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The Daily Stormer praises alleged “honor killer” of London teen for “defending his race”

“Honor killing” victim Celine Dookhran (Modified photo from Twitter)

By David Futrelle

Andrew Anglin, publisher of the neo-Nazi tip sheet, doesn’t usually have many nice things to say about Muslims, especially Muslims living in the West. But he’s made an exception of two young Londoners, Mujahid Arshid, and Vincent Tappu.

What makes these two fellows “honorable,” in Anglin’s eyes? Arshid has been charged with the brutal rape and murder of 19-year-old Celine Dookhran and the kidnapping, rape and attempted murder of another young woman who survived her assault; Tappu has been charged in the kidnapping of both women. According to prosecutors, the two were enraged that Dookhram, of Indian descent, was planning to marry an Arab man.

And so, while acknowledging that the violence inflicted upon these two women was “gruesome,” Anglin actually praises the alleged killer and his accomplice for their “hardcore defense of [their] race.”

In a recent post on The Daily Stormer (archived here), Anglin declares

the men who did it were defending their race, and as extreme and gross as the act was, you have to have a little bit of respect for them.

Reveling in the bloody details of the crime, Anglin writes admiringly that

These guys kidnapped women of their own race and raped them, and after one escaped with her throat half-slit, they chopped the other up and stuffed her in a freezer.

Because the women were race-mixing.

Anglin goes on to urge white men in the west to emulate the two — at least up to a point.

So I’m just going to throw this out there: imagine if white men cared this much about their own women race-mixing. …

I’m certainly not implying White men should be kidnapping White female race-mixers, raping them and chopping them up and shoving them in freezers for fucking n***ers. Although honestly, I wouldn’t feel bad if that happened, it is more than our women would require to get back in line.

Instead of murdering “race-mixing” white women, Anglin suggests that white men simply harass them viciously in public.

If we had a movement to shame these whores, that would go a long, long way. If you see these people in Walmart, for instance, look the white woman directly in the eyes and say “how does that n***er dick taste, whore?”

You can’t get in trouble for that. Her buck is not going to attack you in a Walmart, and if he does he’ll be arrested and it will get in the media. Which is good. They won’t print your name, because you are the victim, but they will say that you made a “racially insensitive comment about the woman’s mixed race relationship.”

You can also yell from your car. If you see women with someone of another race, slow down, roll down your window and yell: “n***er-fucking whore! What does your father think????”

Just start doing this.

Now. …

If you look a woman in the eye and call her a n***er-fucking whore, she will remember that for the rest of her life.

Do it.

Once again, it seems the main difference between American neo-Nazis and the Islamist fanatics they so often denounce are the colors of their respective skins.

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4 years ago


I don’t know if high schools still do this today, but when I was in high school in the 1980s, we were required to take a course in media literacy. If today’s schools don’t, they need to.

That was part of English class (now called Communications) for me. By the time I finished that unit I was paying close attention to the way various media presents information. The words that are used, the words that aren’t used, the phrasing, etc. It really needs to be taught!

Critical thinking skills need to be added back into the curriculum too!

Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
4 years ago


The ableism problem is that we associate mental issues with bad behaviour, and use words to express that. Adding a new word to a slice of that bad-behaviour side of the network would automatically associate it with the other ableist language

Yep! Thanks for wording it all fancy like 🙂


Racism wasn’t much of an issue for obvious reasons

Imma need you to explain that one. Cos all I see is your community being seeped in and based on racism. Unless you were being sarcastic. In which case, humorous indeed 🙂

This was my first exposure to outright racism, and I was shocked. So, while I know that there isn’t any way that I could have grown up white in the US in that period without some dose of racism, I think I was lucky enough to have gotten a fairly weak dose

This just shows the blinders you had. Again, the fact that you only ever interacted with 1 brown kid in school, cos literally everyone else in your town was white is because of the outright racism you only think you first saw in SF. You got the full dose, fam. That’s what it looks like

it’s virtually impossible not to have acquired some degree of racism as a white person growing up in the US, but IMO that doesn’t mean you are doomed to being a racist person

Remember when I said that I agreed that it’s not individual failures of individual white persons? That it’s a collective failure among white people as a group? Yeah. Read that part again. Cos your #notall is boxing shadows

My point is that instead of helping racism to die out, the Republican Party has cultivated and nurtured it

Problem with this narrative is that the Republicans didn’t encourage racism in a vacuum. They accepted the racists that fled the Democrats after the Rights Acts of the 60s. VRA passes in 65, Nixon takes the south in 68. As I said, the southern strategy and the propaganda machine refocused racism that was already there. Total racism didn’t increase, it just changed animal mascot

The Republican racist campaign depends on fairly sophisticated, well-financed techniques to keep poorly-educated people scared and angry. So it seems to me that dismissing the results of such a campaign as “Well, they were racists anyway,” basically concedes that white people are racist by NATURE and there’s really not much you can do about it

Yes, people are, largely, scared and angry by nature. They don’t need to be kept that way. They just need to know who to be scared of and angry at. Jews used to be despised back in the day, then something something Israel, and, all of a sudden, those same racists are fawning over their ‘Judeo Christian values.’
As far as white people specifically, you’re missing the forest. White folk aren’t genetically predisposed to racism or anything. Black folk, indigenous folk, Latinx folk, Asian folk, etc etc are just as scared and angry as white people. They just have something worth being scared and angry about: fuckin white folk

I don’t blame you the slightest bit for feeling the way you do

Uh huh…

as a white person I’m not prepared to accept that white racism can’t be ameliorated and maybe even cured. Unfortunately for me, part of the cure is that my generation has to pass away

Oh, it can be ameliorated. A more diverse country does that automatically. Both by there being a smaller percentage of white people to fuck everything up for the rest of us and cos people are less bigoted when they know, live around, work with people who’re different than them. I don’t care about fixing individual racists. No time, no spoons, not my job. A better society to live in, on the other hand, comes from a more melted pot. So, yeah, wish you, as a person, a long and healthy life. But y’all as a gen gotta go

4 years ago


I’m happy to hear it’s part of the curriculum. Although, it seems to me, young people today are savvier to media’s various manipulations than older generations tend to be. Could be because of the internet.

Yes, critical thinking needs to be taught to everyone in the US, not just the kids. I’m not exempting myself.

4 years ago


I’m not sure if it is anymore, it was when I went to school though…about 25-30 years ago. I still remember the section on subliminal advertising, I never looked at TV the same way again.

Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary
4 years ago

@dormousing it

I can drive a car, I know I can, but even at 40 I have had a terrible mental block about it. My father would never let my mum drive, as he said women were terrible drivers, and was always making jokes about it to his mates. He also thought it would help to keep her at home if she couldn’t drive off and leave him, and he wanted to save money, he had control of all the finances and her having her own car was out of the question. I wanted to learn to drive at 17, and he second to sit with me, but he kept swearing and grabbing the steering wheel all the time and made me lose my nerve. He died in 1998, and I still feel too shaky to get behind the wheel. I tried a few driving lessons three years ago, and it was going great until I got assaulted, then I lost my nerve again. I really hoped I’d get back into a position of confidence where I coukd drive, but I still feel like as a biological female I’m incapable of it. 🙁

Scildfreja Unnyðnes
Scildfreja Unnyðnes
4 years ago

<3 Virgin Mary. Maybe try go-karts or bumper-cars? The principles are the same, and they're designed to be bonked into things. Also, can be fun!

4 years ago


“Even our cities are planned out to favour driving so heavily that they can be hard to get around in if you walk. Major roadways often don’t have sidewalks,”

Sidewalks? Oh, you mean those things that are used by cities to shove mountains of snow onto during the winter? ;p

“Designed to suit cars and trucks instead of growing overtop of older pre-automobile systems, strictly enforced traffic laws, and a population that has the basics of traffic law and safety drilled into them as part of their childhood education.”

I get that you’re comparing the US to India, but I still wonder where the hell you’re referencing in the US? Certainly not many cities in the Eastern seaboard. Or at least not the ones that haven’t been burned down and rebuilt.

@Axe, GOM

“No. If you’re convinced by propaganda to hate people cos they’re a different color than you, you’re a racist.”

They’re certainly racists, but I think “brainwashing” is a better word to use than “propaganda”. Especially since the target audience includes small children.

It’s a long, long road to combat internalized racism, and it is 100% on white folks that more of us don’t do the work.

Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
4 years ago


I think “brainwashing” is a better word to use than “propaganda”. Especially since the target audience includes small children

Propaganda is a tool, brainwashing is a process…
Also, I don’t like the term brainwash for small children. Brainwash implies they’re being reprogrammed. That they thought one way, but that view was washed from their baby brains . Except no. It’s not brainwashing, it’s regular, basic teaching. It’s the banal lessons and cultural learning inherent in growing up white in a white supremacist society. That’s what white people need to understand. It’s just how the machine works. Same with my sexism. I wasn’t brainwashed to have misogynist thoughts and beliefs. I literally couldn’t help picking those things up simply by being male surrounded by patriarchy

It’s a long, long road to combat internalized racism, and it is 100% on white folks that more of us don’t do the work

When you use the word “internalized” before racism, you’re referring to brown people’s racism. Thus, you’re saying that it’s white people’s job to deal with the racism exhibited by PoC, not their own. I’ll assume you meant that white people need to police themselves and each other. Which I obvs agree with. Just watch your wording, eh?

4 years ago

I got to this part:

So I’m just going to throw this out there: imagine if white men cared thi–

Jaw dropped, brows furrowed, low, long gasp of horror.
This blog makes me do that. A lot.

Then it got worse.

Why does fear drive these people directly into thoughts of horrible violence? The fear must be terribly, terribly great. I’m just perplexed as to how it gets so strong, in a world where most of them probably have no reason to be so afraid in the first place. Is it the anonymity? The silence? Boredom?

I want to say it’s the availability of dark internet dens where they can bounce their hateful ideas and fantasies off one another, like everything else in the Manosphere and the dark, racist corners of the internet, but that just leads me back to the realization that there’s nothing to be done about that, other than trying to coax a few out into the light again.

And… well. Fat chance of that ever happening.
What a depressing thought.

(((VioletBeauregarde))): Crooked Nasty Social Justice Necromancer
(((VioletBeauregarde))): Crooked Nasty Social Justice Necromancer
4 years ago

It never ceases to amaze and disgust me how anyone can hail a fucking murderer as a HERO! Also, I just *love* how Anglin refers to white women as “our women”. I belong to nobody but ME, fuckface!

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