on rape, and how it would probably be a good thing if white women started getting raped a lot more often than they already are.

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“The Stacies got what they deserved!” Reddit Incels mock the victims in Manchester

A makeshift memorial to those murdered in Manchester. And a sentiment not widely shared on the Incels subreddit

It was a busy day on the Incels subreddit yesterday. While some subreddit regulars celebrated the third anniversary of “incel killer” Elliot Rodger’s murderous rampage — they call it “Saint Elliot’s Day” — others lashed out at the victims of a fresh tragedy: the terrorist bombing of the Ariana Grande concert that left nearly two dozen┬ádead, many of them teenage girls.

alt-right empathy deficit have you no humanity Islamophobia literal nazis racism red pill terrorism

It could not have been better: Why one alt-rightist is celebrating the Berlin Christmas market massacre

Mourners gather at a makeshift shrine in Berlin

It’s hardly news that extremists feed off of one another. ISIS was thrilled by Trump’s victory, knowing that his bigotry will send countless new recruits their way. Alt-rightists, meanwhile, seize on each new act of ISIS-inspired terrorism with something close to glee.

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