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Even if incels cease being incels, they’ll still be incels, incel claims

Feels bad, man

Some people think the solution to the whole incel thing is to somehow “redistribute sex” and get these sad boys the girlfriends they pine for s desperately — whether by cajoling or perhaps even compelling women to give these guys a chance, or simply by paying sex workers to take care of their unwanted celibacy.

People who make such proposals tens to be very light in the details, because they can never quite get past the fact that women tend to avoid incels for perfectly good reasons; these guys aren’t just depressed; they’re hateful and angry and hold deep grudges against all the women who’ve ignored them or who might ignore them someday. Even if there were some magical way to throw sex at them as if it were some kind of government cheese it wouldn’t make them happy.

How do I know this? Because they tell us so, again and again. Considier the screed I found on the BlackPill Club forums this afternoon from someone calling himself Che.

“Never forget: the damage is done,” Che begins.

Especially you incels in your mid-20s or above…never forget:

Even if you ascended with a beautiful stacey and fucked her somehow, you’ll never forget the pain that the more ‘Emotional Gender’ has done to you.

You can take the involuntary celibacy out of the involuntarily celibate but doing so won’t erase their resentment at women — and their deep self-hatred.

You’ve been bullied all your life, no friends, no girl to talk to, you where spitted at by society for simply existing as an ugly man, something you have not chose or can ever change, it was like life wasn’t even for you, you where a Mistake!

None of this is anything that sex can fix.

Now you had sex with the woman of your dreams, you think you’d feel good after that, but got surprised that even this can’t help you anymore, it’s like you don’t feel anything, just anger, some fear.. and void..

What you feel is what the incel ideology makes you feel; it has very little to do with the real world, with “ugliness” or anything like that. It’s the poison in your head that makes you feel bad. Depression distorts your thinking; incels have adopted this depressive way of thinking as a way of life.

Normies understimate what the below average man goes through, they think that we only want sex and view women as objects, but in-fact we have far more problems than this, we simply don’t exist in the modern world, we have no voice, Normal people don’t want anything to do with us,

There are plenty of “normies” who are depressed or fucked up in any number of ways; incels haven’t cornered the market for misery — they just think they have.

shit we are getting beaten up or get a fake rape accusation for talking to a woman, while chad can tell a girl ‘sex time’ and have sex with her..

It certainly doesn’t help that their ideas abut how the world works are utterly delusional.

Our case, is a case of existing, so as i have just said, if you really think having sex, or even having a reletionship when you’re above 25 will save you, you’ll need to think again, life’s gonna hit you hard.

It’s true that if you never give up your grudges you’ll be unhappy for life even if “Stacies” throw themselves at you.

Life’s gonna hit you hard, you’ll simply try to keep that girlfriend for the whole of your life, cuz (obviously) you can’t get another one, right?

If you enter into a relationship thinking this, you’re going to end up being insecure and controlling and you’re pretty much guaranteed to either have a miserable relationship or one that doesn’t last.

But she will eventually leave, whatever you do, she’ll leave you for the better dominant male,

Or maybe she’ll leave you for a guy who isn’t nursing ugly resentments from their younger years.

Nature is programmed like this, and believe me, you can’t do anything about

As you know in boxing, the punch that you don’t see is the one that will hurt you the most, same in daily life, i’ve told you this because i don’t want you to get into deep depression after she leaves you, life is gonna hit you hard, but you’ll need to get back up after that punch.

Virtually everyone feels miserable after a breakup of even a very bad relationship. A lot of what incels think is utterly unique about them — their suffering, mainly — isn’t unique at all; it’s just life. Depression can make things worse; therapy and medications (and time) can make things better.

But incels refuse to get the help that would make an actual difference in their lives and instead end up stewing in their own resentments and misery for life, or at least until something knocks the incel ideology out of their heads.

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Full Metal Ox
1 year ago


The Criminal Minds episode dealing with PUA culture is “52 Pickup”, S4E9 (and features the delicious comeuppance of a smarmy seduction guru who isn’t even a caricature of Erik “Mystery” von Markovik.)

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