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Female supremacists urge women to make fake #MeToo allegations to put men on the defensive, idiot claims

Playing the victim to become the queen

Over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, a fellow called Henry_Blair — the inventor of a replacement to feminism and the Men’s Rights movement called “Lovism” — has offered up a little manifesto with the less -than-grabby title “Women were given the message that immense privilege awaits them if they only cooperate with the feminist effort to depict men as an abuser-sex and women as a victim-sex.

Blair’s manifesto is as clotted as its title; it took me several reads to make sense of its arguments. But it’s worth examining because it illustrates and explains a point of view that is relatively widespread among Men’s Rightsers. The basic claim: women are being taught to play the victim to become the victor in the gender war.

As Blair sees it, the basic thrust of this radical feminist campaign is to convince women to exaggerate their alleged trauma over everyday male behavior. Women who go along with this program, he argues, gain power over men

through their personal participation in a massive distortion of subjective experience – presenting their feelings about the very things they do themselves (glances, flirtation, suggestions, invitations, initiations, innocent touches), as traumatic.

In Blair’s theory,

[t]he feminist proposal to women and girls was, “play along, say that a glance at a store is trauma for you, say that no one can argue with a subjective experience and that this is how you experienced it … .

If all women take up these dastardly strategies,

the democratic society will have to accept and restrain men, and revoke some of their human rights and human dignity, since we [women] will say that these human rights and normal freedoms (that we as women have) are privileges that harm us when men have them too, and then we will be a superior sex!

And so the evil feminists are calling out to women:

Join us! You will get immense power and privilege from saying what we ask you to say even if this is not how you feel

Blair continues to stumble his way through his argument:

In fact, most of what women were taught by feminism to say about male sexuality, is … not authentic but is them complying with what feminism taught them [that] “a decent girl should say” (“men are disgusting”, “men are frightening”), and they conform and try to sound “decent” (or to be counted as “supporting women”, if they have been recruited to the radical feminism ideology) 

Blair then dismisses most of the real harassment women actually deal with on an almost daily schedule. He insists that their complaints aren’t

based on a reality of some universal abuse by the male sex because objectively, men are not a threat to women – only very few women are actually hurt by men physically and the rest is that compliance mentioned above – women and girls trying to sound decent according to the feminist preaching by saying dishonestly on men, “disgusting, frightening, threatening”.

The link there, should you be feeling a little curious, is a link back to his own “Lovism” website — as are the links in the paragraph below.

For four years now, since the message of “play along – superiority awaits you” was spread to all women and girls through what radical feminism made out of [#MeToo], this effort by feminism to push women and girls into cooperating, became a reality. We all live under severe incitement and a collective false allegation

“A collective false allegation?” Huh.

Happily, though, the evil feminist attempts to become the superior sex are faltering.

But, women and girls are starting to find out, that revoking the human rights and equal human dignity and freedoms of men and boys by calling these “privileges”, through using intense hyperbole and then leaning on “this was my subjective experience” to present benign things (that women do all the time) as “assaults”, is not gaining them the promised land of being a superior being.

Uh oh!

Rather, they are finding out that exempting all women and girls from any responsibility by calling them “innate victims”, means that when another girl or woman hurts them, that other woman is protected – all women participated in granting all other women full social immunity through blaming everything that’s wrong in the world on men, so now this woman or girl who has hurt them is completely immune as well, and the woman she had hurt can’t protect herself. 

Yeah, I don’t think any of this is actually happening.

They are discovering that they are left alone, loveless, sexless, attentionless, after all men and boys were told that every normal sexual regard (things that women have full legitimacy for doing) is violence, and never engage.

So no men try to get with women any more because of #MeToo? This sort of claim would normally require some sort of evidence, but Blair likes pontificating more than he likes research.

Some find a loved one – a brother or father or a friend – being abused, sometimes until suicide, defenseless, after his human rights and human dignity have been collectively stripped from him by calling them “privileges”. Some have enough conscious to see the collective manipulation and its consequences – not “equality” but only giving to men the very same status that feminism said 50 years ago that women have had and that feminism itself had once defined as inhumane.

Blair seems to be hallucinating again. If men have indeed been systematically deprived of their “human rights and human dignity,” how is Blair even allowed to post his bullshit online?

But let’s set this question aside, because Blair is ready for his concluding remarks, in which he argues that if brave souls like him can prove to women that they’ve swallowed a poisonous ideology, we can return to the golden age of … the 1970s? Yep, the 70s,

when Western cultures revolved around love and not as now – around preaching hate and incitement and constructing a colossal, collective, dishonest false allegation.

I’m guessing that Blair thought The Stepford Wives had a happy ending.

One of the commenters in Blair’s Men’s Rights subreddit thread has some advice of his own. “If you really want to kill this” feminist plan, greyman0425 suggests, “give them what they want.”

Ignore women, don’t try to date them or flirt with them. PUA cold approaching needs to die in a dumpster fire.

Full military bearing and the 1000 yard stare trumps is the best RBF when walking down the street.

Turning your back to women is effective as well. Clear sign you know they are there and you are ignoring them.

When talking to women, keep it short, keep it safe, use ma’am a lot. That way if you seem civil.

In mixed groups talk to the guys about cars, sports, tech. It will split the group sling gender lines.

Tarnish her halo, if she wants d1ck, she is going to have to chase it. Eomen can’t hide behind all women are pure and all men are rapists when that hsppens

What a hsp, hsppening phslosphy thss fsllow hs!

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2 days ago

comment image

Chris Oakley
Chris Oakley
1 day ago

I’ve seen episodes of “General Hospital” that made more sense than Blair’s theory.

Kat, ambassador, feminist revolution (in exile)
Kat, ambassador, feminist revolution (in exile)
1 day ago

Ignore women, don’t try to date them or flirt with them.

I can totally live with this treatment from greyman0425.

Surplus to Requirements
Surplus to Requirements
1 day ago

Full military bearing and the 1000 yard stare trumps is the best RBF when walking down the street.


1 day ago

Jesus, what a sad and paranoid life these fuckstains live; if they weren’t such toxic, entitled assholes who cause real damage to the people around them, I’d feel sorry for the bastards…

1 day ago

Oh look, another reasonable statement (women experience abuse at the hands of men) doesn’t make sense when expanded with hyperbole and taken to its logical extreme. What a surprise. My eyes hurt from rolling…

1 day ago

Do these nimrods ever, you know, go outside? Maybe to a store, or a concert, heck, even to cut the lawn?

And if they do, are they required to be supervised?

1 day ago

@StR: “RBF”?

I’m guessing “Resting B*tch Face”.

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
1 day ago

Yes, all of you who think this manifesto makes sense need to take the last “man’s” advice and have nothing to do with women.

Which, pretty much, they don’t, since if a group was talking about sports and cars, the Mr. would wander off, bored, but I might have an interest.

(And what if the sports are ice skating and equestrian, hmmm?)

@Chris Oakley: I watched GH for several years, and the part where the villain was trying to freeze the world and Liz Taylor chewed ALL the scenery made more sense than this did.

1 day ago

The 70s??!!!#@? I was there.

… “when Western cultures revolved around love” …   Complete and utter tosh, bullshit, fantasy. The 70s saw the full flowering of what had been called “free love” in the 60s.

Otherwise known as heads men win, tails women lose … just like every other decade of the century up till then – and every other century in Western history. The only novel introduction of the 70s was that women were no longer called virtuous for rejecting a man’s sexual advances, they were called frigid.

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