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It could not have been better: Why one alt-rightist is celebrating the Berlin Christmas market massacre

Mourners gather at a makeshift shrine in Berlin

It’s hardly news that extremists feed off of one another. ISIS was thrilled by Trump’s victory, knowing that his bigotry will send countless new recruits their way. Alt-rightists, meanwhile, seize on each new act of ISIS-inspired terrorism with something close to glee.

For many of them, the Berlin Christmas market attacks are an early Christmas present, a golden opportunity to win new converts to their foul cause. Alt-right bloggers are churning out post after post on the attacks, many of them unable to resist making Star Wars jokes about the fact that the current suspect comes from the Tunisian town of Tataouine.

Usually, though, alt-rightists are savvy enough to at least pretend to care about the actual victims of these terrorist attacks. But the anonymous alt-rightist behind the Diversity Macht Frei blog isn’t even bothering to pretend, hailing the attack and the chaos it left in its wake as a simply fabulous recruiting tool.

“As far as red-pilling of normies is concerned, the Berlin Christmas market attack is just about as good as it could be,” the blogger happily declares.

In his mind, even the fact that the authorities grabbed the wrong guy is great news.

First, an asylum seeker who came in on the Merkel wave is apprehended as the suspect. Second, it is concluded he is the wrong guy and the real perp is still at large, thus establishing an ongoing fear of further attacks from the same person as well as a sense that the authorities are incompetent and unable to guarantee safety.

As far as he’s concerned, the attacks are a gift that keeps on giving.

Then the next person sought is an “asylum seeker” who has already served 4 years in an Italian prison for burning down a school (!) but was nonetheless admitted to Germany where his asylum application was refused but he was not deported from the country. He was also noted as a potentially dangerous jihadi but the authorities were not able to track him.

Finally, he may not actually be the guilty person. The authorities have intimated that he may have some connection to the attack but is not necessarily the guilty party, thus creating a further impression of uncertainty and generalised fear.

He’s as happy about the terrorist attacks as ISIS itself must be.

An impression of all-encompassing chaos is created. People will conclude that the situation is completely out of control and the German government doesn’t know what it is doing. This entire clusterf*ck presses almost every red-pill button, validating almost every claim European patriots have been making. It really could not have been better from our point of view.

There is literally not a word in his post about those killed and injured in the attack, not even a pro forma expression of condolences for the 12 people brutally slaughtered while they were out Christmas shopping, for the 48 injured in the attacks, many of them seriously.

I suppose it’s a bit naive to expect basic human decency from someone whose very blog title is a Holocaust joke.

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Hu's On First
Hu's On First
6 years ago

Mr. Frei forgot to mention the reason why the guy wasn’t deported. It’s because Tunisia refused to take him back. It wasn’t because the Germans hadn’t tried to deport him.

News flash: you can’t deport somebody unless the destination country cooperates with you. Mexico could, in theory, start refusing to take back deportees from America if it wanted to thumb its nose at Trump.

The only way you could deport them was if you had a prison colony somewhere (like Australia used to be for England, or Siberia for Russia).

Maybe Germany could buy or lease an island somewhere in the Pacific to send people it wants to deport, but whose home countries won’t take them back. But then there’d be massive human-rights issues with operating something like that nowadays; I doubt the UN charter or European Constitution would allow such a thing.

6 years ago

I heard on the news today that the prime suspect was killed in a shoot – out with Italian police in the small hours of this morning.

Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
6 years ago

I, for 1, welcome our new Merkel overlords. If somebody’s gonna be the new leader of the ‘free world’ now that Trump’s gonna sell my country to the former KGB, might as well be her. At least she can keep a cool head in a crisis. Guaranteed that he’ll be directly responsible for making a Murican terrorist attack worse and getting more people killed due to sheer incompetence

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