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The real villain in the epidemic of mass shootings? Single mothers, Men’s Rights Activists say

Boys with single moms — future mass shooters?

Every new bit of news out of Uvalde makes me angrier and more depressed.

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“From there it’s a short step to revoking all women’s rights,” and other creepy observations on the death of Roe v. Wade

I found this posted on Reddit; it makes my skin crawl.

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Female supremacists urge women to make fake #MeToo allegations to put men on the defensive, idiot claims

Playing the victim to become the queen

Over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, a fellow called Henry_Blair — the inventor of a replacement to feminism and the Men’s Rights movement called “Lovism” — has offered up a little manifesto with the less -than-grabby title “Women were given the message that immense privilege awaits them if they only cooperate with the feminist effort to depict men as an abuser-sex and women as a victim-sex.

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ProMaleCollectivists continue flooding the internet with completely incomprehensible and weirdly blurry memes

I don’t know quite how they do it, but every time I take a peek into the ProMaleMemes subreddit I find yet more examples of memes that break every rule of meme-making, and then some.

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If your girlfriend is a feminist, run for the hills, antifeminist Redditors recommend

Typical feminist

So a couple of days ago a Redditor stopped by the Antifeminists subreddit in search of some advice. Seems his girlfriend is a feminist, and by golly she won’t shut up about it. “[S[he’s giving me a hard time and headache” wrote yournftmaker, “what should I say or do ,hellpp.”

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Is Sex Ed breeding Bolsheviks? The Epoch Times says “yes”

Are sexy communists seducing your children?

Parents watch out! Evil Cultural Marxists are coming for your children! At least that’s what writer and anti-“woke” crusader James Lindsay is saying.

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How to protect yourself from witches, sorry, I meant feminists, at work

Typical feminist on her way to work

Over on the Antifeminists subreddit. one of the brethren asks his subreddit-mates for their best advice on how to deal with feminists at work.

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Feminism is a sexual orientation, explains wannabe Men’s Rights philosopher with his head up his ass

Be careful, men — because feminists want your banana

A couple of weeks back, I wrote about Men’s Rights Inactivism — the almost complete inability of so many so-called Men’s Rights activists to actually do anything like real activism in the real world. I was inspired by a discussion on the Men’s RIghts subreddit in which numerous MRAs reacted with defensive anger after another MRA called them out on this notable failure.

antifeminism mass shooting reddit straw feminists

Russian woman planned to kill boys at a kindergarten but was stopped by teachers before firing a shot

Polina Dvorkina in custody

On March 28, according to Russian press reports,19-year-old Polina Dvorkina shot and killed her father at their home in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, then headed to a nearby kindergarten intending to kill as many boys as she could.

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Monday memes: The Pro-Male Collective launches a war against feminists, tradcoms and the basic principles of graphic design

Meme posted on r/ProMaleMemes

Today, a brief tour of the Pro-Male memes subreddit, a tiny spinoff of the also tiny ProMaleCollective subreddit, and home to a dissident faction of Men’s RIghtsers that has declared war not only on traditional lMRA targets like feminists but also on most MRAs, whom the Pro-Male dismiss as a bunch of tradcons (traditional conservatives) who don’t hate feminism as much as the Pro-Malers think they should.

But the Pro-Malers share one thing in common with the MRAs they so often target with their memes: they are absolutely terrible at making memes.

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